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One Love, Two Worlds, Three Words

Bella is single handedly the most popular and beautiful girl in all of Fort Lauderdale High, along with her best friends, Alice, Rosalie, and Angela. Edward is an odd ball out. The mysterious and charming boy isn't your average foster child. The traditional story of “boy meets girl” takes on a new twist, when the most unexpected happens and two people who couldn’t find themselves, find one another. One day, fate will bring them together and change their lives forever. Filled with tragedy, love, family hardships, and humor. Not your average fanfic. ALL HUMAN. OOC/AU -tlm


1. Welcome to My Life

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I sat silently in the car with my Ipod turned up loud enough to block out any other sounds. Clearing my mind of all thoughts wasn’t easily achieved and of course I sat unsuccessfully as the music blasted. Today would drag on longer than most. I’d been studying for exams as often as I breathed for the past few weeks. I was ready to get it over with.

I looked into the overhead mirror, smoothing my dark brown bangs to the left side of my face. I struggled to keep my eyes open at full capacity. A good nights sleep hadn’t been with me last night but getting ready in the morning hadn’t been too difficult. I didn’t need much. I took a shower the night before so all I needed to do today was get dressed. I didn’t use make-up either, a hassle for all my friends, occupying a good thirty minutes of their time. What a waste. Everyone tells me I look exceptionally pretty without it. Even if I did need it, that would be all the more reason for me not to wear it. Maybe then, I would appease to no one physically. I didn’t appreciate the unnecessary attention, the constant stare of a sea of unfamiliar eyes, always looking my way, or more accurately speaking, our way.

Even as a little kid, I never had a problem making friends. I was definitely a people person, a good listener and communicator. Boys were never a problem either; then again overly friendly pigs soon became an issue. By the time I was in 8th grade I wore a C cup. I looked more like a senior in high school than a middle school attendee. At about this point in life, the attention really became apparent to me. I didn’t think much of it till I started to dislike it. It bothered me that I wasn’t taken as seriously, that people judged me. Some spoke to me, solely for the benefit of being in the “IN-crowd”. There were times when I’d curse God for choosing me to have an upper hand in looks. I didn’t want it. Give it to some egotistical snob. What did I want? This question I realized I’ve been asked so many times before, but as always never had an answer for. What I wanted was for the my unoriginal facade to stop getting in the way of people’s efforts to get to know the person behind it. Beneath the friendly pretty face, bore a child with longing, perspective, and intellect. The deeper part of my wellbeing was kept under the surface at all times. I never grew to trust anyone but myself, so I relied on my own judgment while trying to get through the less than meaningful life I had. I’ve lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for as long as I can remember. Here, I’ve made life long friends. The beach was my sanctuary and the city was my jungle. This was my home. It’s these simple things that I learned to appreciate growing up. These things I wish others could see and learn to appreciate as well. But more than anything, I wanted people to appreciate the real me, regardless of the thick mask that separated the joke from reality. My thoughts were disrupted by the cars sudden stop.

“Were here Bella”, my dad, Charlie, informed me loud enough to hear through my headphones.

I quickly turned off the music and put my Ipod away in my bag and took a deep breath.

“Something wrong honey?”

The abrupt intake of air choked me at his words as I tried to exhale.

“No, I’m fine dad, just nervous about testing.” He bought it.

“I’m sure you’ll do fine. Don’t stress out too much, you’ve worked harder than I could give anyone credit for.”

I’d have to agree with him on that one. I straightened out my top as he babbled on. I’d forgotten to thank my mother for the gift she left hanging on my doorknob this morning before she took off to the airport, business trip of course. She’s always told me Grandma had better style than me, of course she was right. The blouse wasn’t something I’d pick out but it was very flattering. The white silk had lavender embroidery along the empire waist hem and the bottom half flowed lightly around my upper torso. It was simple and less showy than any item of clothing of item she’s ever given me. I was hoping she was finally beginning to grasp the more conservative look I liked, but those thoughts could only be mocked when she insisted on me wearing the mini skirt she paired with it. For some reason I can’t imagine, she was annoyingly persistent when it came to how she wanted me to dress. I shifted my attention back to my dad. I hadn’t noticed till now that he was on the phone.

“Yes, I’m on my way sorry.” Aggravated, he hung up.

“I gotta get going. I’m really late. Good luck today kiddo.” He said encouragingly.

I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek to assure all else was fine.

“Thanks, bye daddy!”

