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My Savior

Bella and Carlisle Banner Bella Swan is never far from harm's way. In fact, as soon as she arrives, disaster strikes. Fortunantley there is a doctor on scene to help. And so starts the events of a Bella Swan, and a Doctor Carlisle Cullen. *Loverly banner made by Iris. Clap for her!* *I do not own any of these characters. Stephenie Meyer does, I'm just playing with them*

I am so sorry to all my fans. It seems that everytime I try to upload something into my summary, this story gets deleted. I am sooooo sorry and will do my best to get updates up as soon and fast as possible. -olji

14. Chapter 14: The Plan

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I blinked rapidly. I literally had no idea what he was talking about.

“What?” I asked, only hoping he could explain.

Carlisle looked to me, agony in his honey eyes and began to speak in a cracked, broken whisper.

“There’s a part of my story I didn’t tell you. An important part.”

I stared at him, trying my best to not cry with him. It was so hard to see him in pain like this.

“There is a type of our kind, the Volturri, the ruling class of vampires. I spent time with them, trying to convince them to convert. They protect our secret, and kill anyone that threatens it. Suicidal vampires go to them.”

I gasped as realization set in. Esme was going to the Volturri to kill herself, all because of me. Carlisle only stared at me, at the tears welling up in my eyes and understood. He knew I couldn’t be happy until I fixed this. Until the problem was solved.

He suddenly turned the car on and screeched out of the parking lot, swerving back onto the freeway.

“Bella, I have to go to Italy. Esme will die if I don’t. Volterra is a dangerous place.” He gritted his teeth for my response.

“I understand.” I said back, my voice full of fear for him. But it was only a façade. I had a plan forming in my head, a mad plan, but a plan.

“I’m so sorry. I can’t take you Bella. But you have to know, that I may not come back.” He gripped the steering wheel and pushed faster.

I swallowed hard, my plan nagging at me all the more now.

“I know.” I choked out…barely.

We were back to Forks in record time, and I was soon at my house, in my drive way with Carlisle.

Being the old-fashioned gentleman he was, he walked me in. My father was still not home and we were out of sight.

Once the door was shut Carlisle brought me into his arms and squeezed me in a tight hug.

When he pulled back, his eyes were flaring with something new to me.

And then he pulled me roughly forward and kissed me.

I knew then this would be our last kiss before he left, so I kissed him back.

His lips were still soft and sweet, but had a rough determination I never felt before. It was amazing, and sent shivers down my spine.

I pulled him closer, my hands tangling in his hair. It was soft and silky. He gripped my waist tighter until I suddenly had to pull back for air, but I knew it wasn’t over. He wasn’t done.

He pulled me back into a hug, and began breathing into my hair, his cold breath tingling me as he relaxed.

When my heart-rate slowed and my face returned to its normal color, I pulled back and softly pressed a kiss to his lips.

This one was sweet, just like our first one had been. I knew I wanted to tell Carlisle what I felt before he left, but I was never one for courage.

“I’m going to miss you Carlisle.” I said as I kept my face buried in his neck, attempting to commit his lovely smell to memory.

“And I you.” He said, his face buried in my hair.

I pulled back from him one last time and kissed him on the cheek, a single tear falling down my own as I did so.

“Good luck.” I whispered.

He looked at me and slowly turned away, out my door. I was letting him walk away.

I called to him, one last weak attempt.

“I love you, Carlisle.”

His eyes looked as if they lit up with happiness.

“I will come back Bella. I have something to fight for, you. You have to know that this isn’t goodbye forever.” He reassured me, his hand still on the doorknob.

“It feels like forever.” I whispered back.

“I know. Forever wouldn’t be anything without you.” And he was out my door.

The tears were flowing freely down my face now, streaking as if a dam was let loose.

It took a while for me to calm down before I finally got to work. I had to gather my passport and clothes I could wear on a plane and in Italy.I sat at my computer and bought a one-way ticket to Florence, the nearest town to Volterra. I was leaving tomorrow.

This was just enough time to forge a last minute field trip reminder and phone the school about my being absent tomorrow. All I had to do was think of a cover story for Charlie.

I heard a knock at my door and I nearly shrieked. I had been so focused, I had forgotten the world around me.

I ran down my stairs, almost tripping halfway but catching myself.

It was Alice.

She was standing in my doorway with a stricken look on her face.

“You can’t go to Volterra Bella. Not now. Carlisle left to protect you. There was a reason he didn’t take you!!!” She screamed in my face.

I only stared. “It’s too late now. I’m going.”

“Not without protection you’re not,” she demanded, “This involves you too now, and I would never get off the hook if I actually let you go. Besides, I need to help my family.”

I knew this was coming, and for whatever reason I didn’t argue. I just agreed to let her come.

I filled her in with the details and she finished the rest. Apparently, Charlie signed the permission slip at the beginning of the year, and it was for my history class. It was a must go for all history students, and that was why the Cullens were gone too. I made sure to call Jess and Angela, telling them I was going for the weekend. I didn’t want Charlie knowing this was all a fake.

I sat down on my couch at 10:30, finally crashing. I fell asleep because I knew I had something in the morning.

I had a true love to save.