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The One No-One Knew, Thus Three Had Known

There is a new girl in Forks. She can do anything, even though she is clumsy. No-One in Forks has seen her before now except her father. What will happen if she falls in love? Will she let herself fall or rise? Will she let herself love him?

This is my first fanfic so please criticize me.

1. Chapter 1

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I do not believe in my sanity anymore. Why? Because, I chose to go to Forks, Forks, Washington, on my own. Forks the most green, small, rainy, cold, damp place on the face of the Earth! At least in all of North America.

At this very moment I am on a plane to that very place Forks. I am insane. When this plane descends, I will get off, grab my very few, very small bags, go to the parking lot, and get into my Father’s cruiser. A cruiser! He just has to be the Chief ofPolice of this very small, couple hundred population place. And I know that everyone will be staring and avoiding the cruiser with curious, smug, and frantic looks.

I look at my watch. “10:15”. The plane left the ground around one and a half to two hours ago, so about an hour or two left till descent.

With this thought in mind I lay my head facing the window and fall asleep listening to the soft hum of my music in my ears, under the blanket I brought with me keeping me warm with the smell of home in Phoenix.

* * * * * Yet many, many minutes later at the airport parking lot * * * * *

I knew it. Everyone, I mean everyone was staring at the darn cruiser. With this in mind I ran to the cruiser, where Charlie –Father- was waiting with a giant smile on his face. I curtly smiled back and helped his as he put my stuff in the trunk, as I also heard the whispers of the onlookers.

Oh, oh, so slowly, for humanly possible, we got in the cruiser and drove away. For the time has come and I am taking my one step forward, thus not in life, but in hell. For hell is my next destination, otherwise known as Forks.

* * * * * The next day * * * * *

I woke up to my alarm clock that sounded like a rooster with a sore throat. It took me five hits to turn it off, I think I broke it. After it was off, I sighed and got out of bed; grabbing my toiletries, a pair of tight-blue jeans, a strapless tank top, and sleeves that had a ribbon on the top, I skipped to the bathroom that me and Charlie shared. Once, I was in I locked the door and turned the water on for a shower.

When the water hit my skin, I finally started to wake up. While bathing I thought about how things were going to turn out for the next couple days in this hell-hole since there was no school.

I got out of the shower and got dressed. The blue jeans ended just before my belly button, my blue strapless tank top ended three inches below my pants line while the top it had black frill-type design, my black sleeves with blue butterflies started about half a foot below my shoulder and was tight all the way to my elbow where it started to flare out, not much, and ended at my knuckles with the edge hanging four inches out, and my straight-black knee-high socks.

I walked out of the bathroom, made my bed, folded my pajamas and put them by my pillow, and went downstairs to the kitchen. I heard something moving in the next room, even though the T.V. was on. I walked into the room cautiously, to only hear and see three people burst into laughter at something that happened on T.V., which only made me stiffen in shock.