I stepped out of his Bentley and shut the door, relieved to be able to take a deep breath of fresh air. Before I was able to turn around full circle, he was gone. I worried about him at times. He worked so much. As part of managing a major record company, I barely saw much of him. It was obvious that he was trying too hard, and it made me feel guilty at times. I was more of a mommy’s girl. The past few years had called in for some motherly reinforcement. Dad got left behind in all the commotion and I think it’s how we lost touch. I promised myself before that I would make it up to him somehow. For now, all I could do for him was cause no trouble and pretend to like the materialistic matter he showers me with. Now that I think about it, I do this for both of my parents. It’s as if they assume it covers for their absence in my life as parents, but it only makes them look like overly fervent patrons. Not that they had bad taste; my parents have always spoiled me ever since I was young. From beautiful dresses and expensive toys to brand-name clothing and VIP passes to concerts – the only privilege I used to my advantage, courtesy of my dad. Even though I didn’t want their pity pay, I’ve learned to appreciate there doing their best. It was the least I could do when both of them try so hard to give me everything in the world that I could ever dream of. They’ve literally taken that to heart, but they over think it.

My mom was the Editor in Chief of “Glamour” magazine. I inherited the smarts and looks from her. Anyone would say she was definitely the most beautiful person alive. She might as well make herself the permanent model for the cover. I watched how others looked at her. The drooling admiration was vile to watch. Sometimes I compared it to how others looked at me but only to a short extent- she’s much more stunning than me. It made me sick to think about it. I wonder it she feels the same; I’m not close enough to her to talk about things like that. I slowly rounded the corner of the side of the school. I refused to have my dad drop me off in front of Fort Lauderdale High. That would attract too many eyes to his prominent set of wheels. I took mental note of asking for my own car sometime soon. It would less of a hassle for both of us if I could drive myself to school. Knowing my dad he probably has the latest Jaguar model in mind. I’ll convince him otherwise. I want an older model of a less conspicuous brand. As long as it has good mileage and runs great that’ll be good enough for me.

I quickly tugged my skirt down as far as I could. I cursed quietly under my breath. Mom made a point to see I left the house wearing it. It was too revealing for me. Although my legs were long and lean, I felt very self-cautious walking onto campus. As usual eyes fluttered my way from all directions. I was relieved to see Rosalie Hale, Angela Gearman, and Alice Cullen converging towards me. I waved and smiled politely to the people who greeted me as I walked towards my lifesavers. Alice waved at me.

“Bella!” she shrieked.

As I walked past through groups of quiet, resentful faces, I wondered if the people who never spoke to me thought I was a show-offish whore just blazing through a crowd as if I owned them. My stomach quivered. I quickly shifted my thoughts to our mall trip this afternoon to distract myself. That didn’t last long. I could hear snickering and vulgar comments coming from a group of lacrosse jocks. I ignored them and continued walking. Alice eyed them scornfully. The long gap between us was finally filled and I greeted them each with very enthusiastic hugs. I could finally breathe again.

“Ugh there so immature,” Alice spat. She was always understanding of my feelings. I could keep with her more easily.

“Well, I don’t blame them, look at you! Cute outfit, I’m surprised you wore the skirt”, Rosalie teased with an obvious smirk. I raised one eyebrow as I saw the smiles wipe across each one of their faces. Angela answered, no longer able to hide their apparent involvement.

“Okay so maybe we had something to do with it.” She suppressed an even bigger grin that I knew should have followed. I playfully pushed them all.

“You guys are horrible!” Alice soon joined the laughing that resonated around me as we began to walk to class.

“Come on give us our props! You look even more amazing than usual! It matches perfectly with your top”, Alice said triumphantly as she flashed me a warming grin. I couldn’t be angry with them for much longer. I did look nice but that wasn’t the point.

“We got your mom in on it, ‘cause there’s no way you’d go against her preferences”, Angela snickered. I’d get mom for this later.

“Okay so are we still on for our mall date later?” This would surely elate the conversation from further irritating me.

“Of course!” Alice exclaimed excitedly.

“Yup, were in too, but I have to call my mom to make sure I have a ride home”, Angela said with no hint of worry in her tone.

“If you don’t, I’ll drive you Angela”, Alice assured her.

“Kay, thanks.”

