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Live This Life

Sequel to I Need You to Love Me. It is strongly recommended that you read that first or else you won't know half the characters. She doesn't own a dress, and her hair is always a mess. If you catch her stealing, she won't confess. She's beautiful. Here she is again on the phone. Just like me, she hates to be alone. We just like to sit at home. Well she wants to live her life, then she thinks about her "life". Pulls her hair back as she screams, "I don't really wanna be the queen, I--I don't really wanna live this life.

Well she wants to be the queen, and she thinks about her scene. Wells she wants to live her life, and she thinks about her life. Pulls her hair back as she screams, "I don't really want to be the queen. I don't really want to live this life." As always, it belongs to SM, except for the summary. those are the lyrics to change your mind by all-american rejects.

7. Chapter 7--Broken

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Chapter Seven--Broken

They sat at the ridiculously long dining table, quietly eating their breakfast. She had been with the hunters for three weeks now, and had quietly, easily assimilated into their culture. She looked just as dainty and frail as Georgiana, but was just as strong as the little fat boy that she had come affectionately know and love as Duncan. While not the paradigm of hunters, Gia was well on her way to being close. Yes, on the outside, she was the perfect image of conform.

On the inside, she was screaming.

Delicately, she sat with her ankles crossed and her eyes downcast as she sipped her oatmeal from her polished silver spoon. Never before had food been so spread out before her, with no end to the plenty in sight. Despite her vigorous training, she surely had put on weight, not that she cared. Beside her sat G., who crossly stared at the wall, refusing to speak. She and Ezekiel--they were somehow related--had fought loudly. Callum, in his peremptorily drawl, commanded Georgiana to settle down and behave like a good little girl. Furious and fuming, she taciturnly obeyed, helpless against the rampant sexism, but staunchly obstinate to see her orders through to the end. She had not uttered a word in two days.

Gia had verbally and physically sided with G. Though she was still new to the lifestyle, she quickly learned how Callum would stoically react to her every move. He treated her with the same cold reserve that he did everyone else. The only one who he occasionally showed warmth to was Georgiana--who, in turn, loved him diligently. Yet he sill remained stuck in the 1800’s, lost in nostalgia as was the rest of Myth.

Though a harsh rebuke was suffice for Georgiana’s punishment, he had struck Gia across the face when she yelled at him for his treatment of her new friend.

“You will never speak to me in such a fashion again!” he roared.

Gia wiped away the spit that ran down the side of her mouth and winced as she tasted the coppery blood. Great, asshole. “You will NOT treat my friend in such a way again! Do you understand me!”

“You forget your place, girl!” he thundered.

“You forget that you’ve kidnapped me! I can’t leave! I have no place!”

“Then learn respect for those in this world that do!”

“I have just as respect for you as you have for me! Oooh, wait, that’s right. I haven’t got any. Sucks for you,” she acerbically retorted.

That had been two days before as well. Never had such an awkward forty-eight hours passed in any of their lives. Things were beginning to settle down and return to normal, or as normal as Gia could assume with her newly added presence. Callum appeared to have forgiven them; Gia did not buy it for a second. A master of obstinance, she knew that he was laying in wait, ready to catch her off guard, and lash out when it was least expected. Let him wait, she thought, she could hold her anger longer than anyone else, and she would retaliate with such a force that he had never dreamed possible.

“The Generals have contacted me,” Callum said with a dull voice.

All heads snapped towards him, Gia’s included. She was not sure who the Generals were, but by the looks on the faces of those around her, they were powerful and terrifying. Psychos, the lot of them. If she was going to get away, she would have to do it before they got here. If they were coming…

“They are coming from all over the world.” Well that answered that question. “The time of the Merciful Massacre is upon us, and they have chosen Myth as the prime city to launch the attack. All new recruits are to be put before the Examination Board, and it is seen whether or naught they are to be counted among our numbers. Those who do not pass shall be dealt with accordingly.”

Though he said it so tritely, Gia knew that it was intended to instill fear deep inside her. Boy oh boy did it ever. She was right. She was going to have to flee for her life as well as the existence of her entire coven. She refused to sit by idle while they fought for everything that their masters had built for the past three thousand years. The stability of the vampiric world was worth the sacrifice of any one individual. On the outside, she painted a gentle smile on her mask and nodded her head accordingly.

“Of course, Callum,” she meekly replied.

Callum nodded his greasy head. “Good.” He turned to stare at the quivering mass of lard.

Duncan’s lips were pressed tightly together, and his entire lumpy body shook. His round eyes were so wide that Gia feared they would fall out of their sockets. He barely managed to nod to the leader of their sect before he fell out of his chair in terror. Gia moved to help him but Georgiana discreetly grabbed her wrist, forcing her to keep still. Gia looked at her new friend--her only dear friend, with accusing eyes. Why not help poor Duncan up? Callum obviously terrified the boy, for he was just a boy, not even fifteen yet. He needed moral support now in his trying time.

Gia paused at that thought. She did not know why this time was so trying for Duncan. He was already a hunter, Callum’s equal, if not in power than status. He had no reason to fear the testing that awaited Gia. She looked questioningly at G. who shook her head no. Questions could wait for a later, more private time.

