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Before There was Bella

In the stories, Bella was Edwards first and only love. But what if he had been in love, and married, before Carlisle changed him. What would happen if he completely forgot about her, but years later came across her in a hospital, old and dying, after marrying and turning Bella. And what if he suddenly remembered his feelings for this woman. And how would this effect Bella?


This just came to me on a whim. I'm not sure how great it is, so please give me some feedback! Thanks! Only Teen to be safe, by the way.

5. Chapter 5

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Bella’s POV

Damn him. Damn how he always makes things perfect. This wasn’t a normal situation. He was married! To someone other than me. And a father? How does that happen?

I could understand why he was with her. But it didn’t help the feeling of betrayal. He should have just told me. Alice shouldn’t have taken me to the mall. I should have been here, I should have been able to help him deal with this.

Look at me! I can’t even stay mad at him!

Edward’s POV

I took Bella’s hand and drew her to her feet. I could see in her eyes that she was upset still, even though she was trying to keep a lighthearted look about her. This was going to be more difficult than I thought. But at least she hadn’t run away yet.

“Bella, love, would you like to come with me? To meet her?” I couldn’t bring myself to add before she dies.

She looked at me in a wary manner before slightly nodding her head. I swept her up into my arms, and before she could protest I began running through the trees, back to the hospital. Unfortunately, in my haste to find Bella, I had forgotten to look human. I had to run back up to the room so no one would notice that I was entering the building when I hadn’t appeared to have left.

I set her down as soon as I got into Melinda’s room. She didn’t exactly look thrilled to be there, especially when she noticed that Carlisle was also in the room.

“You could have both been caught,” his tone was soft, but still held an edge of warning. Or was it disappointment?

“I know, but it was worth it.” Bella glared at me as though she wished she could find a way to disagree.

Edward, her condition is deteriorating, and rapidly. You have to choose whether or not you want to keep her alive. Quickly, please.

The edge to my fathers thoughts betrayed how upset he was about how I had endangered the family. But underneath all of that, I could still sense his compassion. And his understanding. He didn’t envy me my situation.

My face must have betrayed some of the pain that I was feeling at the idea of losing Melinda, because Bella actually made a verbal comment. “Edward, what’s happened? Why are you so upset?”

“She’s gotten worse.” It was the only thing that I could say to Bella at the moment. But to my father, I had no choice but to tell him my decision. “Father, I think, if it is best, we should take her off the machines.”

Bella’s POV

Edward looked miserable. I couldn’t believe that I had given him a hard time. Why was I never understanding enough? And how could I be so unselfish?

I reached out and grabbed Edwards hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. He looked over at me, and I made a genuine effort to smile up at him, just so he knew that I was here for him. He looked deeply into my eyes, and then pulled me against his body so that he could hold me. I could feel how uneven his breathing was, and when Carlisle asked if he was sure I could have sworn I felt him begin shaking.

Carlisle took his time while taking Melinda off of the life support unit. I had a feeling that he was doing this so that Edward would have time to say a silent goodbye to his first wife.

Once she was completely unhooked from the machine, Carlisle left us to be with the woman alone. Edward took me to the edge of the bed and sat down with me in his lap. I could tell that he didn’t want to let me see his face, to see how upset this was making him. But I could still feel his breathing hitch, and how he couldn’t seem to stay completely still. To a human he would still seem completely normal. But for me and my superhuman senses, I knew he was falling apart internally. From what I had heard, this was almost as bad as what he had gone through while he was away from me. But I knew this wouldn’t be as bad. Because this time, he had me.

Edward’s POV

Having Bella in my lap, I knew I would be able to survive this. It would hurt, but I would survive this. It wouldn’t be as bad as when I left Bella. Besides, Melinda had lived a full, happy life. And an extremely long one at that. I subconsciously reached out my hand to take hers. Bella either did not notice, or decided that this wasn’t important enough to argue over.

I watched as her vitals slowly became more and more erratic. Her heart began to slow, and her breathing became much more shallow. When I felt her temperature begin to drop, I knew that she was almost gone. But I was completely unprepared for what was to happen. Her heart had almost completely ceased to beat, and her breathing was almost undetectable by human standards. But just as I thought she was almost gone, her eyelids fluttered. She opened her mouth and uttered one word, “Edward.”

And then the wife I had in the life before there Bella was gone.