These were my best friends and sisters. Ever since grade school, we were inseparable. No matter how ridiculous they acted at times, they were people I truly loved and knew loved me as well. I couldn’t imagine a better set of friends, all so beautiful on the inside and out. Alice and Angela were the co-captains of Cheerleading Squad and Rosalie was on the girl’s Varsity softball team. Of course I was the odd ball out. I didn’t take too much interest in the common popular sports. The others weren’t as versatile as myself and my interests ranged more widely. On Wednesday evenings I take advance jazz dance classes at a studio in town. I prefer keeping my extra-curricular activities outside of school with the exception of “Dejavu”, the schools performing choir. I suppose I could have joined the cheer team with my good physique, dance experience, and connections with the captains. I had the same likely chances for getting put on the track team with a six-minute mile and sprint faster than half of the twenty year old men in my taekwando class, but doing what I’d be expected to do opposed to something I loved doing didn’t seem to be worth it. I stayed quiet as we walked through the main hall. All eyes shifted in our direction, watching the overwhelming line of angels strutting down hall. Students quickly moved out of the way as we made our way. I would never get use to that. For a moment I felt very uncomfortable but then exhaled in relief knowing shortly would soon be parting.

From across the hall, Jasper, Emmett, and Ben were speaking animatedly - about a game I supposed - and walking towards us. Smiles immediately swept across their faces when we came into view. All three of them were on the Varsity Football team. Jasper Hale and Alice had been dating since the beginning of sophomore year. They were the perfect couple, both very caring and devoted. They were the perfect contrast in looks. Alice had short jet-black spiky hair and a petite figure while Jasper had blond wavy hair and shocking blue eyes. He moved swiftly to Alice’s side, lightly kissing the top of her head as he greeted her. Alice, wide-eyed and distracted waved us goodbye and headed off with Jasper. Emmett Cullen, the Football team Captain, and Rosalie had hooked up just two weeks ago, thanks to Alice. Awkwardly enough, they were twins. He wedged himself between her and me, grinning and winking at me before he turned to Rosalie. Being around him always made me very uncomfortable, he always seemed to be staring at me. Half the time he paid more attention to me than Rosalie, even if she was speaking to him. I know I would have found that insulting. Rosalie is so infatuated with him I don’t think she notices it. Sure he was buff but that’s all that I saw, Buff and brown hair. I didn’t approve of him dating her. He seemed like one of those “hit it and quit it” type of guys. I’ve kept my assumptions to myself as usual. I wouldn’t want to offend her. With his history, it wasn’t hard to believe he’d do that to her. I was already cutting him some slack and letting him get a chance to prove himself but I vowed I’d thrash my fist in his face if this ended badly. Besides Rosalie’s humorous and laid back personality – this I doubt he cared about – she had exceptionally emphasized “features” and a face that belonged to an angel. I always thought of her long blond locks as a dramatic velvet curtain successfully keeping the balance. Rosalie hugged me goodbye.

“See you later!”

I smiled in return. Regardless of what I thought, seeing Rosalie happy truly satisfied me. Seeing all of them happy did. I was left walking by Angela and Ben Cheney. He and Emmett were best friends. Emmett had introduced him to Angela. I would bet money on them dating sometime soon. He was staring at her face so intently. He appeared genuinely interested in the conversation I chose not to enter. She had a perfect body, maybe not as defined of a face but perfect muscular structure and mid-length curly black hair that complimented the contours of her tall frame.

This was something I very rarely observed from the guys that tried to hook up with Angela, something I never observed when guys showed interest in me. They usually took the more forward approach. For one guy after another, apathy shook my resolve. I found it amusing at first but now it annoyed me that guys were an ocean’s length short of any originality. Every so often I would find myself scrutinizing human psychology like I was doing now. It’s a habit I picked up from my mom. I think too much about everything. That’s why my whole life, I’ve never had a boyfriend. Guys can’t keep up with my overly pensive mind. They may buy me roses and treat me at expensive restaurants but it didn’t win my heart. I’ve yet to meet a guy who wanted more than to get into my pants. Rosalie says I’m too picky. I guess she’s right to an extent. Alice however thinks I should wait for the right guy and let everything fall into place. Comparing Rosalie and Alice’s advice to their current position in the love department, Alice had the upper hand, so I confided in her advice. In spite of it, I knew that all this time I’ve been waiting for the right guy. He hasn’t crossed my path yet and I’m in no hurry.

