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Have you ever thought of dating?

Jake asked Quil if he had ever thought of going with other girls while Claire was still young, in diapers. Had he ever thought of it himself? What happens when the imprinting thing surprises Jake with another soul mate? This one human. Bannerbanner by xxbrokendreamsxx at tda


3. Chapter 3

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I stared at this girl, a new girl, who was obviously not a vampire in surprise, feeling like I knew I should not feel. Not when I had imprinted on Nessie.

Of course, right now, it felt as if the cords that head held me in place for Nessie when I had first laid eyes on her, had decided to spilt, moving themselves to where I saw her the way I saw Nessie.

Only this was more. Nessie was a child.

She wasn’t.

I heard Edward gasp, and in peripheral vision, I saw him looking between this girl and me. She was, now that I thought about it, gorgeous. She was short, maybe five feet two inches, with long red hair, dark brown eyes and an average figure. Her complexion was fair, skin pale, but somewhat dark in places. She wore glasses, I realized. The seemed to bring out her eyes more.

Her eyes, now that I was really looking, held a sense of confusion.

I raised my arm, pointing right at her. “Who are you?” I wanted to know.

She just stared at me and I thought she might not be able to speak. No one said anything. Even Emmett and Rosalie, who were coming up behind me, seemed to have realized things were tense, had chosen not to say anything.

Surprisingly, the person to break the silence was none other than Renessmee Cullen herself.

“Mommy,” I heard her say. “Wut iz wrong wit dem?”

She was only speaking like this because she only looked old enough to be a toddler, but everyone knew she could speak in full sentences.

Although everyone around us began moving again, this girl and I stayed rooted in place, staring at one another.

“I don’t know Nessie.” I heard Bella say, and I knew she was probably studying Edward who undoubtedly knew all about what was silently going on.

Is this possible? I thought, knowing he would hear thanks to his gift to get inside my head. Could I really have two imprints? Two soul mates?

I saw Edward shrug and knew he was as curious as I was. No doubt he would go discuss the matter with Carlisle once this tense standoff was over. Of course I would go talk with Sam. This had just never happened before.

Suddenly, as I realized that I had kind of zoned out while staring at her, the new girl moved. She actually blinked a few times, she her head, and then—

--she turned away from me.

And walked over to Alice, who quickly changed her surprised expression to the one of welcome she had been wearing before.

Is that Judi? I practically screamed in my head, and to my astonishment, Edward flinched. I don’t think he was expecting that. Sorry.

Edward shrugged then nodded.

Meanwhile, Judi, as I know knew, was talking in a hushed tone to Alice. Of course she did not know that we could all hear her.

“I think I would like to go lie down. I feel a bit...I don’t know, dizzy?” she was saying. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. What was wrong with me?

Alice nodded and she eyed Edward over Judi’s shoulder. I saw Edward nod curtly.

“I’ll show you the way.” Alice said. ‘Emmett, take her stuff in.”

I knew everything that was going on around me. Everything! But right now....I only saw Judi.

I watched her walk with Alice into the house, Emmett in tow. When they had disappeared, Edward, Bella, and Rosalie all turned on me.

“Are you sure Jacob?” Edward asked, his eyes, today the color of warm butterscotch as they had just gone hunting yesterday, burning into me.

I nodded. “I don’t understand how. I didn’t know someone could imprint twice.”

Bella gasped. “Twice?” her head snapped towards the house, where Judi had disappeared moments before, then back to me. “Jacob, you already imprinted on Nessie. You couldn’t imprint on Judi!”

Hearing this, Nessie suddenly squealed. “I want Jacob!”

I walked forward as Bella extended her arms out, holding Nessie out to me. Nessie immediately leapt into my arms, touching her palm to my cheek.

I saw, through her eyes, what she had just witnessed.

And what she’d heard. Her gaze and thoughts were questioning.

“I’m not just yours anymore Nessie.” I said, a bit sadly. “I’m also partly Judi’s.”

She didn’t understand.

“Me neither.”