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Midnight Violets

Renesmee is now living in Denali, Alaska with Edward and Bella. Their only close relatives are Tanya's family. Suddenly, an unexpected visit from an old friend sets Renesmee into a rush of feelings she has never experienced. (Renesmee is now 5 years old, but has the appearance of a 15 year old teenager.) PLEASE REVIEW!! I love writing, but i need you guys in order to get better!:)

I have the second chapter finished. It will be posted depending on how many reviews I get. The reviews will help me on my future writing:) Disclaimer: The characters in this story are not mine. They are all property of the author Stephenie Meyer.

4. Chapter 4: Tiny Troubles

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Chapter Four: Tiny Troubles

My head was floating through space. All of me felt exceedingly light and abnormal; confusing. What is happening? What is this, and most of all, why does it feel so right? It shouldn’t; should it? I mean, he’s my friend, the older brother I’ve always wanted, isn’t he?

Ohhhh…this is really wrong, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Why is he doing this to me? Doesn’t he realize how hard he is making this for both of us? I’ve never felt this way before, but I know exactly where this is going, and I don’t think it is anywhere good. Oh…but for God’s sake it feels so good!

I tried unsuccessfully to entangle my hands from Jacob’s, but my effort was futile. He didn’t even notice what I was trying to do. He just continued brushing his lips softly against mine, barely even touching; a soft tender brush. That didn’t make it any easier to deal with, but finally I was able to pull away by an inch. In response, he softened his hold on my hands and I was able to pull one of them to his cheek; though it was numb, I tried to communicate with him my perplexed thoughts.

Please Jacob, stop. I can’t think coherently. I need a moment. This is all new to me. Please!

Even though my eyes were still close I mumbled a barely audible please through my mouth just as he stopped kissing me.

“Nessie…” He whispered, still with his forehead positioned on mine. “You can open your eyes…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to confuse you; it just felt like it was right, at the moment. I guess it wasn’t; I should have warned you since the beginning, about my feelings for you.” He softly kissed my forehead and released me completely only keeping one of my hands, but at a safe distance where our bodies did not touch anymore.

I carefully opened my eyes and looked at him intently, with a billion question screening in my eyes. Immediately I looked down, and I was pretty sure that my face was an embarrassingly sanguine color. At that moment, I noticed that the violet, Jake had given me, was lying on the floor. I bent down, and picked it up twirling it in my now free hands.

From the corner of my eyes I could see Jake still staring at me; both of us acting like two immature teenagers, who didn’t know what went after the kiss. Obviously, the reaction wasn’t unusual from me, considering that I was a teenager, but Jacob? What was he? 25? This was all wrong. It didn’t make sense. Why was he attracted to me? A weirdo among weirdoes, plus way younger than him.

“Nessie?”He whispered again. “I’m really sorry.”

I looked up confusion boring through every part of me; with the flower still rotating in my hands. “Why?”

“What do you mean why?”

“Why did you kiss me?”

“Umm…” He was unable to respond coherently, but enough for me to understand him. He let himself drop to the ground and sat there with his legs crossed.

I immediately noticed that he wanted me to sit too. So I did; keeping a reasonable space still between us.

“Renesmee, I don’t want to confuse you; that wasn’t my intention. I just…” He probably was equally confused as I was. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but there are many quirks, that you still don’t know, that are kind of a package deal to my werewolf being.”

I sat there staring at the flower in my hands, and then turned to him, signaling him to continue.

He did. For a little more than an hour, he explained to me everything there is and was to know about werewolves, in the most slow and calmed way he could, as if trying to not scare me off.

“So…what you’re saying is that…you imprinted on me, since the moment you saw me? Is this why I’ve always felt sort of... a connection to you, why it was so hard to separate from you?”

“Sort of…yeah...” he was obviously still scared that I would run off on him; but I wouldn’t. This had become too interesting to cut it off like that.

“Is this imprinting thing…” I gulped “like love?”

“Actually, it is more than that. It is like I’m no longer living of the earth and sun and everything around me, but you. Like my whole life and being revolves around you.” He looked at me carefully saying everything at the same time he analyzed my reaction.

“Oh.” I had nothing more to say I didn’t know if I felt the same way. I was still to confuse to find out.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to say anything yet. I know this is too much to take in for one day. Actually, it has been a very long day for me too, and I think we missed the aurora borealis, thanks to my babbling away. Sorry.”

