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Twilight ZONE; the Heartbreak Internet Chat room!

Disclaimer: Hey guess what? I OWN NOTHING!!! Jacob finds a person he can relate to on some kind of dating site, now really is that smart?

This was originally for the non-canon ship challendge. Everybody else is posting now right? So its suposed to be weird and stuff....

1. Twilight ZONE; the Heartbreak Internet Chat room!

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Chat room: 9:26 pm Sunday March 25, 2007

Signed: Black_V_Rabbit 9:27pm

Signed: Crown_Vic 9:28 pm

Black_V_Rabbit: hey how was ur week?

Crown_Vic: pretty good u?

Black_V_Rabbit: same did you ever find that guy that killed ur husband?

Crown_Vic: yea…

Black_V_Rabbit: wat r u going to do?

Crown_Vic: o i don’t…maybe ill…o no ive said 2 much!!!!!!!!!!! >x<

Black_V_Rabbit: lol

Crown_Vic: lol

Crown_Vic: wat about that guy that stole ur grl? r u gonna shove a spoon up his ass?

Black_V_Rabbit: ^.^ great idea, but he will probably kill me first *shiver*

Crown_Vic: lol

Black_V_Rabbit: im serious here! hes firkin scary!

Crown_Vic: buy a gun or something…

Black_V_Rabbit: got no $

Crown_Vic: all it takes is 1 bullet…

Black_V_Rabbit: yea…sure…-.-


Over the next couple of days….

March 31, 2007, 7:56pm

Black_V_Rabbit: u no over the last few months…

Black_V_Rabbit: ive really gotton to no u better…

Black_V_Rabbit: I think i…

Crown_Vic: Don’t say it

Black_V_Rabbit: wat? ‘:0 ?

Crown_Vic: If u like me tell me in person

Crown_Vic: dont u think its more romantic that way?


Jacob walked alone the narrow forest path. He didn’t know why he was doing this. He didn’t know why he wanted to do this. Hormones?

He ignored his brothers’ cries of protest, ‘caz they knew what he was up to. He was meeting someone…someone he met on the internet…

“Haven’t you ever seen Dateline NBC’s; To Catch a Predator?” Embry asked him. “For all you know you could’ve met some creepy molester online.”

“Do you want to get raped?” questioned Jared.

“Or are you the creepy molester.” said Paul mentally narrowing his eyes at his brother. Jacob mentally threw a plate at him.


Jacob walked alone the narrow forest path. He didn’t know why he was doing this. He didn’t know why he wanted to do this.

Did he just want someone to fill the gap Bella left behind?

Did he just want to mend his broken heart?

That would never happen. Jacob still loved her, even if she loved that filthy bloodsucker….


Whatever the reason, it made him go on to heartbreak.com, a site where those people with broken hearts gather and talk about their ex’s.

Most of them however, were shallow. They were talking about high school boyfriends/girlfriends, crushes, and those people from the speed dating programs. Jacob wasn’t like that. He loved Bella, with a capital L followed by capital O-V-E-D.

He didn’t seem to relate to anyone there except…


She seemed really scary at first, ranting about her murdered husband. But Jacob soon realized that, like that filthy bloodsucker, whoever the murderer was, he took away her husband like Cullen took away Bella.

At least he and Crown_Vic had something in common. When Jacob told her this, she wrote “lol ^_^”

He wanted to hear her real laugh one day….


Jacob was very nervous. What if she was old? (“No duh Jacob, she was married! Said Embry in his head) What if she was a crazy ax-murderer? (“Jacob you met her on the internet for god’s sake!” said Jared, again in his head.) What if she was desperate? (“Like you?” asked Paul inside his head.) “Don’t you guys ever shut up?” wondered Jacob.

He was getting close to town. His nose was assaulted by the scents of Forks, but one stood above all…

The scent of a vampire….

One of the Cullens? Maybe. But you couldn’t be too sure who could pop up. For all he knew it could be a yeti disguised a bloodsucker.

Jacob followed the scent. Every step he took, the icy burning sensation got stronger. Until it got to a small café… the stench of vampire was horrible.

He stepped inside. Maybe he should have waited for reinforcements, but this stupid bloodsucker ruined his ‘date’. What was he going to tell her? Oh, I’m sorry I was late, you see I had to hunt down a bloodsucker first…

Jacob followed his nose toward the back of the café, ignoring the many angry people he pushed past. Now if it was Cullen it would be SO different!

Jacob was expecting Bella and Cullen in a booth making out or something. Ew! But he was way off…

A red haired female vampire was sitting there starring off into space…Victoria…

“What are you doing here?” Jacob growled viciously at her.

She gave him an icy stare, curling her lips menacingly over her pearly white teeth. “If you must know, I’m supposed to be on a date!”

“You’re Crown_Vic!?”

“What?” Victoria said, shocked that apparently our beloved werewolf protagonist was Black_V_Rabbit.

After a period of awkward silence, he said “I like you”

“See, I told you it was more romantic that way.”

Victoria shifted in the booth to give Jacob room to sit. And he did.


Bella woke up with a fright, gasping for air. Immediately Edward’s stone cold arms were wrapped around her.

“What is it?” he whispered in her ear.

“I dreamed that…” Bella found it hard to concentrate with Edward’s sweet breath tickling her. “Jacob…”

He stiffened, holding his breath.

“And Victoria…” Our favorite vamp wasn’t expecting that.

“…dating.” Bella said remembering the last part of her dream.

They both started to laugh hysterically.

Like that would happen…


But it did … because this is…the Twilight Zone!!!!!!!