The bell’s deafening sound snapped me out of my thoughts and I realized I was a few feet away from my class. I turned to say goodbye to Angela and Ben, but they were nowhere in sight. How long had I been walking by myself? Was I that engrossed in thought? I was so easily sidetracked. I looked around warily. No one showed any sign of curiosity at my mindless staggering in the hall alone. I entered the classroom and took my usual seat in the back. The front of the room only attracted more attention but sitting in the back didn’t do much to evade wandering eyes. Calculus AP was my favorite class. Mr. Hobs was thorough and fast paced. He was someone that could somewhat keep up with me. I wouldn’t doubt I had the nerdiest schedule a junior classman could possibly have. I’d always been a fast learner. Since the 1st grade I’ve kept a perfect straight A record. I skipped kindergarten and by 6th grade I was already taking pre-algebra and algebra the following year. If I wanted to, I could have graduated in by July with all the extra credits I had and summer classes they offered. I decided if there was no rush for a boyfriend there should be no rush to graduate. I wanted to except my Diploma along side my fellow classmates, the people I grew up with. Mom agreed with me. Dad thought graduating early would give me a head start on the “great-life” that lied ahead of me. Most aren’t aware I’m a whiz kid, though I’m ranked as part of the top five students in academics of the entire junior class. People didn’t keep up with things like that. The classroom is always a peaceful place for me. I enjoy not having a single one of those despicable serpents in any of my classes, not that any of them had half the brain it took to take an AP class.

I was doing it again. I needed to stop being so judgmental. I laughed quietly at the thought of being less bantering towards the typical jock. None of my best friends had classes with me. Unfortunate, but it was still manageable. It was easier to concentrate that way. The serenity of a classroom and the scribbling of my pencil were calming. Academic paraphernalia is one of my strengths and I’m not shy about showing it. It was my only defense against people who chose to judge me. This was one of the few ways I was able to prove that I was more than looks. I gladly take advantage of any opportunity that helps my cause. Class passed by quickly, I sat anxiously as the seconds ticked away on the clock. I usually didn’t talk to anybody in my classes unless I was spoken to. I could never put my finger on why exactly. It wasn’t that I was stuck up about talking to anyone in the “nerd” classes but the fact that everyone was so silent and at peace. We all kept to ourselves. I found this more comfortable. It didn’t feel awkward to get lost in my thoughts because I wasn’t the only one. In other words, these were my people, all so contemplative. This was the other side of my world, the real side. The bell finally rang startling me once again. I slowly got up from my seat, lightly pulling down my skirt and slipping my bag over my right shoulder. I had American Government AP next. The calculus final was a piece of cake. I couldn’t wait for the real challenge that would come next period. I moved swiftly through the door headed towards the restroom. I stopped a couple times talking to a few people who tried making small talk with me. Soon enough I was able to escape to the restroom where Angela and Alice were already waiting.

“Hey guys, where’s Rosalie?” They both snickered quietly and nodded towards the hallway. I caught onto that one quickly. I stuck my head out and spotted Rosalie and Emmett in the hallway practically eating each other’s faces. Ugh, it’s called a room! I moved back towards Alice and Angela rolling my eyes.

“Rose, Rose, Rose…” I said snickering as I moved my eyes to the mirror in front of me. I fluffed my shirt lightly and smoothed out my skirt, as usual perfect. Apparently, I was involuntarily frowning as Angela came up behind me and hugged me across my shoulders.

“What’s wrong Bella? You look depressed,” she said softly. Not depressed, dissatisfied may have been a better explanation. Would my act ever get to rest?

“Oh, it’s nothing I’m just really tired from studying the whole night.” I rubbed my temples to play it up a little. She still had her arms wrapped around me and Alice joined the embrace.

“You are such a nerd. Luckily blondes don’t have mid-semester exams till next week.” Angela stifled a laugh at Alice’s reference- people who weren’t geniuses like me.

“I haven’t done any studying yet,” Angela said in agreement with Alice. We rolled our eyes at her sardonically, but immediately Alice became serious again.

“Bella?” She looked at me in the mirror apprehensively. I looked down at my shoes to avoid the intensity of her glare.

“Yea?” What other ridiculously suspicious questions did she have? Angela loosened her embrace around me and stared at Alice with curiosity as she began to speak after a short period of silence.

“Whatever’s wrong, don’t let it stress you out. You’re perfect just the way you are and I wouldn’t doubt you‘re the envy of every girl alive. No matter what, we’ll always love you. Remember that.” She knew me best. She hadn’t bought my act for one second. I looked back up with an amused expression beginning to sweep my face. I struggled not to laugh.

