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My Savior

Bella and Carlisle Banner Bella Swan is never far from harm's way. In fact, as soon as she arrives, disaster strikes. Fortunantley there is a doctor on scene to help. And so starts the events of a Bella Swan, and a Doctor Carlisle Cullen. *Loverly banner made by Iris. Clap for her!* *I do not own any of these characters. Stephenie Meyer does, I'm just playing with them*

I am so sorry to all my fans. It seems that everytime I try to upload something into my summary, this story gets deleted. I am sooooo sorry and will do my best to get updates up as soon and fast as possible. -olji

8. Chapter 8:Finally! I Can See The Light!!

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She started the engine, her brow furrowed in thought. “I don’t know how to explain this to you without freaking you out.” She admitted.

“Frankly, I’d just like to know what the heck is going on.” I snapped. Right now, I just needed to understand.

She sighed heavily. “I’m going to tell you straight up. All those stories you’ve heard about vampires, they’re true. Just a little off.” I couldn’t breath. Vampires? Real? There was no way.

“I can see the cogs turning in your head about how there are no such things as vampires. But there are. I just can’t show it to you now.”

For whatever reason, the image of Rosalie crouched and threatening flashed in my mind and I believed her.

“I believe you.” I squeaked.

“Really?” She asked incredulously.

I nodded numbly, scared at the realization I had just had.

“Well, then you better hear the rest of the story.” She said gravely.

“Carlisle was the first in our coven. He created Edward, Rosalie, Esme, and Emmett. Jasper and I were together and we joined him later. Esme was his mate. In every sense of the feral word. Only Jasper, Edward, and I saw through the façade they had up. They themselves believed they were in love.” She took a deep breath.

“But that wasn’t the case. After he helped you Bella, he’s been different. As if some fairy came and granted him happiness. That is, until Esme noticed the change.” She began to sniffle; this was not something easy for her to say. I rubbed her cold, granite arm reassuringly.

“Esme figured he was having an affair, and she blew up on him. There was a huge fight, and since then our coven has been split in half. Edward, Jasper and I on Carlisle’s side and Rosalie and Emmett on Esme’s side. Emmett’s only there because Rosalie is.” She spit out the last sentence.

All this was my fault. I was the reason this family was suffering, and I hated myself for it.

“I’m so sorry, Alice. I wish-I wish I could go back and do it all again so that your family wouldn’t be in pain.”

She shook her head sadly, looking down. “Bella, you don’t understand. You made Carlisle so happy. Happier than I’ve seen him in centuries, happier than he has ever been with Esme.” I tried to wipe away the tears that began pooling in my eyes.

“Really, Bella.” She said, exasperated, “You can’t see the change because you aren’t at our house. I wish you could.” She said in a whisper.

“So, you want me to stay?” I asked questioningly.

“Yes! I want you to stay. And so does Carlisle.” Alice said passionately.

“Okay then, I’ll stay.” I said adamantly. I could handle Rosalie. It was one on three. What were the chances?

“Can you tell me the details?” I asked, wanting more information.

“The details of what?” Alice asked back.

“The details of being…you know.” I said, waving my hand back.

“Oh.” She said, smiling obviously pleased at whatever she had. The car began to back out of the parking space and in a direction I didn’t know.

“Well, we’re impossibly fast and strong. I could show you, but you’d totally freak out. We’re immortal, we can live forever not to mention the fact we’re beautiful. And our teeth. They’re razor sharp and covered in venom.” Yowzerz. I don’t want to mess with a vampire.

“All that?” I asked, shrinking back into my seat as a large bridge came into view.

“Yup.” She said proudly.

“Wow.” I breathed, still amazed at all they could do.

“Yeah, I know. I was surprised too. The only draw back is we do thirst for blood.” I stiffened.

“Don’t worry. We’re different from…typical of our kind. You could call us “vegetarians” because we drink animal blood. It’s a harder life, but the rewards are greater.” She shrugged the last sentence.

I nodded, strangely alright with all of this.

“Bella, we’re almost to my house.” Alice said, calling me back to the real world.

I jumped forward as a reflex reaction, thinking of Carlisle. I knew I would see him momentarily.

A mansion came into view, pale white and massive. The green trees surrounding it made a dramatic effect. It seemed very fitting for the family of pale white people.

All of a sudden, the car jolted to a stop. Obviously I had not been paying attention. Alice had been slowing down this whole time, but I hadn’t noticed it.

The door to the beautiful house had been opened and my savior stepped out, looking tired and upset. His face was all wrong, bent out of shape and twisted with something that looked like guilt and remorse.

Alice jumped out of the car, mumbling something. Almost immediately, his eyes lit up and looked in my direction. I flashed him a smile and waved my broken arm, feeling happy just to be in his somewhat presence.

He came quickly to my side of the door and merrily opened it for me, sticking a pale hand out for me to grasp. You could say I took it gladly.

The fit of our two hands was like two puzzle pieces fitted together truthfully. I smiled up at him, and he beamed a beautiful smile back in my direction. I almost melted at the sight of him.

“Hello, Bella. I didn’t think that I would see you for another week.” He said playfully. I snickered.

“I didn’t think vampires existed.” I responded.

His lips tightened. “Yes, well…”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean that in a bad way. I mean I still…” I stopped there, catching myself.

I noticed his curious ears prick up at my unfinished sentence. “You still what, Bella?”

I looked down at my feet, afraid of admitting my feelings for this man, especially when I was already creating enough of a ruckus.

“Well, I mean I still…like you.” I muttered. The word seemed so childish

Carlisle laughed at how I was so reluctant to say “it”. He looked down at our still intertwined hands and sighed, guilty and yet content.

“Bella, I think I like you too.” He admitted, and I nearly bursted with joy.