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My Utopia

a very cute poam about how Bella is laying in her bed with edward's arms around her........ My Utopia by awsomealice94

uh, disclaimer I suppose (even though I mention no names, we all know this is about Bella and Edward) I own Natta-nothing-Zippo-zilch.

1. Chapter 1

Rating 5/5   Word Count 111   Review this Chapter

My utopia

Would be in only one place-In his arms

There it feels safe

And I feel loved His arms hold me in a firm

And protecting grip

And I know

That nothing and no one can break it

It would be like that with our hearts too, I suppose

Nothing and no one can break

The love and connection between him and me

It feels comforting

Knowing that I love him and he loves me

And that nothing can hurt me or him

As I lay there-in my utopia

I think of all these things

As he sings my lullaby

And the thoughts that swarm around me

And the sweet music too

Wrap me up in its arms

It carries me away to a sweet slumber

Here in my utopia