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When Bella finds Edward cheating, he leaves. Victoria finds her and transforms Bella. 90 years later, Bella sees the Cullens again. What will happen? BTW, I have a new contest, the first 7 to review get to create their own character to put in the story . . . I even have blank lines ready to fill names in with already . . .

DISCLAIMER: Stephanie Meyer owns all of the story except the plot, and the 2 characters, Kyle Mason and Michelle Carybonara.

1. Chapter 1 -> "C" is for Cheater

Rating 3.4/5   Word Count 504   Review this Chapter

I spent the whole day smothering myself with images of Edward. Man, I've really got to get a life. Just because Edward's been going on hunting trips more and more frequently doesn't mean I can't have some fun once in a while! Right? Oh, whatever. Maybe after school I'll stop by the Cullen residence. Hopefully Alice stayed home to watch over the house (or replace Edward's old t-shirts with Calvin Klein dress shirts).

"Hey, Bella.", Mike Newton said, trying unsuccessfully to sound casual.

"Where's Edward? Away again? That would be the ninth time in two weeks.", this time Mike sounded a little too eager.

Yah, family vacation. But who's counting? And sorry, I'd love to see you after school, but I have to study for finals.", I concluded, taking the words straight out of his mouth.

He looked glum. I would have normally tried to cheer him up a little, but the bell was supposed to ring any time now, and I was hoping to stop by and see Alice at her house. I'd be willing to bet that she could appease my longing for Edward's company.

A short drive later . . .

Upon my arrival, I noticed something strange. Carlisle and Esme were talking in the living room, and Alice was chatting away at Emmett and Rosalie, clearly something about the dress she was holding. I was going to get to the bottom of this. Why weren't they hunting? Plus, I didn't see Edward anywhere.

I walked up to the door, and all of them froze, with the exception of Alice, who twitched. I approached Carlisle.

"Where's Edward", I asked. My question was answered when I heard a loud groan upstairs.

"What's that?!?", I questioned, a million possibilities running wild through my head. I narrowed them down to three:

1) He's wrestling. But I seriously doubt it.

2) He's finally lost his marbles, and is going mad.

3) He's cheating on me.

As soon as #3 popped into my head, I immediately ran up the stairs to his room, desperate that he was just crazy, not a no-good, lying, cheater. I burst through the door.

Edward was lying topless on the bed he bought for ME with a blond vampire, straddling him, nude. He was staring at me, shocked.

Tears started to form in my eyes. I tried to blink them away.

"Bella,", he said, choosing his words carefully. "This is Michelle Carybonara. She's one of my . . . special friends."

"J-Just f-forget about it", I struggled to say as I ran away. "Move away. I don't care. Have fu with your blond . . . blonde . . . girlfriend.", I stammered, still in shock.

I ran away to Edward's meadow. He didn't follow me.

How could he? I loved, and was going to marry him! At least now I know why kept going "hunting". Sure, hunting for bimbos like her.

"I'm never going to move out of this spot again!", I shouted.

"Ever why not? Because that would be a terrible pity.", a familiar voice behind me spoke.


"Oh, crap", I said.