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Before There was Bella

In the stories, Bella was Edwards first and only love. But what if he had been in love, and married, before Carlisle changed him. What would happen if he completely forgot about her, but years later came across her in a hospital, old and dying, after marrying and turning Bella. And what if he suddenly remembered his feelings for this woman. And how would this effect Bella?


This just came to me on a whim. I'm not sure how great it is, so please give me some feedback! Thanks! Only Teen to be safe, by the way.

1. The Wedding

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Edwards POV

There she was again. Melinda Bishop.

Every day since I had turned 12 I had begun noticing her. We had been friends since we were toddlers, but that year, something changed. I really began seeing her.

It wasn’t until I was 15 that things really changed. We started our courtship that year. My parents were thrilled. We were from the same social standing, with families of similar wealth and status. We even lived in the same area of Chicago. We had many of the same classes. She was everything I could have dreamed of. Kind, sophisticated, beautiful. She never had a harsh word to say. She was the perfect woman.

Our families had been anticipating our engagement for months before we made it official. I asked her the night of her 17th birthday, in mid December. I couldn’t see any reason to wait longer than that to be betrothed to her. Somehow, she became mine that night. I had never been happier. I was getting everything I could ever want. I could see everything that would be mine. I would come back from the war in Europe to my darling wife, and we could start a family together.

Of course, we would be married before I shipped out to the front. We spent weeks planning our wedding. It was to be a lavish affair. I would have been quite content to have a small wedding with only our families, but her parents wanted an event that would remain in the collective psyche of the city. Our families spared no expense. We were to have the finest floral arrangements, clothing, food, and entertainment. My mother was to play the piano at one point, something that I was looking forward to. Her skills with the instrument were amazing. I was always envious when she played; I had tried to master the instrument, but I had found that I was never truly her equal.

We were to be married a few weeks after my 17th birthday. For some reason, this amused many of my friends. They couldn’t see how I had fallen for an “older woman”. I couldn’t help but scoff at the idea. Sometimes, I seriously wondered as to how they had gotten by without being run over in the middle of the street for their idiocy. But in some ways they were right in their surprise. It was generally the other way around. But in times of war, I guess stranger things can happen.

In the weeks before the wedding, we became inseparable. Or, more inseparable than we had once been. She spend her days at my home, lounging with me in the drawing room, or sitting on the back porch on the swing. It was rare that we would ever be left alone to be by ourselves, but when those precious moments came, they were of the sweetest variety. Generally, we would escape to the yard to lay under the trees together. She loved being outside in the sun. She would lay back, with her head in my lap, eyes closed, and absorb as much of the warmth as she could. And all I could do was stare at her perfect face and comb my fingers through her stunning hair. Other days we would retreat to my bedroom, where I could hold her in my arms and tell her how much I loved her without making a spectacle of myself. I couldn’t wait until I could finally call this amazing woman my wife.

The day of the wedding came. I was awoken bright and early by my mother. She was so proud to have the chance to see her son get married. Especially to such a lovely girl who also was born into the upper class. It was nice to see my mother so happy for me. Lately she’d been brooding. She was so worried about me enlisting into the army. But she knew that even if I didn’t want to be a part of the fighting, I wouldn’t have any choice. There was a draft in place, after all.

After she was sure that I was ready for my father to help me get ready even further, she rushed out of the room to help my future wife. I couldn’t seem to suppress the ball of nerves in the pit of my stomach. I was so anxious to see her, to make sure she said “I do” to me, before I woke up and found out I was in an amazing dream.

I stood at the end of the aisle, waiting for the wedding march to begin. It seemed to take forever to get through the ceremony to that point. And then suddenly, there she was. She was an image of pure beauty. Her hair was twisted into a low bun with a few tendrils escaping around her face. Her face was shining with excitement, and she held her head proudly as she slowly walked down then aisle towards her future.

Our future.