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Cheating Death

Post-Eclipse (ignoring breaking dawn) Bella died 75 years ago on hers and Edwards wedding day. Now what happens when Alice and Jasper meet someone who just happens to be Bella? Did she really die or can true love bring people back from the dead? Rated T for Character death and depression Cheating Death Banner ~Check out the sequal Fighting for love!


3. Alone

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Edward's Point of View, Somewhere on planet Earth (the location is unknown to everyone but me, Edward, and Alice)

Exactly 75 years, 31 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes, and 21 seconds ago I lost my Bella. She was everything; my sun, my air, my reason to live, now she is gone. If only I had turned her earlier she would be here right now. We would be here in our meadow. Instead it's just me here and she is in heaven. The only reason I am alive (as alive as I can be, I am technically dead) is because I made her one last promise and I won't break her dying wish. I have considered going to Italy so I could die and join Bella millions of times. The farthest I have gotten is France, before turning around and going somewhere away from there.

One of the worst was when I had to go to our honeymoon location to get her stuff. We were going to go to Isle Esme. I had everything already there, including our luggage. It was awful to go get all of the stuff packed that smelled of her and everything. That caused me to start to go to Italy the first time.

It was even worse at her funeral. I could not stand to see her like that, all hard, cold, pale, and dead. It had really hit me then that she was dead. I was already depressed beyond belief before but, it was then the things I loved the most about her I was reminded of. Her laugh, her smile, her blush, watching her trip and catching her every single time, hearing her heart beat, her ability to be so forgiving, hearing her mumble my name in her sleep, watching her sleep, and kissing her. I missed everything but those are the things I miss the most.

Bella was my reason to hunt; now I see no reason other than to keep my promise to her to keep myself alive. I tend to let myself go to long without hunting. My hunting habits are not like they were the first year without her.

The first year was the hardest without her. I spent the days and nights basically curled up into a ball on the bed Bella had slept on. They couldn't get me to leave my room except for when it was really necessary which was only about ten times during the whole year.

Ten years after Bella's death on the exact day I left them. It got to be too much, the sympathy, the thoughts of her, and I was killing Jasper with my emotions.

On August thirteenth every year they had walked on egg shells around me. Usually I was left alone at the house for a few hours while they went hunting. I decided to take advantage and do the thing I had been considering for a few days. I barely took anything with me. I took a few changes of clothes, pictures of Bella, my phone, my wallet, my iPod and my car. Alice had seen me leaving and chased me in her Porsche for a while before she realized there was no stopping me and she turned around. I have not seen her or any of them since that day.

Periodically (by periodically I mean very frequently) I receive calls or texts from different members of my family usually Alice or Esme. They spend a great deal amount of time begging me to come home. I keep telling them no. Maybe someday I will be able to go back but not yet. Maybe in twenty or fifty years then I will go back.

At the current little bit in time everyone is separated and living in different places. Emmett and Rosalie have been traveling the world a lot and are currently in Northern Africa by the Mediterranean Sea. I did accidently ran into them when I was aimlessly wandering the Earth. I stayed with them for a few days after that then; I left again and avoided Northern Africa. Carlisle and Esme are in Oregon. Esme is now a nurse and Carlisle specializes in brain tumors.

Alice and Jasper are living in Maine. Jasper has nearly perfected his self control. They keep going to high school like they did before. I don't exactly know why but it doesn't bug me. Alice has tried many times to get me to come see them or just stop traveling alone and it's not worked. They were the first to leave after me. Apparently once I left the emotions got even worse and began to practically kill Jasper so, Alice decided to make them leave.

I continued to lie in the same spot until my phone went off half an hour later. I opened it ready to see who in my family is asking me to come home now but found a text message from an anonymous number. The message read:

We never got our dance. I'm still here, come meet me at Twilight.

I looked again for a number I could contact the person at and found nothing to identify who had sent me the eerie message. Very odd. The only person who I never got to really dance with (or wanted to for that matter) was my Bella. Bella would send something like that. I wonder if... maybe... no it couldn't have. Unless... there was that one time... and it was all for love that brought someone back... no... of course the odds are against us always. Is there any chance she's alive? There was one time exactly like this for Peter and Charlotte. It's possible. Wouldn't Bella have contacted me by now? Unless, she worried I didn't want her.

I have no idea as to why I have this feeling in my mind and heart that tells me she's alive. If she is alive I will have a reason to live again. I can feel it she is alive. She has to be. There'd be no reason for me to be here if there was zero possibility of a life with her. Then again, what if I am just doing wishful thinking? Edward you need to stop this, it's the reason that no one could stand to be around you. You get too hopeful and then when reality hits your world is shattered again.

Seventy-five years without Bella is seventy-five years to long.