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A Not-So-Every-Day Romance

I originally wrote this for the Odd Ship Challenge, but since Kaiwynn said we could post it... Jake has recently become my favorite character, and I began this story before that happened. Angela has always been my faovrite one of Bella's normal friends, so it was only natural that I put them together, especially since I couldn't bear to separate any of the real couples. Angela discovers the truth about the Cullens, and about the guy she's in love with. Could it really be true? And what happens when she finds out that Bella wants to be a vampire? Can she come to terms with everything and keep the people who have come to mean so much to her, or will their relationships crumble to dust? There is a sequel now posted: A Pretty Strange Love Story. Look it up!


8. Terrifying Truths

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Jacob’s Pov

I couldn’t believe how happy I was. Angela had accepted me, and everything was great. No, better than great, it was perfect. I had been so scared, and now I was walking on air. After I was done kissing her, I led her back inside. We still had explain about blood suckers, as much as I didn’t want to. Didn’t Angela deserve to be protected from monsters?

Bella’s blood-sucker’s eyes narrowed, and I remembered quickly that he could read thoughts. Oops.

Bella was beaming like it was the happiest day of her life. “Bella, what did you mean earlier about vampires?” Damn, the girl was quick. Angela had gotten on the clue wagon and was holding on with both hands.

Bella’s smile vanished, in its place was a look of indecision. “That isn’t really my thing to explain. Umm…”

Carlisle, the lead leech, took over. “It’s quite simple, Miss Weber. The woman that held you hostage, that was a vampire, along with my family and myself. We don’t sleep in coffins, the sun doesn’t burn us, but we do drink blood. Rest assured, however, that my family doesn’t drink human blood. We sustain ourselves on the blood of animals. Some of us also have special gifts. Edward can read minds, Jasper manipulated emotions, and Alice can see the future.” He really wanted to get that over with, apparently. He had just summed up their entire existences is a few sentences!

Angela’s jaw, understandably, was hanging open. Then, unexpectedly, she fainted. I caught her just before she hit the ground. Bella laughed. “She’s just a little shocked. She’s fine.”

She walked over and slapped Angela lightly on the cheek. “What…” And then her face turned red, all the way up to her hairline. “Sorry.” Then she turned to Bella. “Did you know that you were dating a vampire?”

Now it was my turn to gape. Did she really just take that in stride? Maybe she was in shock. There is no way any sane, normal person could possibly just take in the fact that everything she knew was a lie, and still be making jokes. Impossible.

Bella giggled. “Not at first, but I figured it out before we technically started dating. Actually, Jacob was the one who told me, even though he didn’t know it at the time. Actually, I’m hoping to become one, even though Jake and his brothers don’t like that idea.”

Angela stared first at Bella, then at me.

“Why, to both of you? Why do you want to be a vampire, and why don’t you want her to be one? I’m lost.”

So I told her the story I had told Bella, the first time I had saw her when she came to First Beach with her friends. The one explaining about cold ones, and their archenemies, the werewolf. I explained everything.

The Cullen’s and the Pack listened attentively, nodding occasionally. As I spoke, Angela’s confusion disappeared. When I finished, all she said was, “If I stay with you, would I have to stay away from Bella? If she becomes a vampire?”

“That isn’t going to happen.” Edward’s cold voice grated from his corner. Bella whipped around and glared at him, saying venomously, “ Oh really? I was under the impression that the decision had been taken out of your hands.”

He started to retort, but I decided I would let them argue later. I already knew who would win, and I didn’t want to hear it.

“Of course not.” I assured Angela. But, secretly, I wondered who she would chose if forced to. I also knew that I would never make her choose, the way I had Bella.

“How are we getting home?” Angela asked after we were done talking. I shifted my eyes to the ground. I still wasn’t ready to remind her about my monster side.

“Oh no! My car! It’s still on the road!”

“Relax. We moved it off the road, and I’ll take you back to get it tomorrow. As to how we’re getting home, I’m running. You can run with me, if you’re not too scared.” Angela froze for a minute.

“Or, I can drive you home.” Bella said with a smile.

“Thanks.” Angela said, breathing a sigh of relief. Maybe she was scared after all. She looked at the look on my face, and frowned. “I’m not afraid of you Jake. I’m just…” She trailed off obviously not sure what to say. I nodded, not wanting to push her. “I’ll come get you tomorrow, and we can hang out and talk tomorrow, alright?” I still wasn’t certain that she was ok with this. “Ok. Bye.” She leaned up and kissed me gently, and Bella did the same to Edward.

