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A Not-So-Every-Day Romance

I originally wrote this for the Odd Ship Challenge, but since Kaiwynn said we could post it... Jake has recently become my favorite character, and I began this story before that happened. Angela has always been my faovrite one of Bella's normal friends, so it was only natural that I put them together, especially since I couldn't bear to separate any of the real couples. Angela discovers the truth about the Cullens, and about the guy she's in love with. Could it really be true? And what happens when she finds out that Bella wants to be a vampire? Can she come to terms with everything and keep the people who have come to mean so much to her, or will their relationships crumble to dust? There is a sequel now posted: A Pretty Strange Love Story. Look it up!


5. Secrets Revealed

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Jacob’s PoV

Dating Angela was great. So great, that I had forgotten about Bella. I still loved her, but more like I loved my sisters. Angela, on the other hand, I was beginning to think I did love. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. It seemed like we could talk about anything. I still hadn’t told her about my being a monster, and I didn’t think I ever could. She was too perfect, too innocent to be able to love a monster. I also knew that when she found out, it would be over, but I figured that I had a while before that happened. Then, Victoria returned.

Sam called a Pack meeting one Friday night, right before I was supposed to meet Angela.

“What’s going on Sam? I just got back from work, and I’m exhausted.” Paul whined. “Yeah, and I have plans tonight.” I added.

“With Angela again?” Quil asked. When I nodded the entire pack broke out in wolf whistles.

“Man, she’s got you whipped!” Jared laughed.

Embry joined in. “Yeah, you’ve been going out with her every Friday for two months! It’s not healthy man!”

“That attitude might be the reason that you don’t have a girlfriend.” Emily broke in dangerously. “And I’m still waiting for you to bring her by, Jake.”

I nodded.

“Can we please get back to the reason we’re having this meeting, please?” Sam asked irritably. “Jake, you’re going to need to cancel your plans. The leech is back.” And just like that, I was canceling on Angela.

“Hello?” Her irritable voice answered.


“Oh, hey, Jake. What’s up?”

“I have to cancel our plans for tonight. Something kinda came up.” I knew I sounded lame, but it wasn’t like I could just come out and tell her that I was a werewolf and was going out to kill a vampire.


“Ok whatever.” Her usually warm voice was icy.

“Angela, please don’t be mad. I can’t control this. Trust me, I’d much rather be with you.”

“Sure. Look, I have to go. Bella’s here.” Hurt and anger dominated her voice.

“Alright,” I sighed.



The line went dead. When I hung up the phone, everyone’s eyes were on me. I couldn’t take it. “So, what’s going on Sam?”

“You already know that the red headed leech is back – Victoria. She killed outside of Port Angeles.”

The phone rang, and Emily got up to answer it. “Jake! It’s for you!”


“You arrogant, cruel, unfeeling, self centered dog!” Bella’s voice screamed.


“I asked you if she was safe with you! That included if you were going to break her heart! She thinks you’re breaking up with her! This is the first time I’ve ever considered that Edward could be right about you! How could you be so unfeeling! She at least deserves a well thought out excuse!”

“Bella!” I screamed. “Chill! What’s wrong?”

“Angela was crying after you got off of the phone! She said that you gave her a vague excuse, one that meant you were lying, and that you wanted to break up!”

“I think I’m in love with her Bella. I did not break up with her, I promise you. Victoria’s back though, and I couldn’t exactly tell her I’m going to turn into a gigantic wolf to go kill a vampire, could I?”

Bella sighed. “Why?”

“Are you kidding?”

“I don’t think that you’re giving Angela enough credit. You’re going to have to tell her eventually, you know. But, I suppose I can cover for you this once. If she asks, you were too ashamed to admit that you were playing nurse to your dad, who has bronchitis. Got it?”

“Thanks Bella.” I said, bewildered. Why was she suddenly on my side? A few months ago she had been choosing her precious vampires over me, and now she was saving my relationship? Why?

“But, one last thing. Why are you helping me?” I had to ask her.

A sad laugh came from the other line. “Because you’ll always be my best friend, no matter what, and friends help each other. Now, tell Angela. I promise she’s stronger than she looks.”

And the line went dead.

This was going to be a long night.

Angela’s PoV

Bella called me back later that night. “Hey! I had Charlie call Billy, and it turns out that he has bronchitis, and asked Jake to stay home tonight and help him out. Apparently, Jake was ashamed to admit he got put on nursing duty.” She was speaking too happily, but I refused to think of what that meant, and took it at face value.

It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Jake didn’t want to break up! After I talked to Bella, I went to bed, having already decided that tomorrow I would go visit. Maybe I would take soup or something for Billy, who I really liked.

The next morning was dreary. I left the house around noon, and headed to La Push. On the main road though, my plans changed. A flash of red flew past my window, and then a beautiful woman was standing beside my car. “Hello dear. Could you possibly give me a ride? I’m headed to Port Angeles.” She coked her head to one side, staring me straight in the eye, and suddenly, for some reason, I wanted to do anything that this strange woman asked me to. “Sure.” I told her, smiling hugely. “My name’s Angela. What’s yours?”

The woman smiled strangely. “Victoria.”

About an hour into the drive, she asked me to pull over. I was confused, but would do anything for this magnificent red haired woman. When I pulled over, she pulled me out of the car with one hand, and the other one went for my throat. As I dangled from her hands choking, she called out. “I know you’re there dogs! Come on out and play!”

To my horror, six monstrously large animals stepped out from the foliage. They looked like wolves, but there was no way wolves could grow to be that big.

One monster, one with russet colored fur, lunged at us, but Victoria stopped it with a few words. “Uh- Uh! We wouldn’t want this poor girl to die, now, would we?” The monster stepped back. Good, maybe that meant they were trying to help me. “Now,” Victoria continued. “Why don’t you change back into your easier to manage forms. That will make this so much easier.” All of the monsters turned to look at one of them. He must have agreed, because they all took a step forward.

Now, I was starting to get very tired, and everything was spinning, but I saw very clearly when all of the gigantic wolves turned into the guys I had met at the movies, including Jacob. I recognized him, and squeezed my eyes closed.

What was going on? How, I mean, really, how did my boyfriend turn into a wolf? I began to get slightly hysterical. Great, hoarse sobs came from deep within my chest, and things begin to get hazy, and began to spin. Werewolves don’t exist, and plus, even if they did, it’s not a full moon. I have to be dreaming.

But when I opened my eyes, they were sill standing there, and I couldn’t take it any more. I passed out, taking the image of my boyfriend turning into a wolf with me.