I went out of my trance of thought and looked up to Jake who was already standing up offering a hand for me to stand up. “Um…don’t…don’t worry they come out almost every night.” I said taking his hand and pulling myself up.

“What do?” He was obviously very distracted too.

“The aurora borealis”


Jake didn’t even bother to face on the way back, and I didn’t even bother to run at my full speed. We were both in deep thought, that by the time we got to the house we just stayed there, standing, neither of us talking.

“I’ll stay out here so you don’t feel uncomfortable, don’t worry about me.” He mumbled.

I just nodded and went inside without locking the door, still in my trance.

In the morning, I was woken up by the faint morning light coming out of my huge window and the beautiful chirping of a Semipalmated Plover outside. I turned around under my covers and squinted at the clock in my bedside table. Oh my gosh, it’s 6:30! My parents are supposed to come back today. Where’s Jacob? I flew down stairs before I even thought so, and bolted through the door, still in my pajamas, scanning my accurate eyes across the forest in front of me. “Jake, where are you?” I yelled, though he was nowhere in sight.

I ran back inside, up the stairs, and into my parent’s room. Phew! They weren’t here yet. I rushed downstairs again, determined on finding Jake, that my mind wasn’t on the run. I ran right into Jacob.

He caugt me. “Why in such a hurry?” Jake asked with a smirk on his face.

“I don’t have time for your sarcasm Jake, I forgot my parents are supposed to be here any minute. You have to go.”

“Why? They have to find out that I’m here. Or are you planning on hiding me?”

“Umm…I guess...” I bit my bottom lip in nervousness, a habit I’d gotten from my mom. What should I do?

“Ok, you can stay, but please behave. I’ll be right back.” I said, half way out the door. I fished my phone out of my pajama pocket and speed dialed my mom’s cell. My dad answered on the first ring.

“Yes love?”He answered.

“Umm…daddy, I have a problem. Never mind, where’s mom?”

“Why? She is still hunting, but we are about done and we’ll be there in about an hour. Nessie, you know you can tell me whatever you plan on telling your mom.” He said tenderly, but I could hear a hint of suspicion in his voice.

“It’s because…we have a visitor.” I waited for him to burst into anger for letting myself talk to strangers and all that, but instead he stayed in silence; as if pondering what to say next. “Daddy?”

“I’m here. Who’s the visitor?”

“Promise me you won’t get mad first.” I said with a nervous tone.

“Renesmee, you are frustrating me. You know that I won’t get mad as long as you don’t do something really horrible.”

“It’s Jake.” I blurted out, unable to stop the words from spilling out of my mouth. There was silence on the other end, and then my dad seemed to have answered someone on the other end of the phone before answering back to me.

“Jacob’s the visitor?” he asked confused.

“Yes. I’m sorry, daddy. I got caught off guard. Suddenly, he was just here…”

“Is he with you right now?”

“I went outside to call mom, he is inside the house.” My dad seemed to be informing my mom now, about everything.

“We’ll be there in less than an hour. Ok sweetie? Then we can talk. Don’t worry I’m not mad.” He hanged up before I could say anything else, and I snapped my phone shut. I put it back in my pocket and went inside.

As I entered back into the house, I scanned the room in front of me for Jake. He was sitting down, with one of my dad’s car magazines, but as soon as I went through the door he put it down and turned to me. “You talked with Edward, right?”


“Did you tell them I’m here?”


“Can you answer anything more than ‘yeah’?

I laughed and went to sit on the couch opposite him. “He didn’t say anything. He just told me that they were about done, and that they’ll be here in less than an hour. Then he said we will talk when they were here. “

“Your dad the same over protective dud, huh?” Jake said with a mocking smile. “Aren’t you old enough to be alone with strangers?”

“Stop it Jacob! Listen I will not tolerate your immaturity, especially when we are trapped here waiting for my parents to come. I don’t want to have to break you during a fight and then have to clean up the blood.”

“Fine. A little sadistic today?” I glared at him with the most menaced stare I could give him, and he flinched back. “Sheech, you are so scary when you get mad! You look so horribly like Edward.”

I dismissed his meant to be insult.

“Jacob, there is something I need to tell you about me; and before my parents come. They don’t know yet about this and I need your help. I don't know what to do.” I continued staring at him, but not really looking at him, but instead staring into space remembering the call I had gotten a couple of days ago; from them again.