“I love you guys too, now will you quit with the drama?” I retorted sarcastically. We all broke into laughter. Alice and Angela began to fake dramatic cries and tighten their arms around me.

“We-e-we we love you Bellaaa!!!” I stepped forward out of their embrace, annoyed. The laughter continued behind me.

“You guys are incredible,” I said flatly. I tried to cover the disappointment that flooded me as I realized I couldn’t admit to my own best friends I was suffering inside. I managed to smile through their continued mockery. I took one last look at the girl in the mirror, her luminous skin so radiant in the light. Her brown eyes were pouting, as if they were trying to tell you someone, with no success. Her face was perfectly symmetrical and lovely. Long dark brown hair swept over her fine shoulders, reaching down her back to her waist. Her slender body had perfectly smooth curves accenting all the right features. She was sheer perfection, yet she was perfectly miserable. I could see it in her eyes. There was yearning in her fingertips, her lips, and her heart. I wanted to help her and realized I didn’t know how. I didn’t know how to help myself. The bell made my heart jump. I was really tuning out today. I turned to walk towards the restroom opening with Alice and Angela.

“We have to find Rosalie,” Alice said eagerly. Our eyes searched through the students. Rosalie was nowhere in sight.

“She probably headed to class already,” Alice said disappointed.

They were probably hoping to get the dish on Rosalie and Emmett’s make-out session. They’d have to wait until lunch. I hugged them both goodbye and headed off. American Government and Chemistry Honors passed by very quickly. Ms. Turner hadn’t given us much of a challenge in my opinion. I was highly disappointed. Mr. Chang’s test was even easier than Mr. Hobbs. All the extra studying definitely paid off. Today was passing by quickly enough. I hurriedly got out of my seat as the lunch bell rang. Rosalie was standing right outside the door and I remembered how anxious Alice and Angela had been earlier to find her. I looked at her wide-eyed as I walked towards her and she immediately picked up on my unspoken question. As soon as we were away from the crowd of students exiting the classroom, the words rushed out of her mouth so swiftly I stopped her as soon as she started.

“Rosalie! Calm down!” I said snickering and placing my hands on both of her shoulders to brace her.

“Let’s catch up with Alice and Angela before you spill.” She sighed impatiently.

“Oh, fine! But lets hurry up.”

She abruptly grabbed my hand and fast walked towards the lunchroom. From the corner of my eye I spotted Alice and diverted Rosalie’s movement to the other direction. Angela walked swiftly towards us.

“Rose! OMG spill! NOW! As I expected, she was even more anxious than earlier.

“You guys let’s wait for Alice first.” Both pairs of eyes rolled reluctantly at me.

“Fine,” they said in unison. The three of us walked over to our usual table at the center of the large lunchroom.

“I’m really hungry, I’m going to get in line. Want to come?” Leave it to Rosalie to have such little patience.

“Yes mam!” Angela stood up, still excited, and turned towards me.

“You guys go ahead, I’ll wait for Alice and get lunch with her.”

They shuffled swiftly from the table. Of course Rosalie would go ahead and tell Angela every single detail, such patience didn’t exist. Alice and me would get the story later. My eyes slowly searched for her across the lunchroom. She and Jasper walking towards our table. I thought back to what Alice had said to me in the restroom earlier. How could she be jealous me? I watched her hand in hand with Jasper as they laughed and teased each other effortlessly. She had someone she loved other than her friends and family, someone she confided her heart with. It was a beautiful thing to watch as sharp pangs of jealousy washed through me. She’s crazy for thinking I live Euphoria.

“Hey, Bella!” Jasper greeted me.

“Where’s Alice and Angela?” Alice asked promptly.

“They went ahead and got lunch, let’s go ahead and get ours.”

I tried to sound enthusiastic recovering from my prior trance. Of course Alice didn’t buy it. She looked at me speculatively.

“I’ll just catch up with the guys babe.”

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek goodbye. I got out of my seat awkwardly and walked towards the lunch line. Alice was right behind me.

“Bella!” I slowed my pace for her to catch up.

“I am not stupid dear, really what is going on with you?”

I remained silent as she stared at me in confusion.

“You can tell me, I’m here if you need to talk, you know that.” I wasn’t up for telling her the dramatic truth so I lied.

“I swear I’m fine. I’m just having a bad day.” For her benefit, I might as well inform her of a more pressing issue.

