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My Savior

Bella and Carlisle Banner Bella Swan is never far from harm's way. In fact, as soon as she arrives, disaster strikes. Fortunantley there is a doctor on scene to help. And so starts the events of a Bella Swan, and a Doctor Carlisle Cullen. *Loverly banner made by Iris. Clap for her!* *I do not own any of these characters. Stephenie Meyer does, I'm just playing with them*

I am so sorry to all my fans. It seems that everytime I try to upload something into my summary, this story gets deleted. I am sooooo sorry and will do my best to get updates up as soon and fast as possible. -olji

7. Chapter 7: I Just Wanted to Do Was to Raise My Grade in Biology, But Instead I Got In a Fight With The Cullen Beauty Queen

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I walked into Biology feeling better than I had in weeks. Until I saw the only empty seat.

Edward Cullen. The only one that hadn’t spoken to me.

I huffed and trudged to the empty seat and slammed down into my chair, angry it was Edward and not Alice or Emmett.

“Edward.” I greeted him curtly. He only nodded stiffly.

If there was one thing I was going to do today, it would be to get this boy to talk about why he obviously hated me so much.

He thrust open his binder and shared no other look with me until the tardy bell rang. Not a word, not a look, nothing. Even a glare would have been nice.

I couldn’t take the silence anymore. I was fed up with the silent treatment when I hadn’t done anything.

“What did I ever do to you?” I whispered/yelled.

No response for about five minutes. I drummed my fingers impatiently.

“If you’re mad at me, at least tell me why so I can fix it.”

You can’t fix it. Maybe they can.” He sneered forward.

“Who’s they?” I asked curiously.

“My adoptive parents.” He said through gritted teeth. The tendons on his neck were standing out as he gritted his fantastic teeth.

“And why are you taking their problems out on me?” I asked.


“Because why?” He was being so cryptic and I hated it.

“Because you might be able to help me.”

“Me? What can I do to help?” I whispered back. Mr. Banner was just getting started on his speech. I could get the notes later, this was important.

“You’ve been through something like this.” He whispered back as he furiously scribbled Mr. Banner’s lecture.

“Like what?”

There was silence. My fingers started their now normal impatient rhythm.

“My parents are getting a divorce.” He said reluctantly.

And when he said that, I finally understood all the pain he was going through. All the guilt and self-reaping like it was your fault.

I sighed and looked at him, “I understand what you’re feeling, but it’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just…they don’t get along.” I didn’t really know how to tell him I knew, but I had to somehow show him.

“Thanks Bella. I’d like to talk to you more, but Mr. Banner’s coming over to us.” Crap, I hadn’t taken a single note. This ‘aughta be good.

“Bella? Where are all your notes?” Mr. Banner asked in his nasally voice.

“Sorry Mr. Banner, I wasn’t paying attention.” I squeaked.

He harrumphed, before saying “Perhaps instead of talking to no one, you could be paying attention to my lecture.”

He walked away then, leaving me to face a snickering Edward. “I’m glad you think it’s funny.”

“No, Bella you’re wrong.” He said, shaking his beautiful head. He was handsome, but nothing could compare to Carlisle.

I glared at him silently and strongly until I heard his next line.

“It’s HILARIOUS!!!” Edward laughed in a whisper/yell tone.

“Thanks Edward. I’m glad I have you to fall back on.” I whispered menacingly. The bell rang just then, I had taken no notes on the lecture. I could easily copy Edward’s though.

“I’m going to need to copy your notes.” I yelled as he rushed out of the room without so much as a nod or a wave.

“See you later.” I mumbled to myself.

As I was making my own way to the door, Mr. Banner stopped me. “Bella. I need you to focus more in class. You’re getting a D in the three weeks you’ve been here.” His ugly voice cutting through the silence.

“I’ll try sir.” I mumbled, trying to make my desperate escape.

“You could come after school. I have tutors who come in here to help.” He offered again.

I sighed, knowing I could get nowhere with this awful man. “Fine Mr. Banner. I’ll be here after school until four.” I stomped out of the room before he could say another word.

So I didn’t have any of my new found friends in P.E. either, but a nice boy named Mike Newton was there. Even though he seemed like the barnacle type. We laughed and chatted about nothing. It was easy to have a conversation with him.

So I left my sixth period satisfied to have found another friend until I remembered where I had to go after school. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a reason I shouldn’t go, considering Charlie isn’t home ‘till five and I have no life.

I harrumphed my merry way to class, focusing on my feet, not wanting to make the same mistake I had at the airport. I sighed at my cast. The color was nothing compared to his eyes.

A blonde head caught my attention. It was a very familiar blonde head. And it was looking very angry.

“Hey, Rosalie.” I said, greeting the one of the Cullens who didn’t seem to like me.

Hey Rosalie.” She mimicked“You’re tearing my family apart and that’s all you can say?” She yelled at me through the empty hallways.

I stuttered unthinkingly. Her beautiful voice pierced my ears. “I d-d-don’t understand.”

She snorted angrily. “Yeah right, Bella. Don’t you dare play stupid with me, I’m way too smart for that crap.”

Nothing was processing, I had absolutely no idea what was going on.

“I still don’t get it.”

“Here I was, thinking you would be smarter than the average high schoolers, and yet you don’t get it. Did you see the way my “father” looked at you at the hospital?” She put air quotes around father as she heatedly spoke.

“Or the way he used an X-Ray to touch you? You’re tearing my family apart, and you need to stay out.” Her voice had a threatening tone at the end, until I heard her next soft whispers.

“Or I’ll kill you.” And I froze with fear, not only because of how menacingly she spoke, but of how it sounded as if she actually would do it.

I couldn’t stay away from Carlisle. He was far too intoxicating and my feelings for him were growing by the second.

Just then from out of the corner came Alice, looking angrier than I’d ever imagine her to possibly be. Her upper lip was curled over her perfect teeth and she looked as if she were ready to pounce and attack Rosalie.

Snarls erupted from both corners of the hallway until Alice came and stood protectively in front of me.

“Stop protecting her Alice. Just because of you and your stupid visions. You can’t keep Carlisle and Esme apart. They’re meant to be.” Rosalie snapped.

“He’s already made his decision Rosalie, whether you like it or not.” Alice retaliated.

“They’re soul mates.” Rosalie snarled, her muscles tensing for attack.

“Or so we thought.” Alice snarled ferally back.

“No.” Rosalie whispered agonizingly, until a strong, large arm lifted her up and turned her around. My heart was beating too fast and my vision was blurred. I couldn’t see who it was.

“Stop it, Rose.” A booming voice commanded. Definitely Emmett.

“She doesn’t deserve this fate.” Emmett said softly.

Black spots formed around my eyes and I staggered slightly, the weight of my back pack suddenly more.

“We need her to go to Carlisle.” Alice whispered softly.

“NO!” Rosalie snarled, but Emmett restrained her.

Alice helped me to my feet and guided me to a familiar silver Volvo.

She settled me into shotgun before jetting around the sides and settling herself in the driver’s seat. She locked the doors and stared at me.

“I ‘spose I should explain that to you.” She said solemnly.

“Please?” I squeaked in her direction.