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Now You're One of Us

While vacationing, Alice and Jasper Hale stumble across the planning of a massacre. Emma Volding is a six-year-old who's mother is killed in the fray. Seeing she has a similar gift, Carlisle grants permission for Alice and Jasper to take her in as theirs.

My first Twilight fanfic. It has gotten a lot of positive feedback at Fanfiction.net. And I wanted to share it with other Twilight fans.

10. Chapter 10

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Chapter Ten

The Cullens took turns, keeping an eye on their human charge. Jasper stayed the longest. He kept watch over her, refusing to move. By the third day, he began to worry more. She didn’t seem to be responding to much of Carlisle’s treatment. He glanced up, as Carlisle came back in. “Is she going to recover, Carlisle?”

“It’s still early…” Carlisle said slowly. He took her vitals. “There’s not much change. Has she eaten anything?” He eyed the numerous trays that had come up for her over the last couple of days. Alice, Bella and Esme had been trying to find something the little girl would feel like eating.

“She claims she hasn’t been hungry.” Jasper was growing increasingly worried at Carlisle’s questions. “This is bad, isn’t it?”

“Indeed…” Carlisle began. “Alice says the Volturi are on their way. They’ll be here soon.” He ran a hand through his hair. “There’s chance we’re not going to be able to wait for her to recover.”

Jasper nodded. He had been suspecting that. He turned when he heard Emma whimper. “Emmeline…”

“Jasper…” She held out her little hand. “Did you go eat?”

“Yeah, I’m alright…” Jasper smiled calmly, hoping it was projecting on to Emma. “Em…do you remember when we were talking about needing to change you, baby?” He carefully pulled her closer to him, allowing his cool skin to cool her off a bit.

“Uh huh.” Emma looked up at him. She could read his feelings, and she sensed what he would say now. “Mmmm….” She buried her face in his chest. “Are we out of time, Jasper?” She spoke just barely above a whisper. She felt Jasper’s arms wrap around her carefully, yet firmly. “I’m not ready…”

“I know you’re not…” He said softly. “We’re not ready either, but…we have to do it in enough time that we can make sure you’re going to be okay.” He looked at Carlisle. “Should we do it tonight, then?” He wasn’t thrilled about any of this. He had wanted to give Emma more time to get used to the idea. It ruined their plan of transitioning her slowly.

“We might as well.” Carlisle said, sighing sadly. He hated to do it prematurely. He knew that Emma was not mentally or emotionally ready for what was to come. He left Jasper alone to console his daughter. He had to consult with the others.

Emma watched Carlisle go, before she buried her face more into Jasper’s chest. “I’m not ready…” She felt Jasper pick her up, and pull her into his lap. Then she couldn’t hold it in anymore. She began to sob softly.

Jasper shifted uncomfortably, holding her closer. “Shhh….” I didn’t want it to go like this. I wanted her to be more prepared. We all did. He was very distraught at her tears. He felt that they were more tears of fear than regret of doing what must be done. “It’s going to be okay, Emmeline.” He looked up, as Alice entered. Her face told him that Carlisle had broken the news to her.

“Oh Emmy…” Alice came over, and sat on the bed, rubbing the little girl’s back gently. “It’ll be okay, baby.” She took her into her arms, and held her. “Carlisle wants to talk to you, Jazz.” She squeezed his shoulder lightly, and watched him out of the room.

“Can I go see Emmett…?” Emma said now. She wiped her eyes on her nightgown sleeve, and leaned on Alice’s shoulder.

“Of course you can.” Alice said, trying to make her voice as bright as she could. She couldn’t stand to see Emma this way. She was so sick already, and being upset wouldn’t help the situation. She figured Emmett was exactly what Emma needed. She carried Emma into the room where Rosalie and Emmett were. “Someone wanted to see you, Emmett.” She glanced at Rosalie, giving her a sad smile.

“I’m so sorry, Alice…I wish there was a better way…” Rosalie said now. She stood up, as Emmett took Emma into his arms. “Come on. Let’s give them some time.” She took Alice downstairs to see Bella. Their sister-in-law was in the kitchen, sitting with Esme. “Emmeline wanted to be with her buddy Emmett.” Rosalie explained to Esme and Bella.” She was doing better about things, and it showed.

“How is she?” Bella asked softly. Edward was at the cottage with Renesmee. Bella had wanted to come, and be moral support for Alice.

“She’s terrified, of course.” Alice sighed. “This isn’t how Jasper and I wanted things at all.”

