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1: Jacob and Renesmee

This is my take on Jake and Nessie's future. After all, their lives go beyond the end of Breaking Dawn! This story is part of the "Their Futures" Series!!! I will be adding more to this story and sequels will come when I finish it!!! The sequel, "2: Marie Masen", is up, but i'm having some difficulties with the second chapter!!! If you have any ideas leave them in a review of the first chapter that I have so far for my continuation!!!

I'm not afraid of harsh reviews so if you don't like my work then please tell me that!!! There is a quote froma very good book at the end, and as a disclaimer I admit that I had nothing to do with it!!! That bit of brilliance and humor belongs to Annette Curtis Klause!!! I also had absolutely nothing ot do will the creation of the Twilight Saga; I just enjoy manipulating its characters!!!

2. The Next Morning

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The Next Morning

Jacob’s POV

When my cell phone rang, I wondered why I hadn’t turned it off, and then I remembered that my mind had been focused on much more important things.

“Hello?” I asked groggily.

“Edward is about five seconds from hunting the two of you down and committing murder. You might want to bring Nessie home.”

“Why on earth would I want to bring her home?”

“Edward is going to kill you if you don’t!”

“That’s different. You should have specified that I needed to bring her home. I just woke up, and she’s still asleep. Couldn’t you ask Jasper to keep him calm? Please, this is the first favor I’m asking as your future son-in-law, Bells.”

“I knew she was going to say yes! Congratulations! Now stop being a smart ass and bring her home! Jasper has already been keeping him calm. Why do you think he hasn’t come out there to kick your ass already?”

“Well, you don’t sound too mad. Why is he flipping out?” I was trying to sound calm, but Nessie knew better. She held out her hand for the phone.

“Nessie wants to talk to you.” I handed her the phone.

“Mom, will you please let me talk to Dad?”

Renesmee’s POV

“Are you sure you want to talk to him?” Mom asked anxiously. I was scared, but I had to deal with this.

“Yes, and please tell Uncle Jasper that I appreciate his help, but to let Dad be angry. If he tries to come after us, by all means calm him, but I need to reason with my true father not the calm version created by a useful gift,” I said. I could hear her relaying my message and handing off the phone.

“Renesmee Carlie Cullen, come home NOW!!!”

“Yelling at me will get you nowhere! I told yesterday; I’m not a little girl. I’m a full grown woman, and you need to remember that. Please just chill out. I’m not Little Red Riding Hood. There is no Big Bad Wolf that you need to save me from. It’s Jacob for crying out loud. If he did something that upset me, you’d have to wait in line to hurt him because he’d have first dibs on hurting himself. I don’t care if some sort of paternal paranoia has been triggered in your brain. I want you to think back to everything that happened between the time that Mom moved to Forks and the day I was born.”

“What does that have to do with you having pre-marital sex?” His voice was calm and deadly.

“Married couples only have a problem with pre-marital sex because it doesn’t include them!”

“That’s not my problem! I’ve only been a parent for six and a half years; what makes you think I want to be a grandparent already?”

“It’s a grandparent’s job to spoil their grandkids! Don’t you dare try to tell me that you would love every second of that? Besides, Mom is the one that should be complaining about becoming a grandma. Her real age is only twenty-six! And for another thing, we don’t even know if I’m able to get pregnant so don’t get my hopes up about children. I don’t think I’m ready to be a mom anyway.”

“You still haven’t given me a reason for reminiscing.”

“If you’ll take the time to remember those days, you might understand. Mom told me everything from her first day at Forks High to her eighteenth birthday party. Then she skipped straight to the last two or three months of her senior year, and finished with your wedding day. The only thing she told me about the honeymoon was that you went to Grandma’s island and that after a few weeks she found out she was pregnant with me. I took what information I could get from her gladly and went straight to my wonderful aunts and uncles to fill in the blank spots. They told me what they knew and said to ask Jacob if I wanted to know more, which I did. You two’s relationship is more dramatic than Romeo and Juliet. Anyhoo, think about all of those memories and try to understand the early times of being in love. If you weren’t so concerned about hurting her, you and Mom would have had sex before you got married, too. I just woke up from a very good night, and you’re ruining my good mood. You just remember how to think reasonably and let me go back to sleep. Please! I love you, Dad.”

“For the first time, I wish you had been a boy.”

“Yeah, but then you might’ve had to face Leah imprinting on your son. I like being a girl, though. I wouldn’t want to be venomous anyway. Well, bye Daddy. I love you. Tell everyone else I said hi and I love ‘em.” I yawned and hung up the phone. Jacob pulled me into his arms as I snuggled closer to him.

“Good morning, my brave little angel. How did you sleep?”

“That was the best night’s sleep I ever had, I think.”

“I’ll bet. I fell asleep a couple of hours after you did and woke up an hour before the phone rang.” He kissed my forehead and handed me a small box. “I got it out of my pocket while you were arguing with your dad,” he said. I opened the box and looked at the ring. It was beautiful. The band was thin and held diamonds that glittered, even in the dim light. They were circular and the middle diamond wasn’t large, but it wasn’t small either. He took it from the box and slid it on my finger. I looked at it with a smile on my face. Jake kissed the ring before kissing my lips. My arms went around his neck and his wrapped around my waist. When we broke apart, I snuggled close to him and tried to go back to sleep.

