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When Bella finds Edward cheating, he leaves. Victoria finds her and transforms Bella. 90 years later, Bella sees the Cullens again. What will happen? BTW, I have a new contest, the first 7 to review get to create their own character to put in the story . . . I even have blank lines ready to fill names in with already . . .

DISCLAIMER: Stephanie Meyer owns all of the story except the plot, and the 2 characters, Kyle Mason and Michelle Carybonara.

3. Chapter 3 -> The Concert

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109 years later . . .

Because our group lived in a secluded area, we didn't have to move around all the time.

Randomly, I smelled the same smell that I noticed before my first concert, which must have been 110 years ago, roughly.

I asked Kyle about it. We were officially a couple. "Hey Kyle, I keep smelling this strange scent all over? Do you know who or what it belongs to?"

Kyle replied,"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. My bro Edward and his coven are coming to visit. Hey, at least I didn't mention you! It can be a suprise!"

"Look, Kyle.", I said,"The truth is, Edward was madly in love with me when I was a human. I caught him cheating on me, so he moved away with his family. My enemy Victoria found me and changed me, so I went to Los Angeles, and met you."

"A cheater, is he?, Kyle thought for a second. Then he grinned. "Than lets get back at him!"

We shared a smile and came up with a game plan.

The Cullens would see us after watching our concert, so I would sing a few accusing songs, then we would accidently be found hand in hand and we would all (meaning our band) look surprised to see them, Kyle and I share a passionate kiss, and BOOM, Edward's heartbroken.

We walked onto the stage, and I shouted,"Hey, we're the Vamps! Are you ready to rock! Well, our first song is called About You Now, it's a remix, and it's about a cheating boyfriend!"

Maybe you're wrong, you decide

I said I'd be strong, Ya I lied

Nobody'd get me like, you

Couldn't keep hold of you then, so how could I know what you meant

there was nothing else to do

there's a mountain between us, but there's one thing I'm sure of

that I know how I feel about you

can we bring, yesterday, back around

cause I know how I feel about you now

You were dum

You were wrong

You let me down

but I know, how I feel, about you now

I'd bet you'd take another chance

you know our last kiss, will be our last

I'm out of my mind just to show you

I know everything changes, you don't care where it takes us,

cause I know, how I feel about you

(repeat italics)

(Miranda Cosgrove, About You Now (my remix version)

"Thank you! Our next song is about unfaithfullness, and it's called Untouched", said Kyle.

I go Ooh ooh you go ahh ahh, la la la la lala, lalalala

I can't lie lie lie, I wanna wanna get get what I want don't stop

gimme gimme what you got got got got cause I can't wait wait wait any more more more more more

Don't even talk about the consequences cause right now you're the only thing that's making any sense to me

I never ever wanna hear you say goodbye

I, feel, so untouched and I want you so much and I just can't resist you

it's not enough to day that I miss you, I feel so untouched right now

I need you so much, somehow I can't forget you,

going crazy from the moment I met you

Un touched

Un-and I need you so much

(repeat from beginning)

(Untouched by The Veronicas)

"Sorry the show's over!", I said.

I snuck a glance at Edward, who looked dumstruck that I was alive. He was still with the blond tramp. I winked at Kyle who took that as his Q to kiss me. He grabbed me and smothered me in a large-over-the-top, passionate, kiss. I could hear Edward's hiss from the stage! I smiled at Kyle, who smiled back.

"Who said I'm done?", I spoke loudly, and Kyle took that as his Q to grab my leg and kiss me again.

I looked at Edward. Man he looked pissed.

We walked over to them. "Oh!", I said, feigning surprise.

Kyle turned to face the whole family and spoke,"Everybody, this is Bella Swan. She's my girlfriend." We kissed again.

I teased Kyle,"You wanna go back home . . . I have a new bed." I toyed with his torn rocker-paint-splattered necktie,"Awww, C'mon. Pleeeease!?"

"Okay, okay! Sorry guys I really have to go!", Kyle said grinning, to the Cullens.

Edward was furious. "WTF!!! Bella why are you even alive, let alone about to go to bed with my brother?"

"Actually, when you cheated with her I went to our meadow, where Victoria found me and changed me. I wandered, homeless, until Kyle took me in. Before that, Jacob and friends tried to finish me off, and Laurent tried to mug me!, I said, making up the last two bits.

"Bella, I had no idea . . ."

"Just go away Edward. You cheated. You can't honestly expect me to break up with my soul mate just for you to cheat again.", I screamed at him, infuriated.

I started to pull Kyle back home when he said,"She's beautiful when she's angry, right!"