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Midnight Violets

Renesmee is now living in Denali, Alaska with Edward and Bella. Their only close relatives are Tanya's family. Suddenly, an unexpected visit from an old friend sets Renesmee into a rush of feelings she has never experienced. (Renesmee is now 5 years old, but has the appearance of a 15 year old teenager.) PLEASE REVIEW!! I love writing, but i need you guys in order to get better!:)

I have the second chapter finished. It will be posted depending on how many reviews I get. The reviews will help me on my future writing:) Disclaimer: The characters in this story are not mine. They are all property of the author Stephenie Meyer.

5. Chapter 5: Choices

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Chapter Five: Choices

The feeling of terror overshadowed me all over again. I was suddenly stricken by the seriousness of my problem. At the moment, when they called me I just knew nothing good could come out of them, but now as I sit right in front of my best friend knowing all the truth about his feelings for me I am overcome by panic. I knew that it really wouldn’t make any difference, to me, if they fulfilled their so hunted desire, but it would make a difference to Jacob.

I had to tell him. I was half of him and he was half of me, he had always been. What would it be like for him…?

When my heart was no longer beating, my body no longer tender and warm. When my lovely, seductive blood did not run through my snow white, albino skin… I’m sorry love.

Come on Renesmee, tell him.

“Nessie? What is it? Hello? Are you ok?” I could see him; I just didn’t know what to do, what to tell him or how. Jake was passing his hand in front of my face, as if trying to get me back to him.

I bowed my head in resign; better get it out before my daddy came back. It will be easier to tell Jacob before my parents. It would be like dealing with one problem at a time, instead of with two. Jake passed his hand through my hair, moving it out of my face. He then lifted my chin with a tender touch. “Nessie, please trust me; whatever it is you know I’ll be on your side.”

“I do trust in you Jake. I just don’t know how to tell you.” I hesitated.

“Spit it out baby, no matter what it is it’ll be ok.” He smiled, completely clueless of my mood and panic.

I breathed deep and pulled up my courage. “Jake, first you have to promise me that you won’t lose your temper.”

“Sure. I mean it couldn’t be worse than what you’re already going through, right? He said nudging me.

“I’m being serious Jake.”

“Fine then. Shoot.” He said frowning and becoming rigid at the urgent tone of my voice.

“Jake…the Volturi called me.” I said releasing the breath I had been holding to build my courage.

He stayed quiet for a fraction of a second and I suddenly felt him explode out of his seat with anger. “What do those retching vampires want with us now…n…n…now that I’m finally with you and couldn’t be happier…h…h…how could they! Can they take anymore from us?!

“Jacob!” I stood up and held his trembling hand to mine, with the other I forced him to look at me, locking my gaze to him. “Jake, listen to me. You promised you wouldn’t overreact; if you can’t handle this I shouldn’t have told you. Now, are you going to burst into a wolf or are you going to let me tell you everything?”

“I need you Jake, now more than ever. It’s as if you came here just in the exact time that I needed you the most. So please understand what I’m telling you and help me solve this in the right way. I decided to tell you first because you are important to me, and because I need you on my side when I tell my parents. Ok?”

I released the force I was exerting in my hand to keep him looking at me, and he turned it back to gaze at the window with a deep frown on his face. He was still trembling, and very hard at that, since I could feel the couch trembling along with him. I smoothed out the fist I was holding in my hand and kissed it softly. I held it close to my face and breathed in his sweet, smoky wood smell. I could continue on naming all the different scents that were unique to Jacob, my sweet, over tempered Jacob, but some of these, my mind didn’t even have name to. They were scents only my advanced smelling sense could detect.

I breathed in one more time and dropped his hand which was no longer trembling. I touched his arm and rubbed it softly. “Come on Jake, please listen to me. Th…they want me to make the complete transformation, to be a complete vampire. Jake they’re threatening me with my family…with you. Please try to understand, I have to do it. Look at it this way. I don’t change a lot; I’m half vampire and I still drink blood. So how worse can it get.” I said trying to lighten the mood again, but I could feel him start to tremble under my hand again. “Jake?”

“You’re not doing it. There has to be a way to prevent them from getting into our business.” He turned to look at me and I saw how deeply angered he was. “How did they even know about me and you?” he said throwing his arms up into the air with desperation.

