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Cheating Death

Post-Eclipse (ignoring breaking dawn) Bella died 75 years ago on hers and Edwards wedding day. Now what happens when Alice and Jasper meet someone who just happens to be Bella? Did she really die or can true love bring people back from the dead? Rated T for Character death and depression Cheating Death Banner ~Check out the sequal Fighting for love!


5. Alive

Rating 2.5/5   Word Count 577   Review this Chapter

Edward's Point of View, Alice's kitchen:

The vase that was in her hands fell to the floor and shattered into a million tiny pieces. She quietly whispered "Oh my god," and ran towards me with her arms open. I engulfed her into my arms and began kissing her everywhere. She began kissing me back. "Bella." I breathed in between kisses.

After a few minutes we broke apart but I continued to hold her in my arms. It was obvious that if either of us could be crying that we would have tears streaming in constant flow down our faces. "How?" I gratefully asked her, still unable to get out complete sentences in the shock of her being here.

"Love. It was our love that brought me back. You loved me enough and I loved you enough to the point where I was brought back from the dead." Bella explained to me.

"Bella you're here. Words can't even describe how I feel right now. You're here and that's all I care about. I love you Isabella Cullen." I told her and I just wanted to keep saying what I just said over and over again.

"I love you. Edward I've dreamed of this moment for seventy years. Here you are standing in front of me. I love you Edward Cullen." She told me and I kissed her again. We stood like that until we heard Alice clap and attempting to be quiet say "Yay!"

That action alone caused us to break apart and give Alice a death glare. She suddenly shut up. We started laughing at her. Ah, how I had missed her musical laugh.

Remembering the text message I began to talk "Mrs. Cullen I believe we have a dance to finish. Would you do me the honor of finishing said dance?" I used my dialect from when I was growing up.

"Why, Mr. Cullen I believe we do need to finish a dance." Bella decided to play along and use the same dialect as me. Almost as if on cue Alice pressed play and Clair de Lune (the same song as at our wedding) began to fill the room.

Bella and I grabbed hands and began to dance around the living room and kitchen. One of the things that definitely have improved is her sense of balance. Every time I dipped her we kissed. We continued to dance even after the music stopped. We danced until everyone came in and Emmett asked "Wait, I'm confused didn't Bella die seventy years ago?" then we stopped. We heard Rosalie very loudly smack Emmett instead of telling him to shut up.

Esme was the first one to hug to hug Bella. Bella was whisked out of my arms but my grip remained on her hand. Everyone kept asking how and Bella explained it repeated several times which made me love her more since she was so willing to tell everything that happened over and over again.

After a few minutes I got Bella back in my arms and refused to let her go. Bella also refused to move for the one second my grip slightly loosened on her she pulled my arms tighter. We kept whispering back and forth "I love you," and kissing. It was one of those moments in time where you wish nothing else would happen because you are just so content.

Finally everything was perfect and the way it should be.