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Cries of a Dead Heart

She lost her meaning for life.
Everything has gone so wrong in her life, lately.
When she meets the Cullens can they help her find a meaning to live, and even a family?
Or will she find love in all the wrong places? I have a majority of this story writtenthe more reviews I get the faster the next chapters will go up :]

“Edward, what did Alice see?” she asked, like she didn’t even want to know the answer.
I don’t think I really wanted to know either.
The whole room, including me went into shock at the sound of one word.

“Wolves” he whispered.


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ATTENTION: I am very excited to announce that i am done with this story "]
as soon as it is all posted i will be up in the 10 longest stories
Anyhoo I am starting the sequel
It's called 'Healing a Dead Heart'
the only way you will get it is if you REVIEW
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It starts out slow, but get to reading it, and you'll be wanting more. All of my friends that have read loved it, but refuse to help me finish it. haha

2. The Cullens

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I threw down the bear carcass, I had finished, and sat down on the wet and dirty bracken of the forest floor. I didn’t feel like moving just yet. I’ve had my filling, even thought it took a trip to the mountains to find the variety that would sustain for however long this crap was going to go on. I was really ready to just find out who this was. Now that’s I’ve had time to think, I wasn’t as terrified as when I first found out. No, now I’m just pissed that I let someone have that power over me. It freaked me out also to think that this person could ruin my life when I did nothing to anyone. I was just trying to live my life.

Maybe they knew me somehow through-

I stopped myself mid-sentence. No reason to get even more depressed when I’m already so low, and have so many things against me. Life really does suck. I pushed the ground throwing myself up to my feet, and quickly buried my last meal. I did feel kind of bad that I had to kill animals. When I was human I was all about animal protection, and never ate meat, but I figured it was better than killing humans to stay alive.

I opened the trunk of my car, just parked outside of the forest. My clothes looked horrible. I looked like I was mauled by a bear, drug through the mud, and fell from every tree in the forest. At least, my clothes looked like that. My skin was never torn, however my hair was slightly damaged, which only made me want to kill that bear even more. So thank goodness I had spare clothes in the trunk. I didn’t think I would ever get use to hunting. I’ve been doing it for nine years, and I always look so horrible after every single one.

After changing my clothes and taming my hair, I was back on the road. It was dark out now, but it didn’t affect my driving, if anything it was a reason to go faster. I love driving at night. I was careful the whole way home about letting my thought go astray. I turned up the stereo and sang along with the songs I knew. I pulled into my driveway twenty minutes later. I walked up in the door and flipped on the light. Something felt strange. I felt really odd, like I was being watched. Something wasn’t right. I quickly shut the door, and ran back to my car. I knew it wasn’t rational for me to behave this way, but I had no idea who or what was in my house. I could try to calm myself enough to go back in and face it, or I could leave. I chose the safest one.

I pulled out of the driveway so fast it nearly gave me whiplash.

I was flying down the road, when I remembered I have nowhere to go. I was so use to running to him when I was scared. He always knew what to say to make me feel better no matter what. He’s not here. So what do I do now? There was something in my house, I was terrified to even know what it was, and not exactly thrilled about having to face it again. I don’t like Forks anymore. It seems everywhere I go someone is out to get me.

I was snatched out of my thoughts when I heard a loud bang on the top of my car.

Holy crazy Jews, there is someone on top of my car. It’s official. I’m just not meant to live as a vampire. I stopped the car quickly hoping whoever it was would fly off. Nope, no luck.

I stepped out of the car, to face who was threatening me. I stopped when I didn’t see anyone. Maybe I really am going crazy. I hate this. I’m so paranoid, and now someone is really out to get me. This is just too much for me to take. Before I knew it I was sobbing. Dry sobs of course, but it was strong enough to make me crumble to the ground.

It startled me when I felt two massive arm encircle me. I jumped up instinctively, and whoever it was stepped back away.

“WHY?!!” I screamed, before I could register my thoughts. I was drawn back when I saw the person’s face, as he stepped closer to me. He had large golden eyes like mine, and massive muscles. His hair was as black as night, and his skin was just as pale as mine. He was a vampire. So a vampire was threatening me. And worse, one that thought just by trying to soothe me, it would make it all better. If that was even what he was trying to do. He stared at me confused.

“What are you talking about?” He demanded looking at me horrified.

