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Midnight Violets

Renesmee is now living in Denali, Alaska with Edward and Bella. Their only close relatives are Tanya's family. Suddenly, an unexpected visit from an old friend sets Renesmee into a rush of feelings she has never experienced. (Renesmee is now 5 years old, but has the appearance of a 15 year old teenager.) PLEASE REVIEW!! I love writing, but i need you guys in order to get better!:)

I have the second chapter finished. It will be posted depending on how many reviews I get. The reviews will help me on my future writing:) Disclaimer: The characters in this story are not mine. They are all property of the author Stephenie Meyer.

1. Chapter 1; Insight

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Chapter One: Insight

Some say that time passes slowly others say that it flies by; however for me it has been as if the years were metamorphosing into minutes, unstoppable, and slipping away from my fingers. My nights are filled with dreams of being part of something real, or at least something that normally exists, even though not many know about it. Human or Vampire….I am neither. What am I? I am one of kind, or so they tell me; what I see is a girl who doesn’t belong in this world, who doesn’t fit in any known category; not even in fairytales.


Five years have passed.

The snow was falling fiercely in my face, full of anger, as if it knew just exactly how I felt and was trying to connect its feelings to mine. How would it be to feel the cold fingers of the snow caressing my skin? Or at least the way everybody who is not of the supernatural world feels.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining because I had so much happiness in my life that could easily pay off all this anger I have towards me and my way of life. I know exactly where I come from, and why I’m here; this however doesn’t mean it is easier to deal with. I was engendered into this world without anybody knowing that it was possible that something like me could exist. My parents are the pure reincarnation of love, and I have never been able to see two people that love each other more than they do. That’s how I was created, because of their immense love. My dad was able to love my mom with the same intensity that he loves her now, even in her fragile human form. Yes, I am a hybrid child, just like my dear Jacob; I wonder how he is and if he misses me…?

I am half human and half vampire, nobody in this world can experience and have all I do, plus stay eternally young. My mom had two paths to follow, there was no shortcut to her choice or a halfway path; it was either left or right….vampire or human. She gave up her humanity for my dad and to bring me into this world. Sigh.

I slowly got up from the pile of snow I was sitting in and shook the snow off my back. I looked around; I knew it was cold, even though I didn’t feel it as a normal human should. Wow! What a beautiful place this was; the tall evergreen trees, the pale, delicate snow falling from the blue-gray sky, and the wind, swaying angrily, my long silky, bronze curls. Even though it could have taken me half a second to get home, I took my time; appraising the mysterious world around me, yet not so mysterious to me anymore, due to the fact that I’ve been living in Alaska two years now. The three years before that, I lived in New Hampshire, while my parents finished off college.

I started running as I got closer to my town.


I turned around and looked to where the voice came. I realized it was Tanya, and before I even thought of walking slowly toward her, she was already right in front of me. “Tanya! We are in public!” I whispered to her.

“Oh, please nobody saw me. Remember I have been in the business more than you have” and with that she barked out a charming laugh, that would of left any human man with his mouth open.

I stared at her in disbelieve and finally composed my expression. “Did you want to tell me something?”

“No just saying hello.”

“Oh…ok.” I looked at her for a fraction of a second, and she gave me an innocent smile. “Are you sure?”

“Ok. I guess I can’t hide it. I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go for a shopping adventure with me today. I mean, I know that you’re parents are out of town and I also know that shopping is your obsession. Besides, what else do you have to do?”

I knew exactly what she wanted.

“Um…actually I was really looking forward to getting to my house and going to sleep. You know… that human experience I unfortunately inherited.”

“Yeah, I know what sleeping is.” She made an aggravated face and murmured under her breath something about sleeping being a waste of time.

Of course she wanted me to come with her. It was routine for her. She takes me out, makes me waste more money than I should, and then she gets to apologize to my dad and tell him how much she is sorry for being so irresponsible with a 15 year old, at least physically. She doesn’t miss one opportunity to talk to my dad. Even if she knows that I am not that dumb to fall for her trick again and that my dad is a happily married man.

“Fine party pooper. I guess I can’t convince you to go shopping with me anymore. I’ll have to find another way to get you out of your house…hmmm.” She ran her fingers through her long blond hair in deep thought.

“Ok Tanya, good luck with whatever you are planning. I have to go; I am seriously exhausted. See you around.”

“Ciao” She yelled half way out of my sight by then.

When I finally got home, I flew upstairs and launched myself into my enormous queen sized bed. My room was one of two rooms located in the second floor of a small two story-high cottage located in the outskirts of town. Out of the huge window that covered one whole wall of my room I had a stunning view that left me breathless every time I looked through it.

As I stared through the window, in silence, I started recounting the things I did today. It had been a boring one, by the way. All I did was sit on the snow in the middle of the deep forest; thinking about my life and admiring the beautiful scenario around me.

I let my mind wander for a while, and out of nowhere the thought of Jacob seeped into my thoughts. It was weird to have Jacob so visible in my head, I hadn’t thought of him in a long time and I hadn’t seen him in the five years I have been away from Forks. Why did the thought of Jacob make me ache so much? He had been no more than a friend, a big brother to me; at least that’s how my sharp, vampire mind, remembered him. Sure, I missed him, but in the same way I missed grandpa Carlisle and grandma Esme, or the rest of my family. However this ache I feel cannot be of a missing friendship; it is of longing, as if I was tied to him in some strange way that was unknown to me. As I twirled with the thoughts in my mind, I heard a sharp knock in the door downstairs.

I frowned.

My mom and dad were out hunting and were not going to return until tomorrow. Even if they came early….they wouldn’t knock, they had their keys. The other only possibility choice was someone of Tanya’s family, but it couldn’t be them either, I just saw Tanya and she didn’t say anything about coming. They always called in advance before coming and they wouldn’t come without my parents being here, either.

Another knock, this time sharp and desperate, broke my hesitation, and I speeded down the stairs to open the door.

I was about to scream at the person who dared to interrupt my peaceful morning; when I looked up and saw the gigantic figure before me.