“Is Edward going to kill both of us or just me?” he asked. I put my hand to his cheek and showed him a mental image of two fresh graves in a cemetery. He chuckled. “That’s what I figured would happen.”

“He can get over it,” I mumbled. “Last night was perfect, and I won’t let an overprotective father ruin it for me.

“Please don’t argue with him just because of me. I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Dad has had this coming for a very long time. He needs to realize that I’m all grown up. He’s my father, and I love him. But he just does not get it. You’d think that the mind-reading would give him an edge in the understanding department, but he just doesn’t listen. You’d also think that he would admit to not knowing what’s best for everybody. I’m still surprised that Mom forgave him for that shit.”

“I was surprised, too, and pissed off. Those were dark days. I can honestly say that I don’t miss a single bit of it. You know, sometimes I do wish I had been nicer to your mom, though. I was always saying something negative about vampires. I knew she hated it, but I couldn’t stop myself. You would have been pissed too. I saw her. She was a mess. When Bella first visited me, she had her arms wrapped around her like she was trying to hold herself together. She never let herself fall to pieces in front of anyone. I don’t remember how many times I looked at her and swore that I would kill him. Those thoughts obviously came after I phased for the first time. I’m glad I let him live though. In truth, I probably would’ve ended up dead myself, but I hated him enough at the time that I could’ve at least torn something off first.”

“We’d better go talk to Dad. I was going to try to go back to sleep, but that’s not going happen,” I said, placing my palm on his cheek. I relayed what I wanted and he was happy to fulfill my wishes. We made love again, and then took a long, hot shower together before getting dressed.

Jacob’s POV

I reached out and took Nessie’s hand as we drove to our deaths. I hoped there would be some way to reason with Edward. A pissed off vampire daddy could be very dangerous. If he tried to kill me, I couldn’t even fight back. It would hurt too many people that I cared about. I’d gotten to the point that I could honestly say that I loved the Cullens like family; well, most of them anyway. If I accidentally killed Edward, it would kill Bella; literally, if Alice let Bells out of either of her sights. I wouldn’t fight him. I had no desire to kill my future father-in-law. That bit of wishful thinking had died the moment I laid eyes on Nessie. Even knowing that I could very well die in the next few hours wasn’t the thing that scared me the most. I was scared for my beloved angel. Edward would never actually kill her; she’s his daughter. But what would he do to her? I shuddered to think of how she would handle whatever happened. I could see in my minds eye the Bella was when Edward left her, and he wasn’t even dead. I never wanted Nessie to be like that. We pulled into the driveway. I squeezed Nessie’s hand, and got out of the car. I opened her door and took her hand again as she stepped out. The front door was thrown open, and Edward was running toward us. He was five feet away when Emmett, Jasper, and Bella grabbed him in restraint.

“Edward, calm down, please. You need to think rationally, honey. Damn it, Edward. Do you remember this,” Bella looked like she couldn’t decide whether to slap him or kiss him. She went with the latter, and I could tell by the look on Edward’s face that she had pushed away her mental block again. I wondered what she was remembering, but then decided that I probably didn’t want to know. When they broke apart, Edward still looked pissed off. Just as Nessie went to step in front of me, I pulled her behind my back.

“Jake, he won’t hurt me. It’s you that’s in danger,” she stepped beside me, and then turned toward her father. I looked from her to him, and I couldn’t help but realize again just how much I didn’t deserve her. My little angel was so brave. She was staring into his cold, furious eyes with strong determination on her face.

“I will not let you hurt him. You will not touch him. You should be ashamed of yourself. Even if you don’t give a damn about Jacob, you should care about me. Think of something besides your anger. Would you really do that to your own daughter? Would you seriously hurt me like that? I can’t lose him, Dad. I don’t want to live forever if I have to live without Jake. I also lack the benefits you had when you thought Mom had committed suicide. I’d never make it out of the house, let alone all the way to Italy.”

Tears were pouring out of Nessie’s eyes. I pulled her close to me and held her tight. Every single one of those tears cut me like a knife that had been dipped in vampire venom. I held her tighter and looked at Edward.

Edward, please calm down. Her pain is punishment enough. I’m sure you don’t think so, but you cannot honestly tell me that every tear Bella shed, or wasn’t able to, didn’t hurt you worse than anything imaginable. I love her. Just like Carlisle loves Esme, and Jasper loves Alice, and Emmett loves Rosalie, and like you love Bella. Come on, look at her. Don’t tell me that the tears in those exactly-like-her-mother’s-used-to-be eyes don’t hurt just a little bit.

“Why should I care how much pain you’re in? What reason do I have for being nice to you, Jacob?” Edward was staring at me, his countenance promising murder.

Renesmee. She should be a good enough reason. Her pain may be hurting me, but you’re still putting your own daughter through Hell right now. Just look into her eyes and tell me that you have the ability to stay mad at her. You’re also making Bella unhappy.

His expression softened, but only slightly. He looked at Nessie and then at Bella. He rolled his eyes, shook his head, and walked to his car.

“Bella, will you come for a drive with me? I need to think. Emmett, I am not in the mood for your perverse mental comments so if you don’t want to lose something important to you shut the HELL UP!!!” His voice turned into a growl. Bella ran to him and took his hand. A few seconds later, his silver Volvo was speeding down the driveway.