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Cheating Death

Post-Eclipse (ignoring breaking dawn) Bella died 75 years ago on hers and Edwards wedding day. Now what happens when Alice and Jasper meet someone who just happens to be Bella? Did she really die or can true love bring people back from the dead? Rated T for Character death and depression Cheating Death Banner ~Check out the sequal Fighting for love!


6. New School

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Seventy-five years ago I died. I didn't become a vampire until five years later. I know that sounds impossible and I have some explaining to do. Well, Edward and I have (or had) a love so strong that it brought me back from the dead. So I spent five years six feet under the ground and then one day I woke up in the coffin with my wedding dress on which surprised me. I also woke up as a vampire.

After that day I began to search the world for Edward or any Cullen. First I checked the meadow, then all of Forks, then all of Washington and Alaska, after searching Chicago I began to think maybe I would never find him. I also remembered they move around a lot and eventually I would have to run into them. I still continued to search though never staying in the same place for more than a year.

When I woke up I was greeted by a woman dressed like a gypsy, only she wasn't a human or a vampire because she had lavender eyes. She had told me in an ominous voice "You loved your husband enough and he loved you enough to bring you back from the dead. You are now a vampire, go find Edward." After that before I could say anything she was gone. I had called out to her "Thank you!" I don't know if she had heard me or not. However, I was very sure of one thing; she had brought me back the dead.

Running towards the forest I had hunted, my first kill was a deer. A lost hiker had stumbled onto my path luckily while I wasn't eating a deer. There was no urge to kill the hiker if anything he smelled bad. Just to be prepared I continued to hunt.

After a few kills (animal not human) I went to Charlie's house and climbed in through the window to my old room. Edward and I had prepared an emergency box for me (money, clothes, etc.). After taking the box I began to run. Running for the first time as a vampire is exhilarating. It's like nothing I've ever felt before; I went faster than I had with Edward. That made me suddenly start to dry sob hysterically.


Had he listened to me and not gone to Italy? Where was he? Was he with someone? Does he still love me? Is he even alive? Once I knew I was away from Forks I screamed out as loud as I could (which was louder but not loud enough) "EDWARD!"

I waited there for half an hour when I heard a motorcycle come towards me. Edward? It couldn't be. Edward drives a silver Volvo. At least he did.

"Bella is that you?" My favorite mechanic asked me. Jacob. I hadn't seen him since the day after the battle. Immediately I hugged him.

"Jake. Do you know where he is?" I had asked him. Hoping that the wolves had some idea as to where the Cullen's had gone to.

"No. I'm sorry Bells. How is it your still alive and a vampire? I saw you die with my own eyes?" He had asked confused. He was at the wedding! That was so sweet.

"Love, it was love that brought me back from the dead. Edward's and my love was so strong and so true that it brought me back from the dead. Now I can't find him." I had complained to Jacob.

After that he caught me up on everything. He had imprinted her name was Nessie. He met her in at the grocery store. We spent the day talking just like old friends. Later on we hugged and I continued on my way never to see Jake again. We did continue to keep in contact until about two and a half years ago when he died. I went to his funeral in disguise of course but I still went.

Now I just moved to Mount. Washington, New Hampshire. Today I am going to be starting school as a junior. This town is semi-small, bigger than Forks but, smaller than Phoenix.

The morning was dreadfully slow. I had to do the classic introduce yourself in front of the whole class. This time I pretended to be from New York City. Every time I start a new school I pretend to be from somewhere different. It's never the place I just lived and I don't usually say Forks. Usually I end up saying Chicago. I don't know why I just do.

Entering the lunchroom I sat down and began to read a book. Suddenly, I was hit by the smell of two other vampires. The scent was oddly familiar, I just couldn't place it. Sitting there and trying to place the smell in my brain. Not hearing the person comes up behind me and then she tapped me on my shoulder and asked "Bella?"