“Bye everyone!” They called, and left.

“Thanks for your help.” Sam said stiffly, and I nodded. Then, the Pack left, and ran the whole way to La Push.

Angela PoV

On the way home, thoughts kept rushing through my head. My soul mate, Jacob, was a werewolf. And my best friend wants to be a vampire because her boyfriend is. The Cullen’s are vampires! Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into? “Bells, could you stay with me tonight? I just-I just don’t want to be alone. I’m-I’m… scared.” Bella looked at me sadly, but I could see the understanding in her eyes as well. “Sure. I know it’s a lot to take in, but it helps if you don’t try to believe it. When I first figured it out, I didn’t even want to think about it, so we just went on as before, only then we had more to talk about.”

“Are you talking about you and Edward, or you and Jacob?” I asked.

“Both, actually.”

When we got inside, Bella used the phone to call her dad. When she hung up with him, she dialed another number. “Hey Alice, no, can I talk to Edward?”

“Hey. I’m spending the night at Angela’s tonight. I know, you too. Why don’t you go hunting? I saw your eyes tonight. Uh-uh, I don’t care. Victoria’s gone now, remember? We’ll be fine. I love you. Bye.”

I looked at her confusedly. “Why did you call him?”

Bella glanced around, making sure no one was listening. “This is just between us, ok?”

“Of course.”

“Well, Edward comes over every night. He climbs up the wall outside my window and lays by me all night.”

I gaped at her. “Are you serious? You have a boy in your room every night?”

Bella grinned impishly. “Charlie never notices. Edward can hear him coming, and his thoughts, so he can hide when he needs to.”

I started to ask something, but changed my mind. I didn’t really want to know about the whole blood drinking vampires thing, I wanted to know about werewolves.

“How did you find out about Jake being, well, you know.”

“A werewolf. That’s actually a good story. When Edward left, Jake and I started hanging out. He helped me fix up some old motorcycles, and we got really close. Then we went to the movies with Mike Newton.” She grimaced, remembering. “There was the stomach flu going around, so when Jake said he felt funny, we figured he had it. Then, he started avoiding my calls, and my visits. One day I went down there, determined to find out what was going on. We yelled at each other, and he blamed the Cullen’s for what was wrong with him. I got really upset and left. Then, that night, he showed up in my bedroom. He climbed the tree by my window, and told me to remember the story he told me that helped me figure out that Edward was a vampire because he couldn’t tell me right out, Sam had ordered him not to. When he left, I figured it out. I didn’t want to believe it, so I went to talk to him at La Push. He confessed, and got really angry because he thought I was afraid. But I wasn’t. I knew that it was still him.”

I listened to the story wordlessly. “I wish I wasn’t afraid, but I am. My boyfriend’s a werewolf He even admitted that he could get angry and kill me accidentally. I just don’t know what to do. I mean, I already told him that I was ok with it, but what if...” I couldn’t finish that sentence aloud, but I screamed it in my mind. What if I wasn’t ok with it? What if something bad happened, and one of us got hurt? What if he tried to kill me, or he got killed fighting a vampire? He had said that was the Pack’s job, didn’t he? Fighting vampires, defending humans. What if he got killed doing it?

Bella stared at the floor thoughtfully. “When I figured out about Edward, I wasn’t scared. I was curious. He thought I was stupid, and told me I had no sense of self-preservation. Now that I think about, I know that isn’t the truth. It was just that I was so in love with him already that nothing he did would matter. He’s scared me a few times, it’s hard for him to resist my blood, but I would rather die than not have him with me. It’s the same for Emily. Sam almost did kill her. He lost his temper, and changed on her. He tried to stay away from her, but she wouldn’t let him. They’re getting married now.” She examined me solemnly. “It all comes down to if you love him or not. If you love him, then everything will be alright in the end. Do you love him?” She waited for my answer.

I thought about it. Did I really love him? Or did I just think that I did?

“I do love him. It’s just hard to admit that I’m in love with a mythical creature.”

Bella rolled her eyes. “Tell me about it. Every day I think I’m going to wake up and find out that Edward was just a dream, and then I rejoice every day that I don’t.”

And then I realized, down deep in my heart, that Jacob and I were bound together forever.