“I know, but at least she knows what not to do so far…” Bella offered a positive word on it. It hurt her to see her best friend hurting like this. She got up, and hugged Alice tightly. “We’ll get her through it, Alice. Believe me.” She remembered her first days of her immortal life very clearly. Everyone had been around her, making sure that she’d be okay, and could keep herself under control. She wasn’t sure if Emma would have the same luck, under the circumstances. But Bella was certain that they would all be as protective of Emma as they had been of her before.

“She knows how it’s supposed to go. Knowing, and being able to control the natural instincts she’ll have as a newborn are two very different things, Bella.” Alice corrected. She stood up, pacing. This wasn’t the norm for Alice. She was usually more calm and collected.

“Jasper will teach her.” Rosalie consoled. “He’s had to do it before, remember?” The blonde vampire sat down next to Bella at the breakfast bar. “At any rate, with all of us here, there is no chance she’ll be able to lose it.” She hugged her sister tightly, wanting the old Alice back.


“I don’t know, Carlisle. What if something goes very wrong?” Jasper asked, running a hand through his hair. “It’s bad enough that we have to do it while she’s sick to begin with.” He sat on the garage table, taking in unnecessary deep breaths. “I don’t want to hurt her…”

“You’ll be fine. Look how far you’ve come with her in the last five months, Jazz. That little girl just adores you to bits.” Carlisle said now. He was checking their stock pile of blood. “And correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she ask you to do it?”

“That’s besides the point.” Jasper said quietly. “I’m not entirely sure I’m the right person for this. I have no idea how I’ll react to the taste of human blood after all this time, Carlisle. Remember Bella’s birthday party.”

“And we’ll protect her the same way we protected Bella.” Carlisle did remember that birthday party. It had been rather frightening for all of them. And he knew Jasper had felt the worst about it, since by then, Bella had become a part of the family already. “I think it would mean a lot to Emma in the long run if you did it.” He looked up at his son now. “If you’re really worried, Jazz, I’ll be in the room with you, and Emmett can be there too, as back up. She’ll probably insist on Emmett being there anyway.” It amused Carlisle, how attached Emma was to Emmett.

“Fine. I’ll do it…” Jasper knew when he’d lost. And he had the feeling he wasn’t going to regret it in the long run. It would further her ties to him, if he changed Emma. He glanced at the sun. It was setting slowly in the west. “When should we do this?”

“Whenever you feel you’re ready.” Carlisle said now, as he put the last of the reserves in the bag he was taking upstairs to prepare. He put a hand on Jasper’s shoulder. “And I know this isn’t how you and Alice meant this to go, but it’s the best we can do with the time we have.”

“I know.” Jasper said slowly. “I’m going out. If I have to be the one to turn her, it might be a good idea for me to be mostly full.” He was learning his limitations, and that made him very proud of himself. Though, he still doubted this would end well. He left the garage area, as Carlisle carried what he’d come down for back inside.


Emmett was playing some catch with Emma. Well, it was a pathetic game of catch, really. She was propped up on a bunch of his and Rosalie’s pillows on their sofa. “Come on, Emmy.” He threw it softer, and she caught it. “Alright! Home run!”

“Can I play baseball with you guys when I’m better?” Emma asked now. Emmett had been patient, soothing her, and making her feel better about the situation to come by talking sports with her.

“You bet!” Emmett smiled, sitting down next to her. “It’s going to be so cool, Emmy, after the initial few days. You won’t be in pain anymore, and you won’t have to worry so much about rain, unless you’re like Rosalie, and can’t stand to have your hair messed up.” At this, he ruffled her hair playfully.

“You’ll still be my friend, right, Emmett?”

“Oh you know it!” Emmett pulled her into his lap. “And then I’ll be able to teach you how to take down some animal with your bare hands.” He grinned. “There’ll be so much to teach you, Emmy, you won’t ever get bored, and you’ll have an eternity to learn anything you’ve ever wanted to know.”

“Then why does Rosalie hate it so much…?” She asked now. “She didn’t want me to…”

“Rosalie’s outlook on immortality is a bit bleak, yeah. Don’t worry about it.” He didn’t want her to have to hear Rosalie’s horrifying story of how she’d come to be immortal. It wasn’t a story for children. He changed the subject. “So. Are you ready to miss a few weeks of school?”

“School?” Emma hadn’t thought about school at all. Now that she did, she remembered vaguely there had been a math test that day. “Whoops…” She was about to explain her thought when she started coughing. She winced in pain, leaning against Emmett again. “Having vampires in the family… good thing…” She was referring to the cool touch of Emmett’s arm.

