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A Fighting Chance

Everybody has their take on Bella and Edward's different arguments about her being changed. Well this is my version and just so you know it might elevate into something bigger if you guys like it. So....please like it!!


1. Arguing

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It had been 3 long days without Edward because he was hunting. I didn't want him to leave but I could tell that if he didn't he might hurt me.Then that would hurt him which would hurt me which he'd feel guilty for and blah, blah, blah over and over a never ending cicle. So, needless to say I had to let him go. Then finally he was back.We were up in his room after a short kiss and an"I missed you." and "I missed you too,love" when I brought up the topic.

"Edward?" , I asked.

"Yes love?", he said.

"Um...I want to know when you are going to change me?" I was strong at first as I had prepared my self while he was gone. But in the end his expression made it turn into a whisper.

"Bella, I will not damn you to an eternal hell where you will be a monster forever!", he growled as he always did when I brought up this subject.

"Edward," , I started calmly,"if I'm with you it won't be hell, it'll be Heaven. If it's with you I won't be a monster because I'll be surrounded by angels. Don't you understand that?"

"No.", he growled.

"Edward listen-", I started but he cut me off as he kissed me. I'm guessing he hoped it would confuse me into not talking about it but before he could completely confuse me I pulled back.

"What was that? You never pull back.", Edward looked confused this time.

"Edward! Listen to me now and listen hard.", I was angry now," If youdon't change me-"

He cut me off again,"Bella-"

But I interrupted him this time,"If you don't change me, it means that you do not love me. It means you do not want me. It means you never loved or wanted me! Ever!" He looked shocked.

"Bella I do love you!", he protested.

"Prove it!", I snapped.

"Bella how could you ever doubt my love for you?", he was upset. As he leaned forward to kiss me I put my hand over my mouth. He looked suprised."Until you decide you will change me and aren't lying I am unkissable."

"Bella I won't be able to make it very long without your kiss." he sighed. As he reached up to stroke my cheek I turned away still furious.

"Until you change me I am unkissable, untouchable and unlovable.", Istared deep into his eyes making him truly believe I was telling the truth. I got off his couch and grabbed my bag. I started to open the door when Edward caught my arm.

"Bella I won't ssurvive without your kiss or touch or love!", he exclaimed.

"Better decide fast then.", I said as I walked to Alice's room to ask for a ride home.

Alice sighed as she dropped me off.

"You knew this was coming didn't you?", I asked.

"Yeah, I tried to warn him but.....well you know Edward.", she sighed again.

"Yeah I know. Hey Alice? Will this all turn out in my favor?", I asked.

She smiled now,"I can't tell you that. It would be cheating."

"Awww...fine bye Alice thanks for the ride.", I said as I shut the door to the car.

"See you later Bella." she called as she drove away. I cooked supper for Charlie and had an uneventful evening. When I went to sleep I made sure my window was closed and locked. I was awoken later by a tapping at my window. I knew it was Edward by the shape of his silhouette. In the dark I grabbed the pen and paper I had put on my night stand knowing I would most likely need them. As I wrote Edward waited patiently. When I was finished wwriting I held the paper up to the window. In the dark I could just mak out Edward's face and as he read I could see his face fall. I looked back at him as he mouthed the words I had written.Unkissable, untouchable,unlovable. Therefore all you can do in my room while I sleep is watch me sleep. Although flattering, it's creepy.

I could see the hurt in his eyes mix with rejection. I crossed out the last sentence and showed the paper to him but he still looked rejected.I raised my eyebrows at him.

You brought this upon yourself.

I wrote and showed to him. As he waved goodbye he showed me a sign my grandmother showed me as a child when I was leaving her house.He held up his pinky finger , his pointer finger and his thumb. It meant I love you. I wrote that back saying goodnight. After he read that he looked down and leapt off the tree branch by my window. Before he rn away I watched him turn and wave I love you one more time.As soon as I waved back the same way he turned and ran home. Soon I settled in for sleep wondering what tomorrow at school would be like.