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One Love, Two Worlds, Three Words

Bella is single handedly the most popular and beautiful girl in all of Fort Lauderdale High, along with her best friends, Alice, Rosalie, and Angela. Edward is an odd ball out. The mysterious and charming boy isn't your average foster child. The traditional story of “boy meets girl” takes on a new twist, when the most unexpected happens and two people who couldn’t find themselves, find one another. One day, fate will bring them together and change their lives forever. Filled with tragedy, love, family hardships, and humor. Not your average fanfic. ALL HUMAN. OOC/AU -tlm


4. Wake Me When It's Over

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I needed to work on my judgmental critiquing. Bella wasn’t like anything I’d imagined. Her voice wasn’t as nasal nor was she rude as I figured she would be and my lord she was even more beautiful up close. It was hard to look away from the goddess that sat a mere foot away from me. It hurt me to see her in so much pain but there wasn’t much I could do to help. I’d never felt so useless in my life. She was a mess and I could see the hateful edge in her expression. Was she really all right? My instincts told me otherwise.

“Are you sure that’s all,” I asked. She glanced up with a confused expression on her face.

“What do you mean,” she answered unevenly. Yes, something else was definitely bothering her.

“It seems like there’s something else bothering you.

Something…other than what happened at the plaza.” She slyly raised one eyebrow at me. Psh…she must think I’m crazy. ‘Oh he’s a character! Overly observant psychological freak!’

“Sorry, I must sound like a total idiot right now,” I answered shyly. Her eyebrow finally lowered and she seemed to be deliberating about something in her thoughts. I waited quietly for her to say something. She closed her eyes and took several deep breaths before looking at me again.

“Your quite perceptive,” she whispered. I chuckled subtly.

“I guess you could say that. So I’m right then?” She didn’t reply and her eyes hardened, trying to hold back tears unsuccessfully. She dropped her head to hear knees and wrapped her arms tightly around her legs. She began bawling and shaking uncontrollably. Immediately I moved to sit at her side.

“What’s wrong? You can tell me, if not that’s fine but is there anything I can do?” She looked back up at me. To see her face saturated with tears only inches away from mine was twice as difficult to bear. The look in her eyes seemed to question my presence. She kept her head down as she spoke.

“I-I went home…a-and my dad was there w-with…” She paused momentarily before continuing. “W-with a woman, o-on the couch, sh-she was…topless,” she barely whispered.

Each word was dagger stabbing her unmercifully. She began shaking her head and desperately gasping for air. I put my arm around her shoulder. Hopefully this gesture didn’t cross any lines. To my surprise she turned her head into my shoulder and sobbed relentlessly. I rubbed my hand along her shoulder trying to comfort her as much as possible. I wasn’t sure how long it had been till she finally stopped. It was silent for a moment. What a monster was all I could think. How could any father do that to their child.

“I-I’m so sorry,” she croaked, her voice muffles from my shirt.

“For what? There’s nothing you should be sorry for. It wasn’t your fault that happened!” She was struggling to gain control of herself again.

“That’s not I was apologizing for. You’re away from work, wasting gas on following a taxi for miles, and comforting a hopeless teenage girl, you don’t know, with insignificant problems.” She looked up at me with weary eyes. That was the last thing she should be worried about.

“Your problems are no where near insignificant and I’ve come here at my own accord. Don’t be worried about distracting me from my responsibilities,” I answered. She stared at me through her lovely brown eyes awestruck. I couldn’t look away. I’ve never had much experience with talking to girls, so this was definitely new to me. She turned her head back into my shoulder and began sobbing lightly. I comforted her my rubbing her back in between her coughs. I don’t know how long we sat like this but I didn’t mind. It was nice to be in the company of a girl who wasn’t miserably failing at flirting with me. It was also nice to be able to be there for a girl that wasn’t like that in her time of need. I bent down my head subtly. She smelled lovely, like freesia. I closed my eyes letting the scent take over my senses. I opened my eyes, content, for once. It was then that I realized for a whole twenty minutes, I had forgotten about the accident. Remembering it once again stung my heart. All of a sudden she turned to look at me. Her eyes held something…deep. I couldn’t stop staring. I looked back out at the sky. It was getting late and as much as I didn’t want to leave my spot, I slowly stood up never taking my eyes off of her.

