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When Bella finds Edward cheating, he leaves. Victoria finds her and transforms Bella. 90 years later, Bella sees the Cullens again. What will happen? BTW, I have a new contest, the first 7 to review get to create their own character to put in the story . . . I even have blank lines ready to fill names in with already . . .

DISCLAIMER: Stephanie Meyer owns all of the story except the plot, and the 2 characters, Kyle Mason and Michelle Carybonara.

2. Chapter 2 -> Venom

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"Kill me. Edward doesn't love me anymore.", I weeped, out of control.

"I've got a better idea, although that's tempting.", Victoria said, leaning towards me.

I screamed as she bit down. Then she left.

"Where are you going?", I was barely able to squeak out.

Victoria spoke,"See you!", she finished as she pranced into the forest at an amazing speed.

The pain was excruciating. It caused me to black out, and the last thing I remembered was tears pouring out of my eyes.

I woke up a few days later, and went straight to Charlie's on the faint memory of the way home. I heard him from outside, talking on the phone.

"Yes, I'm sure Edward took her. Uh-huh. Ya. All the Cullens moved, on the same day of her disappearance. Dammit! I'm the police chief! And the Cullens took her! I know it! Yep, that's Edward Cullen, Hmmm, C-U-L-L-E-N. Okay. Call me with any information. Bye." He hung up the phone.

I wasn't sure what to do. See Charlie and confess my new species, or leave for good?

I chose the least damaging. I left Charlie a note telling him that I was okay, and that I left for completely unrelated reasons than the Cullens. I told him I loved him and to tell Renee that I loved her, too. Then, I left. I planned on going to Santa Monica, Los Angeles and sweet talking my way into an apartment. After all, I was a beautiful vampire now. The one thing that confused me was my lack of thirst. I only wanted some fruit. I snuck one last time into my old home, and ate an apple and some grapes. I chuckled to myself. Ha, I was a fruit vampire, just like Dracula's bat form frank blood, my bat form would probably be a fruit bat. As I passed by the mirror, I noticed myself for the first time. I had high cheekbones, pale skin, and dark, fuller, hair. My lashes were thick and curved, but my eyes were bright, clear, and looked like a caribbean ocean, or sparkling sapphires. Probably because I craved fruit, not blood.

Man, Edward would be jel-ous. Edward. My sides hurt. My head spun. "Huh.", I sighed.

I set out, running headed for Los Angeles.

I found a cozy apartment complex in Santa Monica. I waited for two days, until the seller started walking up to the complex. Something smelled funny. I could've sworn there was another vampire nearby. The scent became very strong. But, strangely, I liked it.

"Can I help you?", he asked politely.

My mouth dropped open. It was a vampire. And a cute one, at that. He looked about twenty. And had sparkling eyes that glowed like summer sunshine. His hair was sort of like Edward's, but a darker shade of bronze. I froze. Bronze hair? Gold eyes? Edward, I thought. Just like Edward.

"Uhh", I muttered stupidly.

He was staring at me when he asked,"What's your name, are you one of us, and more importantly, my name is Kyle Mason."

"Mason?", I gulped.

"Yep. I have a brother. His name's Edward. I get that a lot.", he chuckled, eyes sparkling as he laughed.

"Oh. My name's Isabella swan, Bella, for short. And yes, I'm a vampire.", I quickly added,"My eyes are blue 'cause I eat fruit, not blood."

"So that's why . . .", he murmured.

"Hey, you need a place to stay? If you join my band of four you can sing as our lead and live with us.", he asked.

"Are any of them blood-drinkers?"

"Nope. So it's settled! Follow me and we can get you into your new home.", he spoke.

I trailed after him, asking about his likes (mangos, he can eat them without puking and he really likes them), dislikes (liars, I can relate), his favorite band (Paramore), and if he's got a girlfriend.

"No, I'm not dating.", he smirked. "Why do you ask?"

"Nothing.", I concluded.

When we got to his house, it was more like a mansion. It was on a secluded beach, hidden from Santa Monica by a tropical forest.

"Heaven.", I breathed.

"Ya, it's great right? We can step freely into the sun!", he gestured toward the sparkling waves.

Once situated in my room, Kyle introduced me to the other band members. There was Kyle, Freya, Michael, Noah, and me in their band, Vamp.

Kyle also told us to prepare for the concert at Santa Monica pier during sunset on Saturday.

Wait. What's that smell?

I could swear that it was . . .