“Why are you trying to scare me away. I‘ve never done anything to you” I stopped to steady myself. I can’t get angry, I have to remind myself that I can stop this without having to leave or fight “I just want to live my life, or at least what’s left of it” He looked at me skeptically.

“I don‘t know what you‘re talking about” he said shrugging. Before he turned I saw something that looked like anguish in his eyes. This didn’t look like someone who would want to hurt me, or run me away, but I did just meet him. I sighed heavily. I was going to give him a chance. Maybe he really didn’t know anything that was going on. I stuck out my hand on a whim.

“I‘m C.J.” I said looking straight at him. He looked at me and smiled.

“I‘m Emmett” he mumbled slowly grabbing my hand. That sounded like a pretty unusual name. Actually I never heard it before. He noticed my expression and chuckled.

“What?” he asked mid-laugh.

“I’ve just never heard that name before” I said quietly. If he really was nice I didn’t want to ruin it by making fun of his name. It wasn’t odd, it was just different. I liked it “It‘s different”

“Well” He said apparently still amused, but probably at what he was about to say “It‘s not everyday that you meet at girl named C.J.” Now I see why he was laughing. I didn’t care, I like my name.

“Well-” I started but was cut off.

“Come with me ok?” he stared at me intensely “I need to take you to Carlisle”

I had no clue who he was even talking about and was about to protest, when I felt myself nod. Hopefully I didn’t just get myself into something. Not like I really had a choice. If he really wanted me to go he could have made me. He was easily much stronger than I was. I hopped into the drivers seat and he just stood there.

“What are you doing?” I asked “Get in”. He looked at me like I had lost it before he spoke. He pointed one finger towards himself.

“I know where it is” he paused to turn his finger towards me “You don‘t. So I drive”. He smiled triumphantly. I glared at him as I made my way around the car to the passenger seat.

He drove extremely fast, faster than me even. I would have told him to slow down, but only to protect my car. It wasn’t built to exceed the numbers he was trying to reach.

“Emmett, seriously you are going to fry my engine. Cool it with the lead foot” he chuckled and I saw the MPH meter slowly move down.

Minutes later we pulled up in front of a huge house. It was gorgeous.

“This is were you live?” I squeaked. He laughed, but just nodded. I didn’t feel very right. I just met this guy and I’m at his house. What if he really was crazy? What if he brought me here to kill me? He didn’t seem like the violent type, but he sure was big enough to be. I cautiously stepped out of the car, as he opened my door. I walked behind him through the door, and noticed that there were more vampires piled around the living room. They all stared at me wide-eyed, and I noticed the strange girl from school among them. Did that make her a vampire too?

I couldn’t seem to find my breath. I was so scared. Any chance I had surviving tonight is gone. Maybe if I run right now and get a good head start, I’ll make it out alive tonight. One of them stood. He had bronze hair, and was by far the best looking in his family.

“We are not going to harm you C.J.” He spoke softly. My eyes grew wide. How did he know my name? “So there is no need for a head start” he chuckled “And thank you”. I rose my eyebrow. What the hell is going on?

“H-How do you know my name?” I stopped “And how did you know what I was uhh-” He cut me off.

“I‘m Edward” he said, approaching me “And I can hear your every thought, I pulled your name from Emmett‘s head” So that explained the ‘thank you’ part. He heard what I said about him being more beautiful than the rest of his family.

Crap, I thought loudly. This is going to suck. I thought my head was the only place I could hide, guess I don’t even have that.

Edward broke through my thoughts.

“C.J. who are you here with?” he asked looking me straight in the eyes. I could tell them am here alone, but that would make it too official. It would register in my mind, that I would never see him again, and I wasn’t ready for that. I sighed in defeat. I just blew it. Edward heard all of that.

“Yes I did” He said answering my thoughts.

“You know that annoys people” I said glaring at him. I heard several voices

behind me saying things like ‘you have no idea’, ‘yeah it really does’, and ‘just get use to it’.

“So are you going to tell us your story?” He asked.

“Why do you care?” I challenged. I knew I was behaving rude, but did he honestly expect me to just open up to him. I just met them. Just then a blonde male stood and walked over to the side of us. He looked more like one of those gorgeous movie stars that my mom use to be so in love with, than a family man.

“Carlisle” he snarled “That‘s not safe”

“It‘s the only way, Edward” the man named Carlisle said and went to take his seat back next to a beautiful woman, about twenty-five, too young to look like she had children, but I assumed she was the mother-figure of this family.