I sighted. “You know we can’t really hide from them, they know everything. That’s way I have to do it. There’s no way around it.”

“Yes there is!” he yelled. “There is always a way! We can fight them. I can gather the pack we can go back to Forks to Dr. Cullen and his family; I know they would fight for this. We are enough to finish them.” Now he was talking incoherently, his voice full of rage and he was trembling uncontrollably.

“I know we can fight them Jake, but it is a risk…”

“I’m willing to take for you. You don’t understand Renesmee I can’t lose you again. I…I can’t lose you to the same thing that I lost your mom!”

I held his face in both of my hands restraining him from moving. “Jacob, you’re not going to lose me. I’ll be exactly the same person.”

“NO! That’s what you’re mom said too…you won’t be. Right now there are still some things I share with you…some things that connect us. When you become a complete vampire, there will be a pole of difference between us. We will be like fire and ice. I’m sorry but I don’t know if I can stand it…the smell. Your skin no longer warm and cozy, but cold as ice…I…” he shivered with disgust as he said this.

“Jake, when two people love each other, there is nothing that could ever separate them. Do you really mean that you will stop loving me when I’m a vampire?”Tears were releasing from my eyes at this point, like prisoners who had been waiting for an excuse and a way out.

He pulled my chin up and caressed my face with his thumb. “I don’t know Nessie. Maybe you are right and not even this could separate our bond, but I don’t know, and I don’t want to risk knowing…I love you just the way you are, unique, like no other.”

I wiped the tears that had escaped from my eyes, with the back of my hand and turned up to look back at Jacob. “Do you have a better solution then? Because I don’t see another way out and I have no idea how my parents are going to react to these too and…” I was crying again. Seriously, what was wrong with me? It seemed as if lately I had done nothing but cry.

Jake was wrong, there was nothing that could be done. I didn’t want any of my family hurt, and the Volturi weren’t going to stop until they destroyed our family. That was all they wanted. They have never cared about the welfare of our kind, all they cared about, was power. And we were too powerful, according to them. We were a danger to their welfare.

“We will find a way Nessie. You don’t have to give up anything. You understand me? I will be here and won’t let anyone touch you. Especially does bloodsucking devils.” He was cursing under his breath, but I wasn’t paying attention anymore. There was no other way out; I had to do it whether they liked it or not. I will not let my family suffer on my account.

“Sure Jake.”

Suddenly I heard a distant car passing and sensed that it was my parents. They must have come immediately when they hanged up with me. “Jake, my parents are coming. They are entering the path that leads to the house.” I jumped off the sofa and went straight to bathroom.

When I entered the room I closed the door quietly behind me and stared at myself in the mirror for a fraction of a second. Uhh, I was a mess. I started wiping my tears away and tried to fake a lying face that was probably not very convincing. They didn’t have to know that I was suffering because of this.

I went out of the bathroom and speeded down the stairs to find the living room empty. Then, through the window, I saw Jacob standing outside. I walked slowly through the door and went to Jacob. I stood next to him until I could see my parents car approaching.

“We’ll get through this together Nessie; you’ll see.” Jake said with deep determination in his voice. He took hold of my hand, gave it a squeeze and released it almost immediately, as if in an effort to give me strength as well as draw strength for himself.

The car speeded down the drive and parked right in front of us and my mom burst out of it before it could come to a complete stop.

“Renesmee! Oh sweetie; are you ok? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” She hugged me softly and I rolled my eyes.

“Mom, I thought uncle Jasper was the only one in the family with the power to feel emotions from others. I thought I had destroyed the evidence.”

“Oh Renesmee your eyes are red and remember that you can’t hide anything from me.” She hugged me again and kissed me in the cheek about a thousand times.

“Dad…” I turned around and saw my dad and Jacob staring at each other deeply. I guessed they were having a private conversation again. Great. Jake was probably telling him everything. There go all my preparations.

“Thank you Jacob.” He turned to me and smiled sweetly. “Nessie, Bella, why don’t we all go inside and talk for a moment?”

I was trying very hard not to think of my earlier conversation with Jake, just in case he hadn’t told my dad everything. Mom pushed me towards the house and we all walked to the door at a human pace.