“Well, I assume you don’t want to go home right now, but do you need a ride to go elsewhere,” I asked evenly. With any luck, she wouldn’t notice how nervous I really was. I reached out my hand and helped her off the grass. Her skin felt smooth and delicate in my palm.

“Yes, I would really appreciate that, thanks.” She smiled at me as she stood up but suddenly furrowed her brow.

“Oh, man…,” she sighed deeply and slapped her forehead.

“What’s wrong,” I asked promptly.

“I...uh...well…I didn’t get the opportunity to ask your name.” Her face flushed as she turned her body away from me. I laughed freely as I moved to face her.

“Don’t worry about it. My name’s Edward,” I flashed a wide grin and began walking towards my car. I hope she wouldn’t mind riding in the piece of crap.


I didn’t want to leave the position I was in. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to have to fake my emotions and I didn’t want to have to tell stories to my friends. I felt vulnerable here. I didn’t have to pretend and I could just let my feelings out, but all to soon I realized it in fact was getting late. Edward. The name reminded me of the leading man in “the Wedding Date”, a movie I watched with the girls last week, though he looked nothing like him. In fact, I found his looks incomparable. His features were very hard yet elegant and his muscular build didn’t detract from his comforting smile. He was actually kind of…handsome. I mentally slapped myself at the thought. I had other things to be thinking about and that definitely wasn’t one of them. Then again, I think I’d appreciate any kind of distraction at this point. I had no clue what I was planning on doing and I was in no rush to figure it out. He sauntered away from me and I turned to follow him. I hushed my gasp just before he could hear it. I looked over the worn out teal-colored Toyota in the parking lot. I was secretly pleased at its modesty as I got into the passenger’s side. The sweet smell of honey surrounded me, filling my lungs as I inhaled deeply. For the first time, I wouldn’t have to sit on uncomfortable leather-upholstered seats. It was surprisingly comforting. The gray velvet seat covers were soft to the touch. I couldn’t see much of anything else specifically in the dim light. It was getting dark outside. It took me a few seconds to realize Edward was ambivalently watching me assess his ride. I giggled tenderly leaning my head back on the chair.

“I love your car,” I said earnestly. To think I’d enjoy the homey feel of this stranger’s vehicle was unlikely, but true. His expression didn’t change.

“Are you serious?” he asked. I laughed more liberally this time.

“As hard as it may be to believe, I’m not exactly the high maintenance type,” I retorted. He snickered at my sudden defensiveness.

“Okay, Miss Humble, where to?” he replied. I hadn’t considered where I was going yet. I would have to go to Alice’s before they filed a missing person’s report.

“Just head south on Port Everglades Expressway and exit on Orange Groves. I’ll tell you where to go from there.” It wouldn’t be too long of a drive. He started the engine and drove out. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and turned it on. I pressed four on the speed dial and waited. My thoughts lingered back to my big scene of leaving the plaza. They were probably worried out of their minds. The high-pitched voice on the other end of the home brought me back to the present.

“Isabella Marie Swan, where the heck are you?!” Rosalie yelled. She had picked up Alice’s phone. I could hear Angela and Alice’s hysterical voices in the background.

“Guys calm down, I’m on my way to Alice’s right now,” I answered. Rosalie and Angela were fighting over the phone.

“Give-it-t-me,” they argued.

“Ugh, just put me on speaker,” I sighed.

“Fine,” said Angela. Putting me on speaker didn’t help make much progress. All at once the girls were throwing questions at me.

“What happened at the mall?” Alice asked.

“Where did you run off to?” Rosalie asked.

“Who was that guy running after you,” Angela practically shrieked.

“GUYS! STOP!” I almost yelled. I struggled to clam myself before speaking again. The girls remained silent. “I’ll explain every thing later. Bye.” I snapped my phone shut. I covered my face with my hands and exhaled loudly. Suddenly, I heard a soft chuckled coming from my left side. His face showed the expression of a child getting caught eating a cookie from the cookie jar before dinner. I couldn’t help but laugh. He gave me a puzzled look.

“What are you laughing at?,” he asked.

