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The Beggining of Pheon

In the beggining, there was the Volturri. And Pheon. A background not to be trifled with. She was wanted, chased for her power. This is her story, from beggining to end.

New story. Time will explain it.

3. Chapter 3

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All this time alone did make me, well, lonely.

I wanted someone I could speak with, someone like me, yet less powerful.


How could I make another being just like me?


I am the first. I am the one. I have no one to help me figure out how to pass on this curse.

A scent reaches my nose, a familiar scent, one that I have destroyed many times.

I run in the direction it is blowing. The free feeling filling me again. I have found the scent.

It’s a body.

It’s a man, with black hair and a look of wisdom on his face, almost as much as the anguish is etched in. He is older than me, and I could kill him in a second, though he has already been finished off.

I thought for a moment. I could either destroy him, or make him one of my own. But how?

I think back to the stone, which proudly hangs around my neck. I couldn’t transfer the stone to him. No, I had already tried that. And a crippling pain had fallen over me.

I decided against the idea of changing him. I didn’t know how, and I didn’t want to experiment. I didn’t want to make his last moments agonizing, just so I could have another.

Instead, I choose to end his pain.

I sink my teeth deep into his gourged out neck. Enjoy the feeling of the liquid I love so much run down my throat.

Until he starts to scream… And all his pain is filled into one voice. It nearly destorys me. I had to stop. I lift my head up and wipe my lips off on my sleeve.

He is still screaming. I have stopped what I thought would have been causing him pain, but no.

Until I feel a strength and power coursing through me. A new power. I feel strong, and I have a feeling it was because of him.

I knew then he was becoming like me. Nothing could make me feel like this, nothing this strong or this potent.

I pick him up and start running, away from all civilization. I don’t want them to hear his screams. I wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of their blood. This man was bad enough. And his screams are enough for me to not want to do it again.

I waited for three days. Three long, agonizing days of screams filling my ears. Nothing but his screams.

I hated it. My head pounded with the amount of screaming he had done. And yet, once it was over, I was strong. I felt invincible! Even stronger than I had in the beginning of my own transformation.

When it was over, he looked exactly as I had. He had the same pale white skin, set in stone. And all the angular features I possesed.

I asked him the one question that had been on my mind the entire three days.

“What is your name?” I asked quietly.

He rubbed his temples, as if searching for an answer within himself.

“Aro.” He muttered.