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When Bella finds Edward cheating, he leaves. Victoria finds her and transforms Bella. 90 years later, Bella sees the Cullens again. What will happen? BTW, I have a new contest, the first 7 to review get to create their own character to put in the story . . . I even have blank lines ready to fill names in with already . . .

DISCLAIMER: Stephanie Meyer owns all of the story except the plot, and the 2 characters, Kyle Mason and Michelle Carybonara.

4. Chapter 4 -> Puppydog

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I pulled Kyle along, only to my surprise having Edward appear in front of me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Michelle glare.

"Bella.", was all he said.

"Look, you're making a craptastic apology and all, but I really have to go!", I yelled at Edward. Carlisle shot me look, warning me against using my colorful vocabulary.

In a flash, I saw bronze hair whisk by me, causing a slight distraction. I turned around, curiosity getting the best of me. Edward noticed my absentmindedness and took advantage of it, cursing under his breath as he ran me deep into the forest. I managed to sneak a glance at Carlisle as he grabbed me, and he was looking rather distressed. Really, he's got to seriously cool it. It's only a word! (Or two).

I said what came to my mind first,"Edward, stop cursing! You're pissing Carlisle off." I heard a hiss. Shoot. 'Piss' is not a bad word!

Edward looked at me funny, and it reminded me of the face Kyle makes when he's tired. Kyle! It hit me. Edward just KIDNAPPED me! That's seriously messed up. I swear, when I get my hands on him, I'll, I'll-"Don't be mad", Edward said, cutting off my thoughts. He looked at me, angelic face shining.

I glanced for the first time at my surroundings, preparing to shout for help, when my mouth swung open, gaping.

"What the heck is this Edward!?!", I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"Our meadow.", He whispered.

"Get the fuck away from her Edward!", Kyle shouted at Edward, running to me, I was dry sobbing. "What did you do to her?", He asked, loudly.

"I-I didn't mean to upset her . . .", He said, pausing, choosing his words carefully. "I expected her to be, well . . . dazzled." He looked down at his shoes, like a young boy caught stealing a cookie from the jar.

I stopped sobbing, and stared at him. He twitched, my gaze clearly making him uncomfortable. I could feel the sun, making my skin twinkle. I heard the trees softly rustling, when I heard another noise. I froze, instinct getting the better of me. I looked around, anxiety creeping through my limbs. A twig snapped.

"We're not alone . . .", I said under my breath, so only Kyle and Edward could hear. They too, stopped dead in their tracks.

A loud gasp was emitted from somewhere near me, and I heard a clear voice.

"Bella?", It said.

I was crushed by a hulking shape, covering me with fur.

"Jacob.", I managed to squeak out.

Kyle wasted no time, and pounced.

"Wait, Kyle, don't. This ball of fluff is still my friend!", He discontinued his attack, looking at Jacob. He stepped closer, and reacted. I heard a loud a loud SLAP! and Jacob stared, too stunned for words. Kyle Masen, the male vampire, had just slapped him.

Edward looked like he was lost. "Did I miss something?", He motioned to Jacob. "What in god's name is going on!", Kyle pointed at what appeared to be a giant dog sitting contently on top of me.

"Yah, uh, guys, this is my pal Jacob. No, he's not my old dog that I fed radioactive purina puppychow. He's really just a werewolf. See?", I made a gesture of friendship toward Jacob, "Look, no severed arm or leg. I'm perfectly fine!"

Kyle stared, while Edward gaped. Really, I should just but a muzzle and put it on them, not Jake.

"So, how've you ben, Bells?", Jake pondered.

"Well, I made a few lifestyle changes, broke up with Edward, now I'm dating his brother, Oh! And I'm a vampire now."

"That's nice, wait WHAT!", I waited for him to maul me. I wasn't supposed to be a vampire.

"You BROKE UP with that BLOODSUCKER!", He said happily shouted.

Well, that's a tad cliche.

"Jake, I'm still dating his brother."

"Are not. You're just trying to discourage me."

"Am too!"

"No way."

"Yes way!"

"You're bluffing!"

"I totally am-", Kyle cut me off, "YES WE ARE DATING! Problem?", Kyle asked Jacob.

Yes, a big one."

"And what may that be?"

"Then she can't date me! Dipstick!", Jacob called, running away.

"Yah, dipstick! Wait, no, dipshit!", Edward finally exclaimed. "Kyle, you're a DIPSHIT!", And with that. he ran away.

"Someone needs a trip to the loony bin.", I laughed.

That's for sure!