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A Fighting Chance

Everybody has their take on Bella and Edward's different arguments about her being changed. Well this is my version and just so you know it might elevate into something bigger if you guys like it. So....please like it!!


2. Chapter 2

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Edward's POV

The whole night all I could think about was BElla. My beautiful Bella. When I finally decided to look at the clock it said 7:00. I still had time. When the clock said 7:30 I decided to get dressed. As I did I hoped Bella would have forgiven me but it was just hoping. She would still be mad. And I was right, because no matter how much I wished or hoped or even prayed she'd still be mad and I knew it.

I ran up to Bella when I got to school.
"Bella I'm so sorry... I-I was wrong....", I said softly.

"So you've made your decision?", she asked.

"Well no but-", I started.

"No buts! It's everything or nothing. You can't have it both ways!", she cut me off.

"Bella...", I whispered reachiong up to stroke her face.

"Unkissable, untouchABLE, unlovable.", Bell said closing her eyes and turning her head away.
Then she ran off to talk to Angela. I stood there being miserable for a few minutes until Alice came and took us to our first class. It was English. We were watching the movie version of Pride and Prejudice. We had just finished reading the book. As I watched Bella instead of the movie i thought about how the first impression between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth BEnnet were not unlike the relationship between Bella and I. As I stared at her every so often she wouls start to look over at me then stop because she noticed I was awatching her. And every so often I also felt a pair of eyes boring into my back but I took no notice of it until we were leaving the class when I heard his thoughts.

Yes!! Bella and CULLEN he spat the name are broken up!! This is my chance!! I scoffed we weren't broken up...we were just having an argument thats all. And he doesn't stand a chance. Okay I will not let my heart down!I've been just waiting for this chance!!! I can't wait!! I know exactly what I'll do......Oh! But first I have to fantasize...I'll ask her out and it will all go up hill from there becaus eshe will say yes!We'll go out for about a year and then I'll propose!! I will make her mine and she will love me forever!! We'll ride off into the sunset in my car! Then the honeymoon..... I stopped listening before I had go over and strangle Mike...his thoughts were getting a little graphic. I didn't listen to any one else's thought until I heard my name.

Hmmm...Bella and Edward the happy couple broken up...how sad....I could hear the sarcasm in Jessica's voice...and why did everyone keep saying that??!! We were not broken up!! CAn these pathetic humans not understand when a couple is having a fight?Anyway I started listtening to her thoughts again.That gorgeous man will be MINE! I willl make sure of that...he will be mine he will, he will, he will be mine, he will,he will... Jessica's thought's continued like that for the remainder of Spanish class. That's why as I was walking slowly to the cafeteria I didn't notice her until she ran her finger across my back as she cxame around me. She stood in front of me smiling. I shuddered but Jssica mistaked it for a shiver of pleasure so she smiled wider.

"Hello Edward..", she purred. I didn't even know that was possible for her.

"Hello Jessica.", I said trying to sound as bored as possible.

"So how would you like to take me out this weekend. You know maybe dinner then we could see a movie but of course we won't actually be watching the movie.", she giggled girlishly.

"No Jessica I will not go out with you.", I said forcefully.

"Oh come on Eddie! You know you want to...", she smiled again.

"No Jessica!!,I growled walking away swiftly.

"But-", she started.

"NO! I will never go out with you!", I said icily. As I walked into the cafteria she looked at me shocked and longingly.

As I sat down at the cafeteria table across from Emmett and beside Jasper Emmett took one look at me and started thinking something meaningful for the first time today.

What happened to you man? You look worse than when I used your first piano for baseball target practice. mY other siblings had thought much the same as that. "Jessica Stanley happned to me thta's what!", I growled too loow for the human's to hear.

She made a move on you?! Edward I'm so sorry I should have seen this coming that must have been horrible!! Alice cried in her mind.I only shook my head at her to say it was alright. She sighed, Rosalie huffed in irritation, Emmett startde to laugh until I gave him a glare menancing enough to shut him up. Jasper sent calming waves to me. I put my head down on the table. Today was one of the worst days ever. And then it got worse. The bell rang. I groaned. Emmett had to help me up.

"Come on man it'll be alright.", Emmett tried to reassure me and for a second I was because Bella was my lab partner and we had Biology where we had a lab! She had to talk to me then!! But my heart sank as I walked in the room. A sub which meant we had a movie no labs...great. As I sat down Bella started focusing on the screen. I sighed it was all or nothing. And I only wanted half.

Bella's POV

"I'm mad at him.", I sigheed sitting down next to Angela with my lunch.

"Well no Bella I never would've figured that out.", Anbgela replied sarcastically. I only smiled. Angela got serious now," But really Bella why are you mad?"

"Well it's hard to explain.", I said.

"Bella I understand a lot of hard things to understrand. Just tell me. ", Angela sighed.

"Well ever since Edward came back he's been saying that he loves me a lot and he'll love me forever and that he wants to be with me forever and all that and there's only one way I can assure that.",I said.

"You mean if he proposes?",Angela asked. I nodded. "Well then what's the problem?", Angela asked confused.

"Edward doesn't want to. He doesn't want me to regret the decision later on in life. Truthfully though I think he's scared or just doesn't want me...", I said starting to whisper at the end.

"Oh Bella,", Angela hugged me,"I've seen the way he looks at you it isn't that. And what about divorce?"

"With the way Edward was raised it's all or nothing.",I sighed.

"Oh...well that does create a problem.", Angela murmured thinking. And then the bell rang.

"See ya later Bella I hope it works out for you.", Angela called running out the cafeteria.

"Bye Ang!!",I called after her wondering if she heard me or not. As I walked into Biology I sighed in relief A movie.
I paid complete attention to gthe movie on cells putting a curtain of my hair between Edward and I. I thought it was stop me from feeling his stare but it only kept me from looking at him. Soon it was over and I sighed. Only one more class left even if it was pure torture. And then I thanked God repeatedly as I walked in the Gym. Another Movie day!! Even if it was the boring Olympics and Edward wasn't in this class so I didn't have to worry about him. I sat down on the highest bleacher. Mike sat beside me. I was now squished between the edge of the bleachers and Mike. As the show started Mike put his arm around my shoulders. I shrugged his arm off my shoulders. He made no coment and just put them around my shoulders again. I gave him a death glare but he wasn't watching. I waited forming a plan. I leaned forward and let his arm slide behind my back. Then before he could move his arm I sat back. Hard. I crushed his arm between the wall and my back. He struggled but I just crushed his arm harder. When class was over I started heading to the change room but Mike stopped me. He pushed me up against the walll.

"Bella why did you do that?", Mike asked. I was about to respond but he spoke first. " Nevermind forget I said anything...",he said coming closer to my face. And then his lips crushed mine. I was sudenly very angry. I put all my anger at him into my free arm that was not pinned to the wall. I curled it into a fist and punched Mike. I ran into the change room grabbed my clothes and ran out. By the time I got to my truck Mike had told all that I had punched him in the face. It had also gotten around to me that he had a black eye.