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Cries of a Dead Heart

She lost her meaning for life.
Everything has gone so wrong in her life, lately.
When she meets the Cullens can they help her find a meaning to live, and even a family?
Or will she find love in all the wrong places? I have a majority of this story writtenthe more reviews I get the faster the next chapters will go up :]

“Edward, what did Alice see?” she asked, like she didn’t even want to know the answer.
I don’t think I really wanted to know either.
The whole room, including me went into shock at the sound of one word.

“Wolves” he whispered.


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ATTENTION: I am very excited to announce that i am done with this story "]
as soon as it is all posted i will be up in the 10 longest stories
Anyhoo I am starting the sequel
It's called 'Healing a Dead Heart'
the only way you will get it is if you REVIEW
thanks "]

It starts out slow, but get to reading it, and you'll be wanting more. All of my friends that have read loved it, but refuse to help me finish it. haha

6. Gone

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He saw the climax of those words as soon as it left his lips. My knees buckled under me, and I felt him scoop me up, and start to run. The flashbacks were coming back so vividly and strong I couldn’t stop them. Flashback I could feel the swift breeze ruffle the hem of my dress, as I sat waiting. We were finally getting our alone time. I have missed Jared so much these past couple of weeks. It seemed like he was always busy doing something. Whether it was working, hunting, studying, etc. I heard a rustle behind me as I saw Jared come back into sight. “You‘re always gone” I pouted. He chuckled and scooped me off the ground planting me on my feet. “It‘s ok love. We have the whole night to ourselves” he whispered. The whole night. That sounded perfect to me. He walked over and hit play on a little stereo. The music that flowed from the speakers made my heart jump. My favorite song: Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. It was perfect for dancing. I’m so lucky I have him. He smiled a seductive smile, and sauntered towards me. He pulled me into his arms as I draped my arms around him. I just wish everyday could be like this. We moved slowly tempo, him trying to up it and spin me, which didn’t work. Every sway made my breathing hitch. “I‘ll never get tired of that” he whispered into my hair. He moved so gracefully and perfect. I love everything about him. I stood up on my tip-toes and planted a kiss on his nose. He laughed. “What was that for?” he asked. I smiled. “Well, excuse me” I said trying to act defensive “I didn’t know I had to have permission to kiss you”. “You don’t love” he sighed. He bent down and our lips met in to middle. It was so carefree. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulling him closer to me. He pulled back after a few minutes, and I pouted. He chuckled at my expression. I flicked him on the nose and he laughed harder. If I would flicked a human like that it would have rammed through their skull. “Sorry. You are just so cute when your mad” he said still laughing. I sighed and leaned my head against his shoulder, as we danced into another song. I heard something rustle in the trees behind me and a twig snap. I snapped my head around, and Jared was by my side in a flash. He ran over to cut off the music, and was by my side in less than a second. I smelled a horrible mildewed odor that I remembered from our previous home. The huge creatures stepped out into the clearing each one flanking at one’s side. A huge black one in the middle. I saw pure hatred cover every perfect crevice of Jared’s face. A terrifying sound ripped through the beast that made me shake. Jared grabbed my arm and threw himself in front of me. “Jared we need to run. There are too many” I whispered. He didn’t change his defensive position, and I was silently wondering why these things haven’t made a leap for us yet. He flipped his head towards me with panic in his face. “C.J. RUN” he switched his focus back on wolves as they started to close in. he was crazy if he honestly thought I was leaving him here alone to face this. “No Jared I’m not leaving you” I screamed. He sighed and grabbed my hand. We took off into the forest hearing their snaps and growls behind us. He let go of my hand so we could run faster. I kept running until I could no longer smell the beasts. I jumped into the nearest tree and climbed it, sitting on a branch. Jared was sure to show up