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Choices Banner This story takes place in Eclipse when Riley goes to Bella’s room to gather her belongings for Victoria. This is what could have happened if Bella had arrived while he was still there, and the events following. Written pre-Breaking Dawn, so that book will be disregarded here. This will include my idea of how the series would have ended.

Choices Banner *Written before Breaking Dawn was released, so that book will be ignored with this story.

8. Timing

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It was about three in the morning when I heard it. Alice. She screamed at the top of her lungs, her voice full of pain, followed by a crashing sound. Esme was sitting with Bella and me at the time, so I ran down the hall to see what had happened, practically colliding into Emmett, Rose & Carlisle. We all tore into her room, only to be hit with massive waves of anxiety coming off of Jasper. Alice was thrashing around on the floor, grasping her head in her hands, and Jasper was trying to get her to hold still. The crashing sound had been the window breaking, as she had obviously thrown something through it.

Chapter 8: Timing


"What’s going on?" Carlisle asked frantically.

It was Jasper who responded. "I don’t know - she was just sitting here, as quite as she has been. Then her eyes got real wide, she picked up the lamp, threw it through the window, and fell to the ground screaming! It’s like she’s in pain - I don’t know what to do!"

I stepped forward, and knelt down on the ground next to them. "Alice! Alice, tell me what is wrong." Alice seemed to hear me. The flailing and the kicking ceased. She looked up at me desperately, but couldn’t seem to find the words. Her eyes wide with panic, she looked directly into mine, and for the briefest moment the wall was let down. The images of the vision she’d just had hit me in full force. Shocked, I stumbled backwards. Then fury took over. I grabbed the closest thing I could find - Alice’s prized dressing mirror - and hurled it against the wall, smashing it into a million pieces. Now I was the one screaming the string of profanities.

My family were all screaming at me silently, demanding to know what was happening.

I turned to Emmett and Jasper. "I can’t leave Bella now. Get the car and head to the airport. Get to Florida as fast as you can...I don’t care what you have to do. That bitch is going after Renee. She’s ahead of you; she just decided to board a plane, and she’s closer to Florida than us. Jasper, we will take care of Alice. Go!"

Without hesitation, they took off. I didn’t know if they’d make it in time, I could only hope. How on earth would I tell Bella that she had lost her mother too? I couldn’t. They had to make it in time. The rest of my family stood in Alice’s room, shocked into silence. Alice had curled up into a ball on the floor, quiet again. Leaning over, I picked her up, and set her on her bed. "Alice, thank you for letting me in enough to see that. I promise they will try their hardest to save her. Rose, will you stay here with her?"

"Of course, Edward. Go check on Bella," Rosalie replied softly.

Carlisle followed me to my room. He was silent. As we opened the door, Esme sat on the edge of the bed, stroking Bella’s hair. She had clearly heard what I’d said in Alice’s room; if she were able to cry, there would have been tears streaming down her face. She understood the horror Bella would endure if she lost her mother. Carlisle went to her side, trying to offer comfort to his wife.

"Will they make it in time, Edward?" Esme asked.

"I’m not sure," I answered darkly. "Unless Alice has another vision, and shares it with us, we won’t know until they get back or call."

Five hours later we had our answer. Rosalie quietly entered my room. "Edward, I think you should go to Alice - something has changed with her. I’ll sit with Bella."

I rushed to Alice’s room, and when I entered, I found Alice rocking back and forth in a highly agitated state. I walked to her bed and sat down next to her. "Alice?" She leaned over and rested her head against my chest. She let the walls down again, and I covered my face with my hands. When I looked up, I saw Carlisle and Esme standing in the room, waiting to hear the news.

"Renee and Phil are dead. She got there first," I said icily.

My parents gasped in horror, and I heard Rose curse under her breath from my room. This was an absolute nightmare.

I looked into my parents’ eyes, my expression fierce. "She has taken everything from my Bella. She has taken her father, her mother, and her stepfather. I’m sure you all remember that Renee was pregnant...so she has taken Bella’s sibling as well. I do not know how or when, but I will end this. I will make her wish that she had as easy a death as Riley did." I saw the resolve form on my parents’ faces, and knew they would be right there at my side when the time came. No one does something like this to our family. No one.

This is how we started the third day of Bella’s transformation, the day we expected her to wake up: with the knowledge that we would have to inform her of the deaths’ of the rest of her family.

The day went on...we were all very quiet since Alice’s last vision, most of us lost in our emotions. I waited, and waited some more. Nothing happened. Bella lay as still and quiet as ever.

I had called Emmett earlier and told him the news, but asked them to continue on to Renee’s house and get whatever they could from it that might mean something to Bella - photos, things of that nature. I also wanted to make sure that Victoria had disposed of the bodies, but didn’t voice that aloud.

It was late afternoon, and I was beginning to get beyond anxious waiting for Bella to wake up. I sat next to her, pleading, "Bella, love, please wake up. Please, Bella. I have to know that you’re alright. Please, love." Nothing.

I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. My mind began to race with horrifying thoughts. I briefly wondered if a head scan would work on someone changing, and contemplated ways to sneak Bella into the hospital so I could check for brain activity. Carlisle would never allow it, though. Perhaps I would just purchased the equipment myself. Ludicrous ideas along these lines began to occupy much of my thinking. I would go crazy if I had to sit here waiting much longer.

Esme came up for a while, and tried to convince me to take a break, to maybe go hunting. I refused adamantly, saying I wouldn’t leave Bella’s side, so she sat with me. Carlisle checked in many times as well, but there was nothing to report. Eventually dawn came, signaling the beginning of day four, and as Bella remained unconscious, my despair deepened.