Callum snorted. Ezekiel took the cue from his teacher. “You are pathetic, a disgrace to the name of hunters everywhere. You don’t deserve to pass the examination. Even Gia is more skilled and talented than you, and she has been with us mere weeks while you have lived here for almost two years. You disgust me,” he snarled.

Gia looked to Georgiana to reprimand Zeke. She looked on the scene with apathetic eyes. She didn’t care. She was just as heartless as the other hunters! Wrenching herself free, Gia pushed away from the table. With anger blazing like hellfire in her eyes, defiantly daring anyone to stop her, she walked around the table--around Callum himself--with her shoulders squared. Kneeling, she wrapped one hand around Duncan’s waist, and the other around his arm. Determinedly, she pushed up with her legs, straining but surely lifting both of them off the ground. Keeping a hand around Duncan’s arm, she turned them, and together they walked up the stairs and disappeared down the long hallway. With a nod from Lord Callum, Georgiana stood up and hastened after them.

“You shouldn’t’ve done that, you know,” Duncan said through pants as she gently sat him down on her bed. “They will reject you for it,”

“I won’t be in the company of bullies and weaklings,” Gia retorted. “What they did was inexcusable…unforgivable. They needed to be corrected. I only wish I had thought of something even better,”

“Still, you have forsaken a good life with the hunters,” Duncan muttered. The mousy haired boy stared at the floor, abashed. Red covered his cheeks and Gia was thankful that she was no longer a vampire. The scent might have been unbearable.

She sniffed defiantly. “I don’t particularly enjoy the lifestyle of murderers.”

“That’s what you think we are?” Georgiana asked from the doorway. “Murderers?”

Gia did not have the decency to look ashamed. She met her once-upon-a-time friend’s gaze. “Do you have another term for slaughtering innocent people? Genocide? Holocaust?”

“That is not what we advocate!” G. snarled. “We serve a higher purpose,”

“Famous words from the Furher himself,”

“No! We are not prejudiced in such inhumane ways,”

“That’s right. I’m sorry. You just want to obliterate an entire race from the planet,” Gia retorted.

“Not the entire race,” Georgiana hissed. Her great eyes flashed dangerously.

Gia wanted to take a step backward, to run, but that was an act of cowardice, and Gia was not a coward. That was not the way of the vampire. The vampire stood strong in the face of danger, did not turn away from the possibility of a fight, did not turn her back on her coven, did not shy away from responsibility, and most certainly was not intimidated by some pathetic half-human who threatened the very core of the world. Dominance flared in her heart, and for a moment, Gia reveled in being a vampire once more. The fiery spirit had not left her entirely, it seemed, but simply remained dormant, waiting for her will to be strong enough to access it. She could feel it stirring within her. She was almost ready. All she had to do was stoke it and wait for the opportune moment.

“Just those filthy mongrels that call themselves that Lords of Vampires, the Volturi. They slaughtered hundreds each year while they claim to peacefully rule the world. They go unchecked, striking terror into the minds of many, and they destroy anyone who disagrees with their ideology. That tyranny must be stopped at all costs.”

“And what right do you have to do this?” Gia yelled.

“It is my natural born duty, as it is yours. Don’t you see, Gia?” Georgiana pleaded. “We are not monsters, we are not angels. We are like humans, somewhere in the middle, trying to do the right thing ing a world full of evil. It is up to us to stop that darkness from spreading any further. We must do everything, sacrifice anyone, give up anything if it means destroying even a fraction of that evil. Do you understand?”

Georgiana had taken Gia’s hand in her own. Her honey eyes pleaded with the stone cold navy ones, begging her to see the light. They needed Gia. Though he was loathe to admit it, Callum admitted to Georgiana that Gia possessed the most raw talent that he had seen in quiet some time. It was her assignment to befriend the girl at all costs, to ensure her help in the upcoming months and battles.

Gia looked at the pleading girl. Though the hunter standing before her made sense, she could never betray her own kind, her coven no less, in such a way. Not if there was still air left in her body. She could not tell G. that, however. That confession would lead to Gia’s demise and then the destruction of the unaware Volturi.

“Of course I understand,” Gia instantly replied. She gripped Georgiana’s hand reassuringly, watching carefully as the girl smiled in relief. “I just wish that you had explained it to me that way earlier. I…I had no idea that such monsters existed in the world. You’re right--of course you’re right. They have to be stopped at all costs. Nothing else matters except the elimination of the Volturi Vampires.”

“So you shall join us in the Merciful Massacre?” Georgiana clarified.

“If the Generals will have me, I would gladly go to the front lines.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” G. cried. Throwing her arms around Gia, she pulled her into a tight embrace. Gia returned it full force, blinking rapidly. Either this girl was a fool, and she was a much better actress than she realized.

The guards looked at them as if they were two headed monsters, not that Alec blamed him. It was amusing and almost endearing that they did not believe that he was the infamously powerful guard of the great vampire clan. The taller of the two looked at him with curiosity and skepticism.

“You?” he clarified for the tenth time.

