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Cheating Death

Post-Eclipse (ignoring breaking dawn) Bella died 75 years ago on hers and Edwards wedding day. Now what happens when Alice and Jasper meet someone who just happens to be Bella? Did she really die or can true love bring people back from the dead? Rated T for Character death and depression Cheating Death Banner ~Check out the sequal Fighting for love!


7. Bella Barbie

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Bella's Point of View:

"How are you alive? We saw you die. Don't get me wrong I'm happy to see you but, I am very confused." Alice asked after she finished hugging me.

"I promise to explain later when there aren't humans around. Is he here?" I asked excitedly looking around for Edward. He should be here he promised me he would try to live.

"Uh, well no. He is not here." Jasper said speaking for the first time.

It hit me suddenly then. "He can't be! He promised, he promised. It was one of the last things he said to me. He promised. He promised, he promised. He promised! He promised me! Why would he do that?" I began freaking out. It was my dying wish for him to try to live. Why didn't they stop him? Why did the Volturi grant his request? Aro had said that he would not kill him because he had too much potential as a mind reader.

"Bella calm down. He is alive, in a massive depression but alive. We don't exactly know where he is at the moment he went his separate way on this exact day sixty-five years ago." Alice explained and Jasper sent a calming wave towards me. Instantly I calmed down.

"Oh, okay. That's good, not great but good. He's alive." I said relieved at least he is alive.

"Bella, what do you say we skip the rest of the day and go to our house?" Alice asked me. I knew there was no way to say no so I said "Sure. Just give me your address and I will drive over there right now."

"No I'll drive you in your car. Jazz can take mine hunting he needs to go anyways." Alice said and pointed to his eyes. Boy, was she right, Jasper's eyes were pitch black.

"Go ahead and go Jasper. I just went and you haven't been in a while." Alice said more quietly in his ear and kissed him.

"Okay I'll go. Just don't do anything interesting without me please." He requested and kissed her back.

Getting all my stuff from my locker I met Alice out in front of the school. I led the way to my car, a silver Volvo. I got the same version as Edward's only I just got parts of the car (the engine, gas tank, etc.) updated to the most advanced way to work possible.

Once we were in the car the questions began to flow quickly from Alice's mouth (before I could answer she asked another question).

"How are you alive? Are you going to get back with Edward? Have you tried to contact Edward? Why don't you listen to any of the fashion rules I taught you? You are going to be staying, right? Can we play...?" Alice started and then I cut her off.

"Okay first off, NO BELLA BARBIE! Apparently Edward's and my love was so strong that it brought me back from the dead. No Bella Barbie! I will be staying if Edward wants me to. I've been too busy trying to find you, Edward or someone from your family for the whole seventy years I've been a vampire. After five years of being dead I woke up as a vampire. I sent Edward a text earlier this morning. About getting back with Edward, I don't know. I will if he still wants me. Do you know if he still wants me or if he has moved on?" I explained to her and asked my question about Edward.

"Bella he hasn't moved on and of course he still wants you. Okay we're here." She said tossing me my keys and getting out of the car. The house was a replica of the one in Forks. Something told me Esme had made this house exactly like the other one on purpose.

Alice led me into the house and gave me a quick tour. After that we sat down on the couch and began talking.

"Okay. Can I please just do one Bella Barbie? Please?" She asked making the ‘e' really long.

Why not? What's the worst she can do? Dye my hair blond? She wouldn't. It will be okay.


After that Alice made me go upstairs (I could have sworn I heard her call a few people but I must be imagining things) and do the basics (shower, etc.) she began work on my hair. She didn't do much other than enhance my natural curls. For make-up she went very natural, just a brownish goldish eye shadow was but on along with blush and a natural lipstick.

My outfit was a different matter entirely. Alice spent at least half an hour making me try on different pieces and show her. Eventually she decided on a brown slightly shorter than to my knee flowing skirt with a red lacy tank with a brown cropped sleeve jacket overtop and red pumps. It was almost like something I would wear except for the shoes.

"Bella, would you go into the kitchen and get some more water for this vase?" Alice asked me. I detected a hint of a plan in her voice but decided to go along with it.

"Sure Alice." I took the vase and went into the kitchen. I heard Alice talking to someone and assumed Jasper was back. She did say "Could you go get something off the kitchen counter for me?" The response was "Yes." The yes was very quiet almost like I wasn't supposed to hear her talking.

Then, it happened. I turned around to see him standing there. All we could do was stand there like two idiots. It didn't matter though, Edward my Edward was here and alive. I dropped the vase in my hands fell to the floor and broke into millions of crystal clear sharp edged pieces (Alice is not going to be happy with me for that).

"Oh my god" I quietly whispered and ran toward him with my arms open. The second I reached his arms he engulfed me into a hug and I pulled him closer and closer to me. He began to kiss me everywhere and I began to kiss back. "Bella," he breathed in between kisses.

Finally, my life was perfect.