within the next couple of minutes if I’m lucky, and not those wolves. I heard a sound ripple through the trees and shatter my heart. It was Jared’s scream. He was in pain. “NOOOOO” I screamed, jumping from the top of the tree. What could they be doing to him? Then I heard the final sound. It sounded like metal being ripped up. The noise twisted my stomach. That couldn’t be what I think it is. Flashes of images passed through my mind, of what it could be. I screamed, running faster, hoping my imagination was playing a sick joke on me, and I would see Jared…alive… End of Flashback “NO JAREDD!!” I screamed. I felt Edward shudder. I couldn’t believe after all this time of trying to block it out, that memory could come up so quickly. And vividly. It was almost like I was there again seeing him. I felt the spot where my heart should be twist in agony. My whole body shook. My dry sobs making me shake violently. “It’s Ok C.J.” I heard Edward’s voice trying to calm me. I felt a shudder of sobs as they raked through my body. “I’m so sorry” he whispered “I wasn’t thinking” I realized we had stopped moving. I opened my eyes, and realized we were in the car. I was sprawled across Edward and Bella’s laps. Alice was sitting in the front seat looking in the back at me. I felt so embarrassed by just letting my emotions take control of me like that. “Don’t be” Edward said startling me “You needed to let it out”. I sighed and slumped back in his lap. Bella raked her blood-red nails softly back and forth on my arm trying to soothe me. I sat straight up as soon as my mind was cleared, and I remember one important detail. “Carlisle where is my mom?” It surprised me how weak my voice sounded. “Don‘t freak out C.J.” He replied from the driver’s seat. Don’t freak out? My mother could die and he doesn’t want me to freak out? “A gunshot victim was brought in a few hours ago. They lost him about thirty minutes after you disappeared. Your mother is in surgery right now”. I felt my body relax slightly. But shouldn’t we be there to make sure she pulls through? “Alice has already seen that she will. And the hospital has called your uncle. He will be there to help her when she stabilizes” Alice nodded her head vigorously from the front seat. She would be ok thanks to me, and of course Edward’s money. If we hadn’t been there…..there is no telling how long it would have been before she was even found, let alone taken to get help. I smiled. At least that was one good thing today. Not really enough to balance it out, but enough to make me feel a little better. But those wolves. Those freaky scary, nightmarish wolves. They followed me. Why do they want me so bad. I’m not that special. I was beginning to think about earlier, and try to put some pieces together when Edward grabbed my arm. “C.J. just forget about it before you put yourself through that again” he whispered. I nodded. He was right. I at least needed to wait to get the recent mishap out of my system, before causing myself anymore pain. When the car stopped at the several minutes later I was still laying across Edward and Bella. They didn’t mind, and it did make me feel a little less crappy. The rest of the family was waiting for us in the yard. When I stepped out of the car I felt my feet leave the ground. Emmett picked me up and squeezed me to his chest. “Don’t ever scare us like that again” he said putting me back down. The were honestly worried about me, and I could tell by the looks on their faces. But why? I’m a freak. A freak with a freaky power that’s trying to get me to drink my non-existing blood in me. “Sorry everyone” I mumbled looking down at my shoes. My ugly pink shoes. Edward busted out laughing behind me. I spun around to see what was so funny, but he just shook his head, and I heard him mutter something that sounded like ‘ha shoes’. What was so funny about that? Oh well. That’s Edward for you. What can you do but love him? Jacob came running out of the house just then. Oh yay. More wolves. Just what I needed. “Hey are we going to C.J.’s house or what?” he asked so carefree, like I wasn’t standing eight feet from him giving him a death glare. I freaking hate wolves. Edward please tell him to make space before I do something that will get me kicked out. “Jacob” Edward said quickly “You and I will go ahead and scope”. thank you Edward. Jacob nodded and took off into the woods. When I saw him come back out as a wolf, I freaked. “AHHHHHHHH” I screamed jumping several feet in the air. Emmett caught me and set me back on my feet, then buckled over laughing. Thanks a bunch Emmett, I