Emmett chuckled softly, picking her up. “Okay, cutie. Back to bed with you.” He took her back to her bedroom. “I don’t know when the whole thing is going to start. That’s up to Alice and Jasper. Do you want me to stay here for a while?”

“Uh huh.” Emma felt weak again. It frustrated her to no end. She knew Emmett was worried about her. They all seemed to be. “Emmett…?”

“Yeah?” Emmett was tucking her back into the bed. He hated seeing his adopted little sister so weak, when she had such a good heart.

“Will I taste good, if I’m sick?” It was an odd question, and it even sounded odd to Emma. But she was curious about that.

Emmett blinked, and then blinked again. He had not expected such a question. “Well…the only one who is going to know that is Jazz. You can ask him when you’ve…woken up.” Just as he said that, Jasper, Alice, and Carlisle came in. Emmett stood up. “I was just laying her back down. She started hacking again.”

“That’s fine.” Carlisle said. He took the bedside chair, and studied Emma. “You know what has to happen now, don’t you, little one?”

Emma nodded. She was watching Alice and Jasper’s expressions. They both still looked so upset about the situation. She turned to Emmett. “Don’t go…” She said softly. “Jasper needs you here.”

“Oh, I’m not going anywhere. Don’t worry.” Emmett gave her thumbs up. “I’ll take care of Jasper for you.”

“Carlisle, would it be a good idea for me to try and sedate her first…?” Jasper asked now. He was already trying to send off waves of relaxation. The minute they’d come in, it was as if Emma knew her time was up to be human.

“Possibly.” Carlisle said now. He had gotten up so that Jasper could sit there. “Calming her down is a good start, however.” He smiled encouragingly. Jasper looked nervous to him.

Jasper looked at Emma. “You don’t have to look, if you don’t want…” He was trying really hard to steady himself. He looked over at Alice. His mate came over, and put a hand on his shoulder.

Alice leaned down, and whispered close to his ear “You’re going to be fine. I’m right here, and Emmett’s over there. We’re on your side.” She pulled away as Jasper leaned forward.

“Emmeline, honey…I’m sorry about this…” He took her slender wrist in his hand gently. He felt her tense up, and he paused briefly, re-centering his focus on the task at hand. It was only natural that she was nervous. She had been told it was going to hurt a little. He wondered suddenly if she had any idea just how much. He took unnecessary breath, forcing himself to relax, before putting his mouth to her wrist.


Emma instinctively turned away. She didn’t want to see any of it. She had the sense it would make it easier on Jasper too. She tried to find something else to focus on. She’d just settled on deciding what position she’d play at her first game when she felt a distinct pinch. It didn’t feel the same as the pinch of the needle she’d gotten the day before. She whimpered a little. She felt Jasper take in a gulp of something, but she didn’t want to think about it. “Mmm…”

Jasper gasped silently, as the taste of Emma’s blood filled his mouth. It tasted wonderful. For a couple of minutes, he lost track of what he was supposed to be doing. The sweet taste just consumed every thought he was thinking. He had to have a second taste. “mm…” He should have stopped there, but it wasn’t enough. He had been denied so many times. He felt it was his right. He drank from her deeply, instinctively holding her as still as he could. He wasn’t thinking about her the way he ought to have been. Something much more powerful had taken over. His own long ago restrained bloodlust was back and unbridled. He heard something somewhere silently urge him to stop, but he chose to ignore it. No. This tasted good.

“Jazz…?” Emmett was standing against the wall, watching. He noted that Jasper no longer seemed to be focusing on the task he’d been set to complete. “Jasper.” He pushed off the wall, and wandered over. “Hey..”

Alice squeezed Jasper’s shoulder in an iron grip. “Stop, Jazz. You’re going to hurt her.” She was alarmed. She could see Emma was struggling not to cry out in pain. Their adopted one didn’t want to upset Jasper. But Alice wished she would. Maybe it would’ve worked better than what they would most likely have to do. “Emmett, get ready…”

“I knew this was going to go wrong…” Rosalie was in the doorway, watching. Her arms were folded across her chest, as she bit her lower lip in displeasure. Death would’ve been kinder. She’ll be a child forever…Her thoughts were in interrupted, as her husband moved closer, looking ready to pounce on him already.

