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Choices Banner This story takes place in Eclipse when Riley goes to Bella’s room to gather her belongings for Victoria. This is what could have happened if Bella had arrived while he was still there, and the events following. Written pre-Breaking Dawn, so that book will be disregarded here. This will include my idea of how the series would have ended.

Choices Banner *Written before Breaking Dawn was released, so that book will be ignored with this story.

25. Breaking Through

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Chapter 25: Breaking Through


Another couple of weeks passed, still with no sign of Victoria. Bella was becoming more and more frustrated; she kept asking where we would begin searching next. That would be difficult to determine. Victoria, James and Laurent had all been nomads, never really settling anywhere. The most reasonable thing to do would be to send some of us to Alaska to talk to Tanya’s family. They were mad that Laurent had been killed, but they had spent enough time with him to possibly have some information. Perhaps he had mentioned areas the three of them had frequented or something - anything would be helpful.

We had just returned from our shift. Once again, I had enjoyed having Bella all to myself, but we were both disappointed, having found nothing. There were only two more weeks until Jasper’s initial time period of two months was up, and I was becoming impatient. I wanted to find Victoria as much as Bella - the entire family just wanted this to be over, so Bella could start her life again. She was recovering immensely well, but there were still some nights that were difficult, and she would let the pain run its course. I detested those nights...there was rarely any way for me to make her feel better.

It was Rosalie and Emmett’s shift now. They had just left, and I was hoping they would come up with something. Emmett said he was thinking about going farther north. Bella and I were in Alice’s room. Alice always insisted on spending time with us as soon as we returned - she claimed to have withdrawals from Bella. Jasper and I were looking through his vast book collection, with him pointing out the newest additions. Alice was showing Bella how to properly organize a closet, hinting towards re-organizing ours next. She was holding a notepad containing a detailed diagram, when she suddenly gasped and froze, the notepad falling to the ground.

Jasper flew to her side. Pulling her to a chair, he set her down in it, and looked into her eyes. "Alice, what are you seeing?"

Alice shook her head, clearing it, and looked over at Bella. They both slowly started to smile, as Alice turned to me. "It seems as though Victoria has a new target. She’s coming after me," she said, a wicked smile causing her teeth to pull back over her lips menacingly.

Jasper and I both started cursing, our anger getting the best of us. Jasper pulled Alice up into his arms. "She’ll never get to you, Alice. Never," he growled.

Alice laughed lightly. "Don’t worry, Jasper. All that she’s done is give us a way to find her."

I spoke next. "Alice, how do you know this? What is all of that I’m seeing? Isn’t she still blocking your sight? And why would she want to come after you?"

"Well, I don’t think she’s focusing as much on keeping my sight confused...she assumes Bella is dead, so it seems like she thinks we’ve moved on. I don’t think she realizes I’m still paying such close attention to her. She’s still confusing her thoughts, to some extent, but it’s clearer. Her mind is flashing through images, which she keeps mixing up. She thinks of Bella, then you, and then me. She’s thinking of the connection we all had...then she thinks of all these newborns - there’s about fifteen of them. All the images keep getting switched around, but I think it means that she’s coming up with some kind of plan to get to me. I not only have a strong connection to Bella, but also to Edward. I think she’s moved on to trying to hurt you more, Edward. Since she thinks Bella’s gone, she now seems to be focusing on taking things away that both of you were connected to. It’s not certain, and I’m not sure how to explain it, but trust me...it just seems right. There’s some kind of buzzing energy in her - it’s like she’s starting to go crazy, like she’s becoming consumed with things that were connected to Bella, and it’s getting harder for her to hide it," Alice finished.

We decided to call Emmett and Rosalie back home to discuss Alice’s vision. When they arrived, we all gathered around the dining room table. Alice explained again what she had seen, and her thoughts on the issue. I added that after seeing the vision in her mind that something was definitely different with Victoria...she did seem to be losing it. The intensity and inconsistency of the order of the images, combined with the ‘popping’ and buzzing sensation was very strange. It was like she was trying to control it, but was too consumed with it.

We tried to concentrate on the newborn aspect. They must be the ‘army’ she’d created. That would certainly explain the large fatality increase on the outskirts of Seattle that we’d been wondering about. Rage coursed through my system, and had to fight to remain calm. We couldn’t quite figure out how she was planning her attack...it was too vague. As we were sitting there, tossing out various ideas, Alice began to have another vision. She gripped the edges of the table, as Bella gasped.

"Yes!" Alice exclaimed gleefully. I smiled as I saw it. There were a series of images of the newborns, in the forest not far from our house, mixed with an image of Victoria moving away from them, in a confused path leading back towards our house. The images were interrupted with utter blackness, and something like a series of electrical sparks, with the same ‘popping’ sensation from before.

"She’s going to let them loose in the forest about two miles south of here...I can’t tell when, but I think it’s soon - maybe a day or two," Alice stated, clearly feeling triumphant.

Jasper was perplexed. "All right...it makes sense as a distraction for us - she knows we go to a great extent to live here and remain undetected, so of course we would immediately act to stop anything that threatened that, especially a bunch of rabid newborns, before they could get to town. But if we think she’s coming after you, Alice, how does she plan on getting to you? If she thinks we’ll all go to take care of the newborns, doesn’t she assume you’d be with us? Why would she be heading towards the house?"

None of us understood this. Instead, we decided to focus on what we did know. After discussing our options extensively, Jasper laid out a plan before us. It would require help, though. I sighed, irritated. I took out my cell phone and dialed. This was becoming too frequent of an occurrence.

When Jacob answered, I explained to him what had happened. I told him how Jasper wanted the wolves to position themselves far enough away to not be detected, but close enough to swiftly deal with the newborns once released. I told him we would ignore the lines of the treaty due to circumstances, and offered that Emmett and Jasper could meet them to help eliminate the newborns faster. After they were finished, the wolves would move in to block the path from the south. I explained how my family planned to split ourselves off to the east and west of Victoria’s designated path, again far enough away to not be detected. We could close in when it was time. Bella and I would remain near the house, and after everyone had moved in to position, we would join them, blocking the north, and essentially any possible path of escape for Victoria.

I emphasized again how we were planning on Bella ultimately finishing this, and questioned whether or not the wolves would be able to restrain themselves enough to not attack Victoria unless needed. Jacob replied that if Sam approved, the wolves were familiar with Victoria’s scent, so they should be able to control themselves, especially if Sam orders them to.

I listened to Jacob intently. He said he would speak with Sam, and get back to me. As we waited for him to call back, I felt the energy around the table. My family was ready for this; we could sense an end to this nightmare. I studied Bella. She was almost shaking with anticipation - she’d been struggling to contain herself ever since Alice’s first vision earlier that night. I smiled at her, letting her know I loved and supported her. She smiled back at me, clearly anxious as she waited for my phone to ring. When it did, she almost jumped out of her chair.

"Hello, Jacob?" I answered.

"Yeah. Sam agreed. It’s on," Jacob replied, business-like, then he hesitated. "Are you sure Bella’s ready for this?" he asked, uncertain.

I glanced over at my Bella. There was a fierce intensity deep in her eyes as she stared back at me, waiting with the others.

"Yes, Jacob. I don’t think she’s ever been more ready for anything," I answered.

We agreed on the details, and I told him when and where Emmett and Jasper would meet them. After finalizing things, I hung up and looked up at my family. We were all silent, but the emotions that flowed from each of us were the same - anger and determination, like none that I had ever known. The end was near.