“Nothing,” I stated simply. “What were you laughing at?,” I asked. He stared out ahead of him as his expression fell.

“There all worried I assume?” Edward asked.

“More like frantic,” I muffled into my hands. A brief moment of silence passed.

“It must be nice having friends who care so much about you,” he said. His statement confused me. Was there some kind of implied message in that?

“I-I’m confused, what do you mean? Don’t you have friends?...Wait sorry that came out wrong-I,”

“Don’t worry about it I get what you mean,” he chuckled. “Not really, you’re the first person I’ve really talked to ever since I moved here. Let’s just say I’m not a people person,” he stated. I thought about that for a second, surely someone like him had a girlfriend at least.

“Well, you are dating someone aren’t you?,” I asked. He turned to me and gave me a cute crooked smile. I could see curiosity in his eyes.

“Um, well no actually,” he said. “Why do you assume that?,” he laughed. Crap, I don’t know.

“Oh, I-uh I wasn’t assuming, I was just asking, but yeah you do…or kind of…seem like…nevermind,” I shut up before I could make a fool out of myself any further. I could feel my cheeks burning from embarrassment. I couldn’t even look at him.

“This place is…wow. Talk about living it up. It must have been nice for you growing up surrounded…by this.” I think he sensed I needed a distraction and a change of topic. I looked up to see him admiring the gardens and fountains surrounding the golf course.

“In a sense,” I replied flatly, keeping my eyes forward.

“Well then how would you explain living in heaven?” Edward snickered as he gestured to our surroundings. Hmmm…how would I explain what it was like living in a 7,000 square foot house with only two other people who weren’t even there half the time?

“Of course it has its luxuries…but it holds no other importance to me.” I didn’t want to see his expression.

“What do you mean by that?” he asked baffled. I took in one deep breath and turned to face him. His eyes were focused on the road. I didn’t think and let the words rush out all at once.

“I’m an only child and my mom and dad are all I have other than my best friends. Half the time neither of them is home. I don’t go out to the golf course, or the salon, or the spa, or the mall unless I’m forced too. I try to blend in as much as possible but I obviously don’t do a very great job of that. For reasons you now have a first hand account of, I don’t do anything in the spotlight. People always judge me unfairly. They don’t take the opportunity two think twice about me so I automatically fall under the “slutty snob” category. Materialistically I may have it all, but in reality I have close to nothing.” Throughout my explanation he kept his eyes on the road. It was silent for a minute. I could feel my heart racing in my chest. In his eyes, I could see that ever he was thinking about pained him. I looked out the highway to avoid his gaze. I felt strangely…at ease. I continued speaking as evenly as possible.

“You know I’d kill to go fishing or have a backyard barbeque, but I never get the chance to do those kinds of things with my family because they never make the time. The way I see it, they figure giving me the world on a string covers for the times they haven’t been there in my life.” By the time I had finished speaking I was out of breath. I didn’t realize a tear had escaped. I wiped it away furtively. He finally broke the silence.

“I...was...wrong about you,” he whispered incredulously. It was silent for another minute. My interpretation of his exchange was, he admitted that the typical personification people make of me was his first impression of me as well. Figures… I could feel my watery eyes burning. ‘Great, now all I had to do was make that same speech in front of the whole school so people would lay off!’

“Look, I’m sorry I’m letting loose on you.” I shut my eyes and leaned my head back over the seat. Was it wrong for me to confide in a guy I had just met? How was I able to tell my true life’s story to him but not my best friends? I’d been keeping that bottled up for the longest time and I’d never felt more willing to express it before. It felt good to finally let it out.

“It’s fine. I’m willing to listen if you need me to, because apparently before you met me, you haven’t been able to express your feelings to anyone else.” His attention was still on the high way. ‘W-wha-WHAT? I didn’t remember saying that out loud. Marvelous! I’m going insane!’ It was as if he saw right past my ridiculous excuse of a defensive wall. Then again, I did put down that wall for him. It was quite remarkable. I continued sitting dumbfounded. So there, a stranger knew a side of me that no one but myself did. I couldn’t muse a reply. I was too dazed. His laughing snapped me out of my thoughts. He was smiling widely at me and still laughing as he tried to explain. The sound was very pleasant.

