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Live This Life

Sequel to I Need You to Love Me. It is strongly recommended that you read that first or else you won't know half the characters. She doesn't own a dress, and her hair is always a mess. If you catch her stealing, she won't confess. She's beautiful. Here she is again on the phone. Just like me, she hates to be alone. We just like to sit at home. Well she wants to live her life, then she thinks about her "life". Pulls her hair back as she screams, "I don't really wanna be the queen, I--I don't really wanna live this life.

Well she wants to be the queen, and she thinks about her scene. Wells she wants to live her life, and she thinks about her life. Pulls her hair back as she screams, "I don't really want to be the queen. I don't really want to live this life." As always, it belongs to SM, except for the summary. those are the lyrics to change your mind by all-american rejects.

1. Chapter 1--Meet Virginia

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Chapter One--Meet Virginia

She walked down the halls of Volterra as if she owned the castle. Her stance was daring and defiant, arrogant and she knew it. She stood tall among her fellow coven, and their masters. She was unabashed and daring, pushing everyone--masters included--to their limits. Alec had yelled at her several times, ordering her to stop. She wouldn’t. As far as Gia was concerned, no one owned her; no one had the right or the ability to tell her what to do. She was her own person and she would be damned if someone thought otherwise, Master Caius included.

Her long hair trailed behind her, caught in an invisible wind. She did have beautiful hair. It was long, and an impossible shade of red: a bright red, the color of the rising sun. The blue tips on the end only added to its allure; the sharp contrast was almost painful to look at. Running a tanned hand through it to keep it away from her face, Gia flung open her bedroom door and closed it without a second thought as to who was following her, demanding an audience. She really did not want to look at him right now.

There was a loud rap on the door. Him. She astutely ignored him. Instead, she walked over to the windows to stare out at the city. The moon hung in the midnight sky, casting a silvery glow on the bustling city. Surprisingly, Volterra was still a hub of activity. She really wasn’t that surprised. It was the weekend celebrating St. Marcus, and tourists flocked to see the extravagant festivities. While Master Marcus was unimpressed and even abashed at them, his new bride was enthralled. A bright and bubbly thing, she loved to watch the humans and their attempts at celebrating a myth. It amused her. Gia understood it and even appreciated her mistress’s attempt to bring normalcy to the coven. For the last decade, Gia had found the coven to be stiff and boring. Being a vampire quickly lost its luster, so the young vampire’s attempts to civilize them were greatly appreciated. At least, on Gia’s end, they were.

“Gia,” he called softly. His voice warmed her heart. Shaking her head, she had to remind herself that she was angry at him. She didn’t want to see him at the moment. So, she astutely ignored him, and stared out the window, watching the parade that wandered through the cobblestone streets.

“Gia, please,” he called again, this time a little louder. Just barely, though. She knew that he hated to make their fights a spectacle. He preferred them to keep their personal lives discreet, away from the prying eyes of the coven, who yearned for a live soap opera to liven up their dull existences. Gia knew that she should talk to him, sort things about. She just did not want to. She wanted to stay angry at him. That made the ideas that floated around in her head easier to bear the thought of. If she didn’t love him, she reasoned that she could easily leave him. The only problem was that she did love him, and as such, leaving him would be a fate worse than death.

Yet still, she ignored him, hoping that he would have the decency to leave. Deep down, she knew he would not. He was far too stubborn to let her go to sleep before they had a chance to make up. He was set on her never going to bed while they were arguing. That thought infuriated her. That might be what he wanted, but how dare he think that he could choose what she wanted for her! She was her own person and if she wanted to be angry, than dammit, she was going to be angry, and no one was going to tell her otherwise! The door creaked open. She heard him walk in, sighing in relief when she did not stop him or order him out. That was something she could not do. It was his room, too.

Yes. The masters had kindly given them a large room, a room fit for mates, after they had determined their commitment to each other was not just passing fancy. “Gia,” he said to her again. Her skin tingled. She loved it whenever he whispered her name in his deep, husky voice. Whenever they fought, his voice always took on an edge that made her stomach churn and the hair on her arms stand up--and the feeling had nothing to do with fear. He knew what her reaction was, and Gia was sure that he did it on purpose. Rather than give him the satisfaction of winning, Gia strode away from him as he walked to her.

She slammed the bathroom door shut. Turning on the shower, she stretched, giving a moan of satisfaction just to put him in his place. He needed to remember it. She turned the shower on full blast, and as the room began to fill with the warm, wet steam, she leisurely stripped, enjoying the feel of the hot air against her bare form. It wasn’t something she felt often. As she passed by the mirror, Gia--like every other woman she knew--could not help but look at herself. It was not out of vanity, but almost out of reassurance that she was still who she was, that this life had not changed her as drastically as she tried to deny. Her fiery hair still fell down her back, gently tickling her. Her eyes were still too big for her face, and still that deep, riveting navy that Alec could not get enough of. Her skin was still olive, sharply contrasting with her hair, her eyes, and the entire coven. Though she could drink blood, her body preferred human food, and human drink--she still loved chocolate milk. She had to sleep and breathe. If she did not know any better, Gia would have sworn that she was still human. The only that betrayed her was her age. She hadn’t in nearly a decade.

Gia knew that if she wished, she could have forsaken her human propensities and truly looked like a vampire. But that would have involved her using her gift twenty-four seven, something that was mentally straining and easy to forget. No. It was easier to live as a human and then use her gift when necessary. Yet, she could not resist. Closing her eyes, Gia emptied herself of all else and pulled on the silvery strings of her power that lingered in the hollow of her mind. To truly use her power to the fullest, she would send her humanity on another, fully transforming them into a human and allowing her to fully accept her vampirism. Sometimes, however, she could control it enough to where only she was effected. But those occasions were few and far between, and they only lasted for a few minutes. Gia opened her eyes to see her reflect and immediately turned away.

