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Cheating Death

Post-Eclipse (ignoring breaking dawn) Bella died 75 years ago on hers and Edwards wedding day. Now what happens when Alice and Jasper meet someone who just happens to be Bella? Did she really die or can true love bring people back from the dead? Rated T for Character death and depression Cheating Death Banner ~Check out the sequal Fighting for love!


1. Diagnosed

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Okay, I tripped and hit my head, story of my life. Edward being the overreacting, loving, and caring person that he is has overreacted. So, here I am getting ready to have Carlisle scan my head all because of my dumb clumsiness.

"Ready, Bella?" Carlisle asked as he finished setting up the machine.

"Sure why not?" I sarcastically asked and threw a glance at Edward to remind him that it's his fault I have to be here. I would have been just fine with ice only but, no he has to take me to the hospital. Edward chuckled as he stood by the machine almost like he was standing guard from something.

The machine made a few noises as I went inside. God I hate these. It's closed in and what if something breaks while I'm inside? Huh? What happens then is I stuck or something?

After what felt like a million hours (okay maybe I'm exaggerating) Edward asked in a much panicked voice "Carlisle what do you mean that is not right?"

WHAT? Something is wrong with my head? Is that the reason Edward can't hear any of my thoughts? What if the something wrong is fatal and kills me before I can be turned. Oh no!

"Well than zoom in on it then!" Edward freaked out at Carlisle, causing me to begin to freak out.

"Edward you need to calm down now. You are causing Bella distress. We are going to get Bella out then we will all talk." Carlisle said trying to calm both of us down. Now would be a really good time to have Jasper with us so he could calm everyone down.

"Okay can we pull me out now? It's not very comfortable in here." I asked and informed them. I really don't like being in here. It's a really small space and it's making me very claustrophobic. A button was pressed and I came out. I sat up immediately causing me to get slightly light headed. It didn't seem to bother me one little bit I have more important things to worry about. "Carlisle what's wrong with me?" I asked is a surprisingly steady voice.

"You see," he began pointing to a scan of my brain as he explained. "Right here there is a well, um, a tumor. It's most likely causing your balance issues. A fairly simple procedure should remove it. The alternative is to have Edward or I turn you." Carlisle very carefully explained. Edward was freaking out silently or went into vampire shock as his arm became noticeable.

I was completely unfocused on everything else he said. I was focused on one thing... the brain tumor not just anyone's brain tumor my brain tumor. Oh god! What am I going to tell Charlie, Renee, my friends, and Jacob.


No one has seen or heard from him in about a month. The pack is still able to hear his thoughts and sometimes Seth tells me what he hears. It's been less and less lately though. With Leah (who hates me, what is it with immortals and hating me?) home more it is harder for him to talk on the phone to me, Vampire Girl. I still feel bad I mean I broke his heart. Now I am going to die either to become a vampire as a dead human and he is not even going to know.

I'm going to have Edward turn me. Surgery is too risky in my opinion. "I want to use the surgery as my death cover but, I want to really have Edward turn me. I need to tell Charlie about the surgery and the tumor before anything can happen." I told them in a fairly unsteady voice filled with fear that was not hid well. My fear was not of being turned or leaving everyone but, of dying before anyone can help.

"I'll leave you two to make the decisions. Just let me know when to schedule your surgery. I'll see you at the wedding tomorrow Bella. I'll see you later Edward." Carlisle said and excused himself as his pager/beeper thing went off.

I felt the tears that I had been fighting back began to fall down my face. "Edward I'm really scared." I practically whispered. He pulled me closer to him in a tight embrace allowing me to stain his shirt (he didn't seem to care). He kissed the top of my head as just kept crying.

"Everything is going to be fine. I promise you that." Edward tried to reassure me. He began to rub circles on my back in an attempt to soothe me. His attempts didn't work.

What if I die before I get the opportunity to be turned? Will Edward go running off to Italy? Would the Volturi kill him this time? If they said no to him would he anger them in return for death? Could Alice or anyone stop him and save him from himself? Will he try to live or will he be like I was when he left? If I convince him to try will he really listen to me or do everything I feared he would do?

I pushed the thought back in my mind and focused on more important things. Our wedding is tomorrow. We have to tell Charlie, Renee, everyone all before the wedding. "We'll still get married tomorrow right?" I asked in a voice that made me feel very little.

"Yes of course Bella. We will do whatever you want to do." He told me.

"I want to get married tomorrow." I said in a stronger voice than the last time I spoke.

"Okay. Go get dressed and I will take you home."

I hoped off the table and went to go get dressed. After getting dressed I met Edward at his Volvo. We rode home in silence with his arm around me the whole time. My mind wondered the whole ride thinking about everything; the wedding, becoming a vampire, family, etc.

We arrived at my house in a matter of mere minutes. I saw Charlie's cruiser in the driveway. Great now I get to give him a heart attack. He's not that much younger than Harry Clearwater was when he had his heart attack (Harry not Charlie).

I quickly tried to make it unobvious I had been crying. My attempts were not entirely successful. "You're coming in, right?" I asked nervously as I exited the car carefully. I really didn't want to trip and end up back in the hospital. Twice in one day is not a good thing.

"Yes of course Bella. I am never going to willingly leave your side again." He vowed and kissed me.

We walked up the drive and into the house hand in hand. I opened the door to find Charlie watching some type of sporting event. He was the only one here, no Billy, no friends, just him.

"Hey kids," he started but stopped as he looked at me "Bella what's wrong?" He finished worriedly. I must still look like I was crying earlier.

"Ch-Dad, earlier today I tripped and hit my head. Edward made me go make sure I didn't have a concussion. When Carlisle did the scan he found a tumor in my brain." I told him and started crying into Edward's chest. I knew I was breaking Charlie's heart and was about to break it even more. I could tell his face dropped a million miles because of my news. Charlie's face went so pale that it almost made Edward look tan, and that is saying something.

After about two minutes Charlie forced out of his mouth "Err-... um... how does the t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tumor get removed?" He questioned still at a loss for words.

"Carlisle says surgery would be best and he would perform the surgery if I want him to. If I don't have the tumor removed I could only have a few months left. He's going to do the surgery ten days from tomorrow. Edward and I discussed it. We still want to be married tomorrow." I informed him and managed to stop crying for a few minutes.

"Okay, I'll support whatever you do Bella, even if it is marrying Edward. No offense, I didn't want you to get married so young." Charlie slightly rambled.

"Renee is coming up the drive." Edward very quietly (so Charlie couldn't hear) whispered in my ear. Crap. I have to tell Renee. This is going to kill her even more than its killing Charlie.

Almost on cue the doorbell rang. I went to answer the door with Edward right behind me. I answered the door to find my mother at the door at no surprise to me.

"Mom!" I said excitedly and hugged her. Renee gives the best hugs and it's just what I needed right now. A nagging thought told me this was probably one of the last times I was going to see her. The last one would most likely be at the wedding reception tomorrow night.

"Hi baby! Why the long faces everyone?" Renee asked cheerfully. Little did she know her world was about to turn upside down. Her little girl has a brain tumor.

"Okay, Mom. I have an um, brain tumor. To remove it I need a surgery and Edward's dad, Carlisle is going to remove it." I explained. Renee began to cry hysterically and hug me again.I can almost guarantee this won't end well.

I'm just going to break a whole bunch of hearts.