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1: Jacob and Renesmee

This is my take on Jake and Nessie's future. After all, their lives go beyond the end of Breaking Dawn! This story is part of the "Their Futures" Series!!! I will be adding more to this story and sequels will come when I finish it!!! The sequel, "2: Marie Masen", is up, but i'm having some difficulties with the second chapter!!! If you have any ideas leave them in a review of the first chapter that I have so far for my continuation!!!

I'm not afraid of harsh reviews so if you don't like my work then please tell me that!!! There is a quote froma very good book at the end, and as a disclaimer I admit that I had nothing to do with it!!! That bit of brilliance and humor belongs to Annette Curtis Klause!!! I also had absolutely nothing ot do will the creation of the Twilight Saga; I just enjoy manipulating its characters!!!

3. Driving and Thinking

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Driving and Thinking

Edward’s POV

I was pushing two hundred miles per hour before I started talking.

“I don’t know why it pisses me off so much, love. Maybe part of me thinks that he should have more respect for our daughter. When we got married, you already had every single bit of my heart, but knowing that you were indisputably mine for all of eternity made every second even sweeter than the one before it.”

Bella looked at me with a slight smile. “Think about this, though. They know that they have each other ‘for all of eternity’. Jake told me his plans for the night. He was going to cook for her, and then when it was time for dessert he was going to perch the ring on top of a slice of cherry cheesecake; which, as you might remember, is Nessie’s favorite dessert!”

I cut her off there. “Do you really think he would tell you about his plans to defile your daughter’s body? Bella, love,” I pulled onto a dirt road before continuing. “I just want her to stay my little girl forever. I’m not ready to give her up. The two of them, and what happened last night; it just makes the whole thing too real. I still want her to be the child I sang to sleep every night.” I stopped, getting too caught up in the memories to continue. Bella handed me a piece of paper with Nessie’s hand writing on it:


I know you’re angry at Jake, but I initiated it. I asked, and Jake’s an imprinted werewolf. I don’t think he even knows how to deny me what I want! I love you! Chill out!


xx RCC xx

“It was her idea. I have no doubt that he was thinking about it, but he wouldn’t have done anything without her permission. I’m sorry if you have an issue with the human traits I gave her, but she’s not an ordinary child. You weren’t ready to be a father, either, but you adapted to that role better than I adapted to being a vampire. I don’t really like the idea of being a grandma so soon, but it might nice to see some little ones running around the yard again. I doubt that this will make you feel any better, but maybe you’ll be able to sing our grandchildren to sleep within a few years. I know that after a little while Nessie will be frozen in time like the rest of us but maybe they’ll be able to have at least one baby. I agree with her, you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t love spoiling a child again. Maybe this one would take a little longer to grow up. Come on, honey, you know that I’m right- as usual.” I couldn't exactly disagree with that. I would love spoiling a child again. Renesmee was given everything she even thought of wanting, literally. She wasn't as unreasonable as her mother when it came to gifts. That didn’t mean that I was any less pissed about last nights events, but- my phone rang, interrupting my train of thought. I answered it.

“Are you okay, Dad?” Nessie asked sounding worried. I sighed.

“I don’t know, princess. We’ll discuss this when your mother and I get home. I’ll see you in a few minutes. I love you!”

“I love you, too, Dad! Do you want me to make Jake leave so he doesn’t die?” Her voice was tentative. I heard a whine of protest in the background. A thought flashed across my mind. I smiled. “He can stay. I promise not to kill him.” I flipped the car around and drove back to the house. Neither I nor Bella said a word the entire way there. I parked out front and ran to open Bella’s door. We walked to the house hand in hand, but when we walked over to Jacob and Renesmee I let go of her hand and crossed my arms. In a movement so fast you could have blinked and missed it, I swung, my fist colliding with Jacob’s arm, and was rewarded by a satisfying crunch when his bone broke. Nessie glared at me.

“Dad, you promised,” she accused. I smiled and shook my head. “I promised not to kill him, but I never said anything about not hurting him! Trust me I could have done much more damage than that. It may only take three pounds of pressure to rip off a human dick, but I’m sure that a werewolf’s wouldn’t take much more force! Besides, strength needed is no object to a vampire! His arm will be healed by the end of the day, and so will my bad mood- hopefully!” I turned to my figurative mother. “Esme, I was wondering if you might do my sanity, and Jake’s well being, a favor. This is the last time I ask, I promise. I’m still working out some details with my new project, but I’ll be finished by the time their wedding rolls around. I’ll probably need another vacation at about that time anyway!” my voice was pleading. I ignored the profanity in Jake’s thoughts and concentrated on Esme.

Do you have the island picked out and bought, yet?

I nodded.

Are there any old buildings on it?

I saw what she was getting at I smiled and nodded.

Give me the coordinates! Carlisle and I will go to the island and work on the house.

To keep Bella clueless as to what I was planning, I used Greek to tell Esme the coordinates and that the building was an old castle. I also added that there was more than one island. She smiled widely and tossed me a set of keys.

“Thank you so much, Esme! You are an angel!” I grabbed Bella by the hand. “Come on, love! Let’s go pack!” I was glad to get out of the house, but even happier about the destination my beloved wife and I were headed for! I needed this vacation badly!

Renesmee’s POV

“What’s going on, Aunt Alice? Where are they going?” I asked in confusion. Aunt Alice rolled her eyes.

“Edward and Bella are going to Isle Esme. Apparently your father needed the vacation. I’d say that it was a second honeymoon, but there’s more to it than that. So far, they’re not coming back for three weeks.” She shook her head, and grimaced. “I preferred seeing the other thing he was planning. She’s going to kill him when she finds out that he’s giving her an entire archipelago just because he can.”

Jake shook his head, “What’s an archipelago? I haven’t had geography for a while so my vocabulary is a bit rusty.” I laughed. “An archipelago is made up of a bunch of small islands. Sometimes there are more than a hundred of them. Mom is going to flip. Maybe, if I'm lucky, she'll cut him off so I don't have to hear the two of them at night!" I smiled hopefully, but knew that there was no way my mom could pull it off. Over the years, I had guessed that my parents were hopelessly addicted to each other. Dad had caught the thought crossing my mind a while back, and said, “You have no idea.” I had mentally gagged at the thought but he ignored at just went back to staring at mom like a lovesick teenager; which he figuratively was. I turned to Jake and realized that he was giving me the same look. Aunt Alice sighed. Uncle Jasper had just joined us. I had asked him not to calm dad, but he didn’t want to be near my father’s rage unless he was impeding it.

“I’ve known Edward for a long time. He’s angry, but he’s also trying not to think about his daughter having puppies. He’s worried, too. Even without his telepathy I can tell that he’s remembering your birth, and it was hard for him to deal with Bella’s pain. He feels like he’ll go insane again, and the fact that Jake would be joining his insanity wouldn’t help. You’re a lot like your mother, Nessie. Your father knows that you would enlist Bella, Rose, Alice, and Esme as your own personal body guards, if you needed them. He also knows that Carlisle won’t go against Esme, Emmett won’t go against Rose, and I won’t go against Alice. If the child were hurting you the situation would put him back where he was seven years ago. he and Jake would be all alone, and there would be nothing they could do. He’s just being overly paternal,” Uncle Jasper said as he slipped his arms around Aunt Alice. I considered his words. My father over thought everything, but if that’s what he was thinking then he was right. I would make the same decision that my mother had made about me. Nobody would take my baby away.