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Have you ever thought of dating?

Jake asked Quil if he had ever thought of going with other girls while Claire was still young, in diapers. Had he ever thought of it himself? What happens when the imprinting thing surprises Jake with another soul mate? This one human. Bannerbanner by xxbrokendreamsxx at tda


1. Chapter 1

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So this was Forks Washington? The websites were right, it was a beautiful gloomy place. Sure I liked the rain but I needed sunshine. I was always in the sun. No I was not from Arizona or Texas, just a little town in South Carolina. Now here I am coming to live with a new family. The Cullens. They are well known and rich. I hate being a foster-child.

I sighed and walked off the plane, my bags in hand and my hood pulled up. Little Judi Kinion had to be smart and turn people in for abusing her. Why couldn't I have waited a little while longer? I was nearly at graduation. Only had my last semester to go. My smart act had led me into foster care. Yay me!

I climbed down the steps on the small plane, careful to watch my feet on the slippery surface. It would be just my luck if I got a concussion now.

A Yellow Porsche was parked some hundred feet away from my stopping point. A small girl with a pixy face and spiked hair stood leaning against the hood, running her hand lovingly over the structure. She looked up and I was startled by her eye color. It was a deep violet. A gorgeous color.

The girl jumped away from the car and danced (there really was no other word for it) her way over to me. "Hi," she greeted in a musical voice. "You must be Judi."

Was Forks full of people as beautiful as this girl?

She reached forward, pulling me into a hug. I nearly had a heart attack when she touched my skin. She was freezing. A result of the gloomy weather perhaps.

"I'm so glad you're here. Maybe I actually found someone to appreciate my shopping habits."

"I heard that," came another musical voice, this one also female.

I looked up to see another beautiful person walking towards me. She was average height, with long brown hair and an even more beautiful color of eyes. Beside her stood a small child with long bronze locks. She was adorable in so many ways.

"I'm Alice," the girl who had first greeted me said. "This is my sister Bella, and her daughter Renessmee."

Bella smiled and Renessmee copied her. I hated to admit it but Renesmee's smile was more beautiful than her mothers. I was surprised to see that she had a mouthful of teeth.

"Come with us," Alice instructed. "We'll take you home and get you something to eat. I am sure you're starving."

I nodded and handed my bags over to Bella who had suddenly appeared at my side. Maybe I wasn't paying too much attention.

I followed them all to the Porsche. "This car is---Not what I would expect to find in a town like this."

"You'll see more," Bella told me. "The Cullen family likes fast cars. This car is Alice's. We'll be more than happy to get you your own."

My cheeks burned. "Oh, I don't know about that. I couldn't inconvenience my new family with that."

"It's no inconvenience," Alice chimed from behind the wheel. "It won't even take a dent out of our money supply."

"Uhm-"I said. "OK."

"Now," Alice said. "Let's get you home so you can meet the rest of the family."