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The Cullens plus a Wii

This is my version of what happens when the Cullens play with their Wii... :D


1. Chapter 1

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Emmett laughed loudly, while Rosalie swore under her breath. They were playing tennis on the Wii. Emmett had just scored 30 points, and Rose was falling behind. She swung her racket powerfully-so powerfully it broke the white plastic handle off.

"Rose!" Emmett complained. "That's the seventeenth one you've broken this week!"

Rosalie glared at him soundlessly.

"My turn!" Alice quickly jumped up from where she'd been watching on the couch, pulling Jasper with her. She glanced meaningfully at Rosalie. "Don't do it, Rose. It won't end well..."

"What??" Emmett asked, a gleam of fearful panic in his eyes. He looked back and forth between Rose and Alice. "What was she gonna do? What are you gonna do, Rose??"

Rosalie tossed her long, golden hair over her shoulder. "How badly?" she asked Alice, one hand on her hip.

Alice sighed. "Badly enough. Now, Jasper and I want to play the American Idol game."

Jasper groaned. "Alice..." he began.

She turned to glare at him. "You'll play it."

Emmett chuckled. "Have fun singing, Jasper." He waggled his eyebrows.

Alice turned to her brother. "Oh, he will," she said in the voice that even Emmett wouldn't challenge. "Now, hand over the remotes."

Rosalie turned to face Emmett again. "We will finish this later." She slammed her remote into Alice's waiting hand as she stalked off. Emmett sighed, then handed Jasper his remote, grinning pointedly. Jasper, looking terrified, sent waves of assistance and facilitation to Emmett.

"Help me," he mouthed. Emmett shook his head, grinning hugely. Alice put the disc into the Wii, muttering to herself.

"He can face an army of newborns, sure, no problem, but a video game scares him silly." She rolled her eyes, and started the game.

An hour later, Alice jumped up and down excitedly. "Yay! I won!!" she squealed.

"Again," Jasper commented wearily from the floor. Alice looked down at him, a slight pout on her face.

"You're no fun. You didn't even try to play."

Bella and Edward came through the door then, followed by Renesmee.

"Hey, guys," Edward said. "Heard some interesting thoughts...hmmm...maybe you should ask her, Alice. Bella would probably make a better partner than Jasper."

Bella looked at Edward. "What are you volunteering me for now?" He wrapped an arm around her waist reassuringly. Jasper threw a grateful look Edward's way. Alice's eyes shone with anticipation.

"Bella, would you like to play?" she asked eagerly. Bella bit her lip, and glanced back up at Edward. He nodded encouragingly. She sighed, and nodded reluctantly. Alice clapped her hands, squealing in delight. Nessie bounded to her aunt, putting her hand on Alice's cheek.

"Can she play, too?" Alice asked Bella.

"If you guys can find the third remote," Bella replied. "I think Rose might have broken it, though," she added hopefullly. Alice closed her eyes for a moment, then flew to one of the couches. She came back almost immediately, holding a remote high in the air.

"Found it!" she exclaimed happily. Bella sighed resignedly. Jasper pushed himself off the floor.

"Well, have fun, guys." He gave his remote to Renesmee, ruffling her hair as he escaped the room. Edward moved to follow his brother.

"Edward. Get back in here. Now," Bella said, using what Jacob referred to as her 'mommy voice'.