She hated seeing herself as a vampire. It scared her. Her skin was the color of watered down milk, making her red hair seem wild and untamed. The blue on the ends looked feral and abstruse. Her large eyes always grew alarmingly to an unnatural size that looked alien. The bright ruby color that was always tinted with a coal black showing her increasing thirst was demonic, especially combined with her skin tone and hair color. Her face went from soft and cute to sharp and pointed, monstrous. Gia hated whenever she caught a glimpse of the silver tongue barbell that as she spoke. As it flashed in between in white teeth, the silver ball keeping it in place flashing in the light, she knew that she looked evil. It scared her. He always called her beautiful whenever she looked like he did--like they all did, but she did not believe them. They all knew she looked freakish as a vampire, and they all preferred her to stay in her more human form.

Sighing, Gia stepped into the shower. As she rinsed the scented shampoo from her hair, her hands happened to trail over the bite marks that were littered on her neck, proving his love for her, down her chest where the bruises littered, an ugly yet beautiful statement that he had marked her, that she was his and his alone. Forcing the tears away, she massaged the corral loofah over her body, cleansing her body from any sin that might remain. She still wasn’t married to him, after all. She stayed under the water until it was cold and only then did she turn off the shower. Frustrated that she left her other clothes in her dresser, she wrapped the towel around her torso securely before she left the warm, steamy bathroom for the chilly air of her bedchamber. As soon as the door swung open, he was there, in her face.

“You locked the door,” he growled softly.

With one wet hand, she pushed him out of her way and proceeded to her dresser.

“What were you thinking?” he hissed. “What if something happened to you? What if you fell and hurt yourself? What if I couldn’t save you in time? Why won’t you let me talk to you?” He cried in desperation.

Ignoring him, Gia dropped her towel. She did not let any outward sign of pleasure show when she heard his appreciative gasp. Opening her drawer, she pulled on the most covering pair of panties that she could find, and then she pulled out a floor length nightie. She was trying to look like an old spinster, hoping to keep his mind from going down certain paths. She was in no mood to do that tonight. She knew that she should blow dry her hair. It always looked better when she did. But that meant that she would have to listen to him try to convince her to talk to him for fifteen minutes. Gia did not think that she could handle that. Decisively, she crawled into bed and turned out the light.

He groaned in frustration. She grinned triumphantly but quickly wiped it from her face. He could still see her easily. She had to be mindful of that. He pulled his shirt over his head as he kicked off his shoes. As he lay down beside her, he tried to wrap his arm around her. Instead, she pushed his arm off of her and scooted over. The idiot had the nerve to follow her. In an instant, he was human and she elbowed him in the stomach. He rolled away, clutching his midsection, his breathing labored. It was her silent way of commanding him to not touch her.

“You have to talk to me sometime,” he told her as soon as the pain had subsided.

She did not answer him, choosing instead to pull the thick sheets up to her chin, and close her eyes. She was going to go to sleep angry if she could. Her mate had other ideas. Without warning, he grabbed her wrist and yanked her over into the center of the bed as he straddled over top of her. Eyes wide, Gia moved to smack him only to have him catch her wrist in mid flight and pin it above her head. He swooped down where he proceeded to plant soft kisses against her neck, hitting all of the right spots to make her have to fight valiantly to hold in her moans. He knew her body better than she did, it seemed. He lovingly kissed up and down her neck until he came to her erratic pulse. She felt him smile as he breathed in deeply, the scent of her blood proved to be more tempting with venom mixed with it. She could not help but wonder if it was because it was Heidi’s venom that suddenly made her smell so much better.

He pulled back to look her in her eyes. She struggled to not say his name. His name was forbidden to ever touch her lips again. If she could distance herself from his name and him by association, she could convince herself that she did not love him. Long fingers were tangled in her hair, bending her head back so he could have better access to my mouth. His mouth crushed desperately against hers, hot and open. Parting her lips, his tongue swept into Gia’s mouth. The sharp points of his teeth grazed over her lower lip as he kissed her

She could not help it. Gia kissed him back a little harder, tasting his soft, full lips. With a coy smirk, she licked his bottom lip, startling him out of his trance.

The effect was instantaneous, powerful, and unexpected.

He shuddered violently, as if he’d been doused with ice-cold water. Clinging to her, his grip around her tightened and he compressed her firmly against his chest. His eyes slid shut and he crushed his lips to hers, causing Gia to gasp. Fire ignited in the pit of her stomach as her heart pounded erratically, heat surging through her veins. Gia wanted to be as close to him as physically possible. Her arms encircled his neck and she pulled herself closer to him, kissing him back with all of her might, craving the chill that radiated from his hard, muscular chest and the feel of his gentle, plush mouth against her own.

He knew that he had her. She could not resist him, no matter how much she wanted to. He would never tell her this, but her long nightgown that she thought to be so outdated, made him feel a fire unlike any other. It reminded him of his time, and what he had grown up to consider beautiful. He adored it every time she wore the slinky, black number. Gently--it was the only one he never ripped off of her, he ran his hands up and down her neck and along her collarbone, reveling in her heat. He loved the woman beneath him with more passion than should have been possible.

In his mind, Gia was one the he loved. He smoothed her sweat-drenched hair and kissed her feverish cheeks. Her head throbbed in anticipation as their bodies rolled and collided in a sea of rumpled blankets. Her heart cried out in desperation when he said he needed her. The way his hands caressed her thighs and how he left tingling whispers on her skin numbs her mind completely.

She fell asleep, to her pain, muttering his name over and over again. How she loved that man. Even if she could never go to bed angry.