“And, I’m also worried about Rosalie.”

“Rose? Why?” My distraction seemed to have work.

“Well, not Rose exactly, but Emmett.” To my surprise Alice’s eyes widened in understanding.

“Alleluia! Angela and me aren’t the only ones who noticed!” I sighed in relief.

“Wait, what have you noticed?,” I asked. She seemed just as uncomfortable as I was.

“I…think he’s using Rosalie to make you jealous.” I pondered on that thought. She was waiting impatiently for an answer.

“I’m not sure about that, but I have noticed his overly friendly behavior towards me.” She stared at me in bewilderment. Was it something I said?

“Bella! Are you blind? He’s paid more attention to you in one day than he has the whole two weeks him and Rosalie have been dating!” I didn’t want to believe her but this clearly explained my previous observations.

“You know…I think your right.” Alice’s face was wary.

“And you seriously just realized that? Angela was right. You’re so oblivious to things like this. She didn’t think we should tell you our suspicions because of the possibility you’re secretly into him and just being a good friend by backing off. I kept trying to convince her though that you wouldn’t waste a second on someone like him.” I didn’t know what to say without being rash. Yes, I would definitely get my opportunity to punch Emmett Cullen. I struggled to find the right words to say.

“Thank you for defending me Alice. I have no interest in that little twit whatsoever but Angela was partly right I guess. I had a bad feeling about him from the beginning. What do we say to Rose?” It was situations like these that contributed to the never-ending list of burdens I’d forever have to carry.

“I’m not sure. We need to tell Angela you don’t like him like that and come up with something to say to Rose.”

Oh don’t bother flattering him. I don’t like him AT ALL. Great, this was EXACTLY what I needed. We walked to our lunch table in silence. Angela, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, and Ben were already seated, laughing at Emmett’s stupidity. I took the seat farthest away from him. Rose looked at Alice and me impatiently. She hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to us. We’d have to do the “girl talk” over our mall date. I concentrated on eating the food in front of me while lunch dragged on with the same pointless conversations. I was relieved when lunch was finally over. Angela and Alice pulled me over as soon as everyone else took off.

“Okay so you don’t like him right?” Angela asked whispering.

“No, I don’t,” I snapped more assertively than I intended. I immediately regretted it. Angela’s face fell shamefully. I followed up quickly.

“So you really think that he’s dating Rose to make me jealous or something?” Angela and Alice exchanged an incredulous glance. Alice gawked at me expectantly.

“Weren’t you paying attention during lunch?” I had no idea what they were going with this.

“I didn’t notice anything in particular. Why?”

Angela began worriedly, “You’ve been zoning out a lot lately Bella…anyways, every time he kissed or flirted with Rose he would look back at you as if he was making sure you saw it. Of course he came up empty each time since you weren’t paying attention.” Thankfully Alice cut her off before she could continue on the subject of my stupor.

“Do you believe us now? We have a really strong feeling that he’s basically using Rose in every way he can get away with.” I shook my head in annoyance.

“If that’s the case then he can just go to-“

“Bella! Relax! He’s not worth it.” Angela put her arm around me in assurance as we began walking to our classes.

“Angela and me think we should tell Rose. What do you think?” That was a horrible idea off the back. I turned to look at both of them.

“We shouldn’t tell her because we can’t be sure that were even right. You know how much she likes him and I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings. We should just observe his behavior and give it time. I think he still likes her somewhat even though he might be using her, so who knows? Maybe he’ll end up liking her even more when he gets to know her and realizes I’m not interested. Eventually he’ll drop his obsession with me. For now we shouldn’t do anything irrational since he hasn’t exactly done anything wrong…yet. Once he acts, then we should let Rose know about our doubts.” Alice and Angela thought about that for a moment. Angela couldn’t help but spark a huge grin.

“You are brilliant Bella, that sounds like the perfect plan.” Alice nodded in consent.

“Leave it to you, to figure this out.” She elbowed me in the ribs playfully.

“Emmett is so insensitive, I don’t see what she sees in him,” I said editing out profanities I should have used. Alice frowned disapprovingly.

“Bella, you don’t know what ANYONE sees in guys.” She chuckled as she put her arm around my other shoulder.

“You need a break from the boy drama,” Alice sighed. Angela eyed her thoughtfully.

“Better yet, she needs a boyfriend.” Oh no, here we go again.

“Ugh please, no more blind dates.” I laughed reluctantly.