Emmett looked at Carlisle, very worried. His adopted father nodded. He grabbed Jasper, and yanked him away from the child. “That’s enough, bro.” He took him out of the room, while Carlisle took Jasper’s place in the chair. He winced slightly, as he heard Emma finally vocalize how much pain she was in. He didn’t have time to dwell on this. He pushed Jasper out of the room as forcefully as possible.


In the hall, Rosalie watched as Emmett held on to Jasper in an iron grip, while the other fought to get away, and back to his unscheduled meal. Emmett hadn’t seen Jasper like this in a long time. When Jasper’s bloodlust got the best of him, the usual gentle mannered one was more like an angry bear, who had been interrupted from hibernation. “If you’re going to do it, at least you could’ve done it right!”

“Somehow, I don’t think yelling at him now is going to help, Rose.” Emmett growled. “Aside from that, this wasn’t bad for his first attempt.”

“Wasn’t bad?! He almost killed her, Emmett, and just look at him! He wants more! No, this didn’t go bad at all.” Rosalie grabbed a hold of Jasper’s sleeve, and pushed him up against the wall. “Look Jasper! You might feel like this is okay now, but you’d regret it only seconds later! We’ve worked too hard, and gone too far with her for you to just let your weaker side win! You’re stronger than this!”

She stepped back when Edward came up behind her. Edward would get the story without a word. Her brother grabbed Jasper from the other side, offering more strength.

“Jasper! Snap out of it, man! You nearly killed her!” Edward said through gritted teeth. He was glad now that he’d never gotten on Jasper’s bad side. He was really strong as he was now. He and Emmett pushed Jasper into a far wall, pinning him there. “Get a hold of yourself!”

That did the trick. Jasper yanked away. “You see?! This is why I didn’t want to do it!” Jasper hated himself now. “I’m out of here.”

“Jazz, wait!” Alice had been staying back It was really hard on her, seeing Jasper lose his carefully mastered control so quickly. All I could see was that Emma would be fine. Why couldn’t I see what Jasper himself would possibly go through before that? “Emmett, Rosalie, go in and stay with Emma. If she wakes up alone in pain, she’ll be very upset.” Alice was honestly torn. She wanted to stay with Emma, but her mate needed her now.

“Go on, Alice. I’ll comfort her if I need to.” Emmett said now, returning to Emma’s room. “Jasper’s going out for a bit.”

“That’s just as well…” Carlisle said quietly, stroking Emma’s hair. She was beginning to twitch uncomfortably. He glanced at Emmett. “Are you going to sit with her?”

“Yeah, until Jasper and Alice come home.” Emmett nodded. “Is it starting?”

“Indeed.” Carlisle nodded. He had helped sooth her a bit after Jasper finally got away. She had been in more pain from actually being drank from. Right after that, the venom had kicked in. “She will need a little comfort. He winced, as Emma cried out in pain. “I’ve to go and make things ready for when she wakes up.”The family had developed a plan. Unlike with Bella, they couldn’t start her on human blood. They didn’t have that kind of time. Instead, they were going to do some stockpiling of different types of animal blood. They were hoping there would be a couple that the child would like. “You’re going to go out and get your own later, right?”

Emmett nodded, watching Emma. The girl was starting really writhe in pain “So it begins…”

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Carlisle could see how watching Emma’s pain manifest was already effecting Emmett.

“Carlisle, come on. Emmeline’s my little buddy. I can handle her.” Emmett smiled confidently, before it faded. Emma was in a lot of pain. He admitted he didn’t miss those first hours after Carlisle had turned him. He went to sit with her. “It’s okay, Em…I’m here…”

“Make it stop…!” Emma demanded through tears of pain.

“I can’t Em…” Emmett held her hand gently in his. The warmth was slowly disappearing. Emmett would miss that, but in the long run, it was better they did it now, anyway. “I promise you it won’t be long…” He wasn’t sure exactly how long this would take. He was under the assumption it depended upon the height of the person. With a normal adult body, it took two days. Emmett was estimating that with Emma, it might take half that time or less. And he knew that he and his family, especially Jasper and Alice would be anxiously standing by, keeping a constant vigil on the little girl. He glanced up, as Rosalie entered finally. He was grateful her presence. He couldn’t kid himself. Hearing Emma screaming and crying, desperate to get away from pain that she couldn’t escape really hurt him.

“Be strong for her, Emmett.” Rosalie said softly, putting a hand on his shoulder. “She’ll pull through this just fine, because we were prepared.” Rosalie still didn’t approve of this, but she guessed she could live with it, if all of their plans worked out the way they wanted.