“Yes. I am Alec of the grand Volturi, and I demand entrance now,”

“And that one?” the insolent man pointed to Carlie. “She’s not one of you,”

“She is with me,” Alec snarled. “Now, open the gates or we shall drive through them,”

The guards shared a glance. With Alec’s approving nod, Carlie revved the car engine. The puny looking one balked. A moment later, the gates slowly creaked open. Carlie flashed them a smile as they drove through, leaving the weak, pathetic, stunned men behind.

“Can you smell her?” Carlie asked, craning her head as she peered around the city that looked as if it was still functioning during the Victorian Era. The only difference was the close and the poorly hidden technology that littered the area.

“Faintly,” he answered. “Nothing concrete. Whoever has her is keeping her indoors and away from anyone who might identify her.”

Carlie blew out. “That makes things more difficult,”

“Not really,” Alec confided in a rare bought of trust. “She is my mate. I can find her any where,”

“That’s sweet in a weird vampire kinda way,” Carlie said with a grin.

“Whatever,” Alec shrugged. He didn’t care. All of his attention was focused on finding his mate and bringing her back to Volterra safely. Nothing else was even of the smallest importance. He would willingly suffer the genocide if only it meant that she was safe.

“Can you smell her now?” Carlie prodded.

Alec sniffed three times, inhaling the sweat of the few humans that littered the streets, the wet dog smell of the lyncathropes, the gentle smell of the vampires, and other scents that were foreign to him. If he closed his eyes and concentrated deeply, he smelled something that, while was not his Gia, was very similar. A pang of fear punched his gut. Perhaps, the other hunters had already found her and had taken her into their guild. They could have manipulated her brain in such a way that she no longer cared for him. She could at that very moment be divulging all of the Volturi’s secrets to the enemy. If that were the case, he would have no choice but to eliminate her, and that was something he could never do. If he was presented with that situation, he would let her live and be the sole cause of the genocide.

Carlie noticed the sudden tensing of his jaw. She pushed harder on the accelerator. They whizzed by mothers who barely had time to pull their children safely out of the shiny red car’s path. Curses and insults were screamed at the top of women’s lungs, each one painfully clear to the two passengers. While Carlie felt cut and pained at each incident, Alec did not even let them get under his skin. He had been called much worse and by the time this catastrophe was over, he would most likely learn new insults that defaced every side of humanity.

“Turn here,” he ordered.

Carlie obeyed. The convertible swerved and screeched loudly. They peeled into the secondary street. It had been designed for carriages and horses. The car barely fit in it, a poor planning flaw in Alec’s mind. One would suppose that an ageless, mythical city would have enough funds to renovate for modernism.

Great tudor buildings lined the cobbled streets. The light posts were iron and still had to be lit by men at dusk. Tethering posts were still in perfect working condition least a horse need to be tied. Laundry hung on lines strung between the homes to dry in the gentle breeze. It astounded her that people could still live in such a way.

Alec sniffed the air intently. He could not smell his beloved. That terrified him, making him imagine the worst. He could not get the image of her lying on the street, naked and broken out of his mind. If someone had hurt her, he would make sure to rip that man apart piece by piece. Revenge would be his. The scent similar to Gia’s clouded the air as they drew near a large mansion surrounded by a great stone wall. It presented no problem to the vampire and a half as they pulled to a stop in front of it.

“Does this place house the smell?” Carlie asked.

Alec nodded his head. “Yes. It does. This is it.”

“What’s the plan?” she inquired.

“Clarify that,” he ordered, the dominance in him ordering her about without the blink of an eye.

Luckily for him, the pigheaded girl was not the dominant one in her coven. She was used to answering to others. “I am assuming that there is a specific protocol to handle situations like these. I highly doubt that you were planning on storming the castle to save your fair damsel.”

Alec looked at Carlie. “What is wrong with that?”

Carlie looked at him dubious. “We could be walking into an ambush. We could be slaughtered on sight, or used as bait to make Gia talk. This could be the wrong house. She might be gone already. She might even be dead. There are things that you have to considered.”

“Consider my ass. Gia is there and dammit, we are going to get her now.”

Carlie held up her hands in defense at his lacerating tone. “I was just being the brains of this outfit, something that you, like all men, seem to be lacking. Can we at least surveillance it for one night? Just to make sure that there is nothing shady underfoot? She would never forgive you if you did something foolish and got hurt only to be wrong,”

Alec sighed. “Twenty-four hours. I am going to go in there tomorrow at noon sharp, with or without you, do you got that?”

Carlie nodded her head emphatically. “Crystal clear. And don’t worry,” she said as she backed her flashy car up so she could hide it in the shadows. “I will be right by your side. Like you said, Gia’s like my big sister. I love her.”

Alec nodded. “Good.”

Georgiana stood behind Gia, fingering her long red locks. Gia looked at her friend’s reflection in the mirror of her vanity, watching her intently. The look on G.’s face told her that something was going to happen, most likely something that she would not like.

“You’re hair is gorgeous,” G. whispered in awe as she nimbly combed her fingers through the sunset colored locks. “I am envious,”