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Without Her

Without her I am nothing but a ghost of what I use to be. This must be what she felt when I left her. Now she's left me, and she can never come back. The dead can't come back. Without her my world is falling apart. Bella died and now Edward is slowly going crazy.

Just for fun, trying to get into Edward's head.

3. Cut Off

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Chapter Three

"You have to come home right now, Edward Cullen! You have a daughter who needs you, and what are you doing? I swear I’ll drag you out of hear by your ears if you do not come home right now!" Esme shouted at me, standing in the center of my suit. She was pissed, and that was putting it nicely. She didn’t like that fact that I wasn’t doing what I was suppose to be doing. I had missed everything from my daughters life, she looked like a woman now, full grown at seven years old.

"I can’t come home, Esme." I muttered, looking away from her. It made me feel bad that I was acting like this, that I was breaking her heart. She was my mother.

"Don’t you give me that. You are going to get up right now and go home to your family! You’re not the only one that is having a hard time dealing with the death of Bella, but you have to do something besides what you’re doing right now! I don’t want something to happen to you."

"I will not go home!" I shouted, walking away from her. I went to the window looking out at the city, pressing my palm against it. "I can’t go home. I can’t go home knowing she won’t be there. You know what it feels like to loose someone you love with all your heart. You know what it feels like!"

She put her hand on my shoulder. "I do. I know what it feels like, I feel it every day. I go on day to day, even though I lost my son. You need to get up and go on day to day even though you’ve lost your wife. I lost my son and gained a husband. You lost a wife and gained a daughter. You need to learn that you can’t always have everything. Just go home and be with your daughter.

"She’s quite the young woman. She’s in high school now. She’s doing great at it, too. You should see her. Straight A’s, just like you. She misses you. She would really like to see you. It won’t be long before she goes off to college. Please come home, Edward. Just for Spring Break, to bond with Nessie. Please." She was pleading now. Anger hadn’t worked so now she was going to make me feel guilty, she should have brought Jasper along.

"I am not going back, Esme. I am sorry." There was no way that I was going back. I couldn’t.

"I’m sorry too. Carlisle wanted me to give this to you if you decided you didn’t want to come back." She put a thick envelope on the table beside the window. "You know where to find us if you change your mind." Then she was gone.

I picked up the envelope and ripped the seal on it, pulling the letter out. It was a handwritten letter. That couldn’t be good.

Dear Edward,

I am sorry that you won’t come back home. It hurts me to know that you will not come home even for your own daughter. Before, in the past, when you did something similar I respected your wishes. Now, though, I can not continue to turn a blind eye to what you are doing.

I am cutting you off. No more money. I will leave ten thousand in your bank account, but the rest is being taken out. I know you can do without money, but I also know that having it makes doing what your doing easier. You may continue to stay at the hotel you are at, but once you check out I will not allow you to check back in. I am sorry for doing this, I really am. It’s the only way I think I can get you back home. I know that ten thousand will last you a while, but I am hopping you will see reason and come back home before it runs out.

Edward, I am begging you to come home. Please, for the sake of your daughter. She needs you here. She doesn’t know who you are, she only knows you through the few pictures we have. A daughter needs her father. Please, Edward come home.

We still love you,


Cut off. They had cut me off. I had really messed up. Carlisle never cut any one off, even that time Alice ran up a few thousand dollars in an hour. Yet, here I was, being cut off.