Edward looked back at me and spoke.

“If you are going to take up residence here we need to know your story” he paused, and I looked up to him confused “We have been here for a while, and you are welcome to stay with us”. He looked like he was forcing the last words out. Did he really not want me here that bad? I half assumed him to respond, but he just shook his head, and shut his eyes.

So I guess I would tell them my story if it meant that much to them. Edward sighed and opened his eyes.

“Thank you” he whispered, and he lead me towards an empty couch on the far side of the room. Every eye in the room was on me. There were nine vampires waiting for me to begin, and I couldn’t have been more nervous, had I been human. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Edward, sitting to my left was getting impatient. So without hesitating I just launched into my story.

“I was born July 27th in 1989. I lived in Portland, Oregon for most of my life, but when I was sixteen, me and my mom left my dad to go be with her parents, because she didn‘t believe they would live much longer and she wanted to be with them. Anyway, so we moved to Walla Walla. She loved it, but I hated it. The weather was always so cold.

“One day at school was different from the others, mostly because we hd a new student. I quickly noticed he was different. He never ate, he never talked to anyone. I was intrigued. I wanted to learn more about him. So, he was surprised one day when I sat at his table, just on a whim. At first he was very angry and said that I didn’t need any friends like him. Then we started talking, mostly because I was very persistent. He always said strange things that I couldn’t keep up with, and he was relieved that I couldn’t figure out what he was.

“Soon after we were inseparable. He was so amazing, everything about was just a lure to me. I couldn’t keep myself away from him. It wasn’t long until he started starring in my dreams. One day some of his kind were passing through. We didn’t know until they showed up. He didn’t know them at all, and they only stopped because they smelt me. I didn’t know at the time what was going on, and was shocked that he was talking to them like they were so vile. Their eyes were deep red, and I was terrified. He fought them. There were only two, but he was strong. He won. I was hiding behind the couch, trying to block thee sounds. When the screeching stopped I just stood there in shock, because I still had no idea what had happened.

“He then explained to me what they were… and what he was. At first I was terrified. I told him to stay away from me. But as the days grew into weeks I felt a strong ache to just be with him. It was killing me. Everyday I had to fight the urge to touch him, to kiss him. And to see him all alone again hurt so bad. I finally gave in when I knew I could stay away any longer. He was very surprised, and I told him that I didn’t care what he was, that I had already fallen in love with him” I stopped to clear my head. I didn’t know if I could go on, it hurt so bad. The memories…..I was usually trying to forget were now coming full force to the surface, and digging a hole straight through me. I sucked in a deep breath, and looked up to see eight pairs of eyes looking sympathetically at me. Great, I seem pathetic. I lowered my gaze to the floor, and forced myself on.

“We lived like that for two years. He was by my side. Sneaking in at night, just to lay with me while I was asleep. He was relieved that he no longer had that secret over me, and we could be honest with each other. I knew he didn’t age, and that people were going to start noticing. So the week after I turned eighteen, we left together. I didn’t know what was going on. He told me that he wanted to have a life with me and I happily agreed, even if that meant changing me. He took me around the world. We went to cities, and countries I hadn’t even heard of. He wanted me to experience it all, before he changed me. He thought my human memories were so much more important. And it did take some time to convince him that I wasn’t going to change my mind once I was changed, and not love or want to be with him anymore. I was actually shocked he would even think that. He knew I loved him with everything” I stood up ,and started to pace to relax myself. I couldn’t hold my steady composure for much longer, and I needed to go ahead and finish my story before I had a melt down.

Just then a girl stood, and walked over towards me. She had long chocolate brown hair, and was very beautiful.

“It‘s ok” she whispered hugging me tightly. She stepped back, and looked at a blonde boy sitting across the room “I know two people right now in this room, that know exactly how you feel. Oh and I‘m Bella”. I stepped back away. This family was being very nice to me. I was extremely grateful I ran into them and not some freaks.

“Thank you, Bella” I smiled genuinely at her. I sat back onto the couch, and was just about to pick up were I left off, when I caught a whiff of a very familiar smell. I recognized it just as a tall tan boy walked through the front door. The girl, Nessa shot up from the couch with a huge grin on her face.

“Jacob!” she squealed, like a little girl.

This was not safe. I remember that scent. He is not safe. I heard myself snarl before the words flew from my mouth.

“YOU KILLED JARED” I screamed, and lunged at the surprised boy, before anyone even know what had happened.