thought sourly. “Don‘t EVEN come near me” I screamed at the wolf. Emmett started laughing harder, with others joining him now. Edward took off into the direction of the forest, and then they both disappeared into the trees. This is one messed up world. “Emmett it’s not funny” I yelled smacking him in the back of the head, when couldn’t stop laughing. Rosalie covered her mouth to hide a chuckle. That made me start laughing which didn’t help Emmett. I finally got control and Emmett stopped laughing only to snicker every time I did anything. I was going to have a hard time living that down. Me, Bella, and Esme were the only ones not allowed to go. Everyone else was at my house sniffing around while we just got to sit here, and look at each other. I stood up quickly, startling them. I walked over to the huge white piano sitting in the living room, and just decided to wing it. I had played piano when I was human. My mom bought me lessons and all that jazz, but my heart was never really in it. I sat down and began playing the first thing that came to my mind. I closed my eyes and just let he music take over me. It was beautiful, and I recognized the tune. The song just flowed out of me, like that’s what it needed to do. I felt a hand grip my shoulder, and opened my eyes to see Bella sitting beside me smiling widely. I think she might know this song. I was playing the song from the night at the meadow. My favorite song, and it always would be just because of the memory of the last time I had heard it. I would never forget his touch, and the way it made me feel when he told me he loved me. I would never forget any of his memories, but I don’t need to live on them. It only causes unwanted pain. I leaned against the piano as the song came to an end. “C.J.?” it was Edward. Apparently they were back now. I sat up quickly. “Edward I’m so sorry I know I should have asked” I apologized. Edward shook his head. “It’s ok I honestly don’t care” he said sitting beside me “I just didn’t know you could play” I sat back up and gingerly pressed one fingertip to a random key. “I’ve never been great” I mumbled “I just had a sudden urge”. He chuckled, and it surprised me. My head snapped up. “That’s how I play” he explained “I never really plan to. It just comes to me, and I play it” I grinned sheepishly back down at the piano. Music has always been my outlet to just about everything. Either playing it or just listening to it. It always made the situation a little better. “Come with me” Edward said grabbing my hand, and pulling me up. I followed him upstairs, and down the hallway. We walked past several doorways before he turned. I turned to walk in and my jaw dropped. Edward chuckled and put a finger under my chin pushing it closed. His room was amazing. Two of his wall was cover ceiling to floor with records, and CDs. I walked closer and noticed that they were in order. There were tons of varieties. Everything. Some dating back to the forty’s. I grabbed a record I was more familiar with from that time. “May I?” Edward grabbed it from my hand, and walked over and put it on the player. The whole room filled instantly with the music. Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller flowed easily from the huge speaker. It didn’t sound like it was very old. “I take very good care of my music” Edward said pointing around to walls “If you cant tell” Yes I could. I could tell that Edward loved his music, but you couldn’t tell by just having a conversation with him. I had no clue he had this much music. The end of the song brought me back to reality. “Did you…..find anything?” I asked timidly. He looked up from the record case still in his hand. “Yes” his voice was toneless. Not a good sign. “Well….” I hedged. He couldn’t just leave me hanging like that. “Jacob said the scent was very old but” he paused. Oh crap “These wolves are not like them….they have a foreign scent”. Wait did he just say wolves? Oh my god. Do I have some kind of freaking wolf target on my forehead, or just extremely bad luck? “It seems like both” Edward said seriously. “That sounds just peachy” I sighed. Edward came up next to me, and surprisingly put his hand over mine. “We are going to get through this ok?” he said looking me in the eyes. I couldn’t help but nod. It was like a non-thought process. I sighed, and walked to the other side of the room, planting myself on his couch. “Let’s play twenty questions” he lifted one eyebrow “Oh just humor me” “Alright” he said walking over to the couch “twenty each?” I nodded. “That’s how it goes”. He crossed his arms across his chest as I thought about what I would ask him. “How old are you?” I finally came up with one that didn’t sound too nosey. I would get up to those. He smiled at my attempt. “I am very old” he laughed. Very old? “I was changed at seventeen, but I am actually one-hundred sixteen years old” My eyes grew wide. Holy crap. He is really old. I’m only twenty-eight. “Oh darn you ruined my question” he said laughing. I rolled my eyes. So my question was not very creative, but I would get to those, and he would be wishing I had stuck with boring questions then. “Ok my turn” he said pulling me out of my thoughts. I waited. He was taking a long time. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like his question too much. “Today would be nice Mr. Cullen” I teased. He smirked. “Ok what is one thing you regret most?” he asked surprising me. I didn’t really think I regretted anything. But I did… “I regret letting go of his hand…” I whispered. He started to say something but I cut him off. “My turn” I said sitting up “What are the differences between the La Push pack, and the pack that?….well you know” He nodded. “The pack in La Push are not suppose to harm us, because we are different from nomads” I rose my eyebrow. We were different. That didn’t stop the other wolves “we have a treaty. We aren’t allowed to change our diet, and they aren’t allowed to harm us”. Now it made sense. It must be a pretty restrained pack. For them to stop long enough to talk to a vampire before ripping their necks out. Jasper walked in followed by a jumpy Alice. Great, she saw shopping in our future, it was written all over her face. “C.J. me, you and Bella are going….wait for it…-” Alice’s chirpy voice made her sound like an eight year old. “Let me guess Alice….SHOPPING” I sighed. She nodded and strolled over to my side. “What’s the matter C.J.” she asked. Everything. Why di these wolves want me so freaking bad. I never did anything. Or were they just wanting to attack me before I attacked them for killing Jared. Normally vampires avenge their mate. And I should, and I would if I ever got the chance. They are probably just trying to kill me before…. “Edward” I said. He was apparently following my thoughts. “What’s new” Jasper asked startling me. “You‘ll see” Edward said “I think C.J. just figured how we are going to get rid of this ‘wolf problem’ ”. Jasper’s eyes grew wide. “Jasper what is it?” I asked. He backed away and flew out of the room. Edward took off after him. Great more mysteries. Alice gave me a worried look, and we both followed after them. “Which way?” Alice asked stopping at the forest line. She expected me know? She saw the confusion on my face. “The last person you touched…Edward….concentrate. See if you can work your power” she explained. Now I see what she was saying. I closed my eyes tightly and focused hard. In my mind I saw flashes of Edward. Edward in his room, Edward at the piano, in the hallway, in his room. It worked. She is taking a long time. I hope we aren’t wasting time trying to figure out her power. “Ok Alice I’m ready” I whispered opening my eyes carefully “We aren’t wasting time, but we do need to hurry”. Hey eyes grew wide. It worked. Yay. I’m brilliant. Separate. I nodded and took off to the left. “Edwaard. Jaaaassspperrrr” I heard her yelling “Where are youuuuu?” I rolled my eyes and continued to run until I couldn’t hear anyone anymore. I slowed my pace. Stopped, and looked around. I was in the middle of the forest, and I had no idea where. Run. I should run. Just incase. I sucked in a deep breath and picked up my pace. I slowed when I heard Edward’s thoughts come into hearing range. Where is she? Where is she? Oh my god. I sped to Edward and he looked up at me astonished. I stopped right in front of him. His face was twisted into confusion. “Where is who Edward?” I asked. How did she know? Wait she must have used her power. Wait… “Yes Edward I was able to control my power enough to find you” I explained. “Now who is missing” He looked down at the ground, and I felt the control on my power slowly slip. Great now I have to force it out of him. “At least tell me why you took off like that” I said grabbing his arm. He looked me in the eyes and I felt immediate sorrow for him. Pain was written all across his face. “Jasper felt a great wave of grief, and I saw in his mind it was coming from Bella” he explained “I took off after him. I hoped I could find her….but” his gaze dropped back to the ground. “Edward, but what?” I asked “Is Bella missing. Did she run away?” he shook his head. “Nessa” he whispered.