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Have you ever thought of dating?

Jake asked Quil if he had ever thought of going with other girls while Claire was still young, in diapers. Had he ever thought of it himself? What happens when the imprinting thing surprises Jake with another soul mate? This one human. Bannerbanner by xxbrokendreamsxx at tda


2. Chapter 2

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Never in my life have I been so terrified to be in a car.

Of course, that was before I met Alice Cullen. She seemed to have the accelerator of the flashy yellow Porsche to the floor.

And she looked fine with it. Relaxed. As if the flashing colors outside (which, of course were the blurred scenes of everything we were passing) were actually nothing at all. I wondered if she could even see where she was going.

I’d long since figured out that Bella had no problem with the whole driving thing. Even though I was completely scared out of my mind that we were going to have an accident.

I clutched the side of Renessmee’s car seat. She too, seemed at ease, but also a bit amused with my reaction. She placed her hand on the back of my palm just as Alice took a curve at 120 miles an hour. At once, I saw the same scene, but it seemed slower, almost as if I could see the beauty of this place. But then it was gone.

And I felt calmer.

Oh not that calm, but I knew my pulse had slowed down considerably. I had no time to wonder why however, because Alice suddenly took a sharp left turn, flinging us onto, what I now saw was a long road, narrow and possibly something I would have missed on my own. She roared down until, suddenly, we stopped.

The car jolted to a stop.

Just like that.

As if she hadn’t been taking the road at he speed she was.

And then my eyes adjusted on where we were and I felt my jaw drop.

It was beautiful. Something you wouldn’t believe to exist in a world outside of fantasy. The house, which was about two stories tall, with a lot of windows, was a fairytale in itself. The fact that we were in a meadow, pretty much helped this point.

Alice and Bella were already climbing out of the front seat. Suddenly, the back door was open and Renessmee squealed happily at a man in the door with the same color hair as she had and a beautiful beyond gorgeous body. Everything about him screamed sexy. He reached in, undoing Renessmee's buckles so fast I was beginning to wonder if I had brain damage from the ride, and picked her up in his arms. She squealed again, throwing her little arms around his neck. She touched her palm to his cheek affectionately...

And he laughed and kissed her on the forehead.

Bella was beside them then. She leaned up and kissed the man on the lips. “Hello Edward. I didn’t know you’d be back today.” She said.

Edward smiled down at her. “We figured we may as well come home since we will be having a new member of the family here today.” He turned his gaze upon me and I gasped, taking in the butterscotch color of his eyes. “Welcome Judi.”

Bella took Renessmee from Edward’s hands with quick accuracy as he held out a hand to me. Dazed, I took it and allowed him to pull me out of the car to my feet.

Alice was standing at my side then, my things already in her hands. I was surprised to see her holding my suitcase with just one hand because she was small! I mean I could expect Edward to do it....

...but Alice?!

“Nessie!” a voice suddenly boomed.

Startled, I turned in the direction to see a very tall and very ripped guy running towards us with dark skin and long black hair.

He saw me at the same time I saw him.

My heart stopped.

He jolted to a halt three yards away.

And just stared at me for a moment, openmouthed.

Beside me, I heard Edward gasp in surprise.

And then, the guy who had been running toward me, arching an eyebrow, pointed at me and said, “Who are you?”