“O-oh-okay. Haha. I should probably be the one to apologize,” he said. Why? I couldn’t think of what he should be apologizing for.

“You see. I have a subconscious tendency to deliberate the reasons behind one’s actions, even the small things. I do it so much, that I’ve actually gotten somewhat good at it, because it seems my assumption was correct.” He raised his eyebrow questioningly at me. I let out a rough gust of air. “Hmm I guess you could call me a mind reader,” he pointed out jokingly.

“Yeah you’re right,” I said. He smiled in satisfaction. “It appears we have one thing in common. I do it frequently as well. I get it from my mother.” A few moments of silenced past by.

“If you don’t mind me asking, where is your mother right now?” he asked. My chest tightened at the thought of her.

“She’s on a business trip,” I replied indifferently. It hurt to think about her. I

“What does she do for a living?” he asked. I might as well tell him. It wasn’t like he was gonna give me the OMG NO WAY! speech.

“She’s the chief editor of Glamour magazine.” His eyebrows rose and a smile broke through his stressed features.

“Wow…” That was all he could say thankfully. “And what about your father?”

“He co-manages “Island Records.” He probably has never even heard of it. All people listen to now a day is rap and pop, but he seemed pleased as his eyes met mine.

“Your kidding right?” he chuckled. I continued looking at him bemused. “I assume all you have to do is ask and you get front row seats to concerts, albums before release, and VIP backstage passes.” I couldn’t help but smile at the thought. He was right…again.

“It’s a plus I gladly take advantage of,” I smiled widely. He cocked his head to the side.

“You actually listen to music by Island Records?” he asked. Was he mocking me?

“Actually, I do. I prefer 80’s music over the stupid garbage people listen to now any day, no offense.” I answered teasingly. I looked away but from the corner of my eye I could see that he seemed pleased. Odd, wasn’t he just insulting my taste?

“Hmmm…this would be a first,” he answered thoughtfully. A smirk lingered on his lips as he smoothly moved his hand to the radio. A soft click murmured and then the lively tune of Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi filled the car. I couldn’t help but smile involuntarily.

“Now that’s what you call music,” I mumbled. I leaned my head back once again and let the song and the rumble of the car relax me. Minutes passed before it changed to another song I was overly familiar with. The song made me think of where exactly home was for me. My chest tightened at the thought as I droned out the music and tried to focus on something else.

“Hey, where to from here?,” he asked.

“Turn on the corner,” I pointed. The rest of the car ride was silent but not the uncomfortable kind of silence. He seemed at ease. His mood seemed to rub off of me, weird. I didn’t mind though, welcoming the peace.

He hummed along with the jazz rhythm. His voice was deep and pleasant to listen to. I could feel my insides swaying at the sound.

Next thing I knew, Edward was calling my name and softly shaking my arm. I opened my eyes. My vision was blurry and it took a second for me to grasp my surroundings. CRAP I FEEL ASLEEP! I sat up quickly bumping my head into his.

“Ow! Sorry! I didn’t mean to fall asleep.” I said. He offered me his hand and helped me out of the car.

“It’s fine don’t worry about it he replied,” rubbing his forehead and laughing. “You looked really tired I almost didn’t wake you up,” he said smiling. “You should get some rest.” He stood there awkwardly staring at me. I wondered what he saw in my expression.

“I owe you one,” I laughed. “Thanks for..well earlier ya know,” I said shyly.

“No problem, it was my pleasure,” he replied. “Will I be seeing you tomorrow?” I smiled at the thought, his company was nice to have and I’ve never had guy friends that weren’t trying to hit on me constantly. I needed the distraction from today’s events as well.

“Yes you will. Well I guess I’ll see you then. Goodnight,” I said as he motioned to get back in his car.

“Night!,” he called.

“Wait!.” He paused for a second before looking back at me. “I’d prefer that today’s events be kept between you and me please.” He nodded in back in agreement. I watched as he drove out of the driveway and down the road. Today was interesting. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. It was weird, new, and annoying in some ways, but bad in most. I was about ready to crash the second I hit a pillow. I made my way towards the door but before I could reach the doorbell the door burst open and I was attacked by three ravenous ladies. Oh boy…