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My Savior

Bella and Carlisle Banner Bella Swan is never far from harm's way. In fact, as soon as she arrives, disaster strikes. Fortunantley there is a doctor on scene to help. And so starts the events of a Bella Swan, and a Doctor Carlisle Cullen. *Loverly banner made by Iris. Clap for her!* *I do not own any of these characters. Stephenie Meyer does, I'm just playing with them*

I am so sorry to all my fans. It seems that everytime I try to upload something into my summary, this story gets deleted. I am sooooo sorry and will do my best to get updates up as soon and fast as possible. -olji

12. Chapter 12: I Guess The Cullens Are REALLY Talented...

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I woke up in cold arms, cold wonderful arms. I sighed as I recalled last night.

“Good morning, Bella.” Carlisle whispered as he allowed me to get up.

I sat up slowly and stretched, releasing all the aches and pains of my shoulders.

Carlisle touched my shoulder, “I have to go to work, Bella. I’ll see you tonight and tomorrow, for shopping.” He smiled and kissed my cheek before jumping out the window.

I sighed contentedly and sniffed my sheets where he laid, his imprint still there. His smell was like his taste, citrus with honey, just less concentrated.

I took a quick look at my hair, and it looked good. One of these days I knew I would put curling irons in it and it’ll bring out my waves, but right then, I preferred the well-brushed look.

I threw on some old jeans and a sweatshirt, not really bothering to do anything with my ensemble.

I trudged out the door and almost slipped on the ice that had taken over the most part of our driveway. Great way to start out.

I started the roaring engine of my truck and instantly wished I was in Carlisle’s car. His quiet hum of a Mercedes was very comforting.

I pulled out slowly and carefully. I drove at about 10 mph, receiving multiple honks but I didn’t care. I had to be careful in instances like these.

I rode in and was the only car in the parking lot beside a familiar silver Volvo. Alice came out first, followed by Jasper and then Edward. I figured Emmett and Rosalie took their own car. I wasn’t surprised. Alice was carrying my backpack, thankfully.

I got out too and slung my wool jacket on, already feeling the effects of the cold.

“Good morning, Bella.” Alice said cheerily as she gently placed my light backpack in my hands.

“Your homework is all done. I forged your handwriting as best I could. I think it looks believable.” She said as she shrugged it off.

“I’m looking forward to Saturday!” I said, trying to start a conversation.

Alice ’s face instantly lit up as those words come out of my mouth.

Oh my gosh!!! Me too!! I’m sure we’ll get you some more stuff, ‘cause the outfit you are wearing right now is not flattering. I’m sure you’ll look great in some True Religion skinny jeans and a Hollister t-shirt. And we can replace that smelly wool jacket with something way better.” Alice babbled.

I sighed happily, glad that the Alice I knew had returned.

“What time will I be at your house?” I asked as we began walking toward the small school.

“You won’t. Carlisle will come to pick you up. I’ll meet you at the mall in Seattle.” She said matter-of-factly.

I turned red. Riding with Carlisle again was on the top of my list, but I wasn’t sure if his whole family knew about his spending the night.

“It’s fine, Bella.” Alice quipped, as if reading my mind.

I grumbled something and sped up a bit, only to have the three vampires right on my tail.

“What are you going to get, Alice ?” I asked, trying to distract her from stalking me.

“Oh you know the usual. Stilettos, handbags, and leather stuff.” She said this as if it were nothing, though my mouth dropped open at the thought of spending that much money.

“When you live forever, and can see the future, the stock markets are a great place to earn money.” She said merrily as she skipped along beside me.

I did a double take. See the future? How is that possible?

She noticed my agape mouth and paused, her eyebrow scrunching together.

“What is it?” She asked and then shook her head with understanding.

“I guess I didn’t tell you that part.” She said, as if it were nothing.

I nodded in response.

“Oh, well for whatever reason, everything about us is amplified. Whether it’s our sight, hearing, or a trait. Carlisle’s theory is that we take our strongest traits into the vampire world when we are transformed. Therefore, Edward can read minds, Jasper can feel emotions, and I can see the future.” She said speedily.

I struggled to catch and understand it all.

“So, when let’s say Edward was human, he seemed to be able to understand what people were thinking, even though they weren’t saying it. When he became a vampire, that talent became more potent.” I stated, clarifying further.

“Correct.” Alice sang as she bobbed her head up and down.

More students had begun to fill the parking lot, so I knew our discussion was over…for now.

When Alice, Edward and Jasper walked in with me, I felt wonderful. I had finally found friends, and it didn’t matter if I was “dating” their adopted father, apparently, they were all okay with that.

Alice walked with me all the way to first period; we had lost Edward and Jasper along the way, because they had to go to their classes.

“You know Bella, we could come pick you up for school in the morning. If you want of course.” Alice said quickly and happily.

I hesitated at first, thinking of all the pros and cons. I instantly decide. “Yeah, I’m usually ready by 7:30, sometimes like fifteen minutes later. It depends.”

Alice beamed me a smile as the bell rung and skipped across the hall to her class. I missed all the Cullens by a hallway or a classroom, so I could walk with them to most.

“Bye Alice !” I waved to her as the hall filled up with babbling kids.

“Bye Bella, see you at lunch!”

I waved back and headed into my class.