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Now You're One of Us

While vacationing, Alice and Jasper Hale stumble across the planning of a massacre. Emma Volding is a six-year-old who's mother is killed in the fray. Seeing she has a similar gift, Carlisle grants permission for Alice and Jasper to take her in as theirs.

My first Twilight fanfic. It has gotten a lot of positive feedback at Fanfiction.net. And I wanted to share it with other Twilight fans.

11. Chapter 11

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Chapter Eleven

Alice found Jasper in the deepest part of the forest, almost going across the Cullens’ property line. “Jasper!” She caught up to him now.

“I told you guys I didn’t want to do it!” Jasper spit through his teeth. In his hand, there was a dead possum. He had drained it out of frustration, more than hunger. “I almost killed her, Alice!”

“But you didn’t…” Alice tried to sooth him, by putting a hand on his arm. “She’s going to be fine. Carlisle said so.”

Jasper turned to look at her. “How can I still be so weak after so many years?” His eyes were full of torment, remembering each and every human he’d ever drained of life for no particular reason. They had had no rescue or reprieve. He’d just done it because he could I should’ve let Emmett change her! I shouldn’t have been stupid enough to think I was really prepared for it. I should’ve realize what would happen if I did it! He looked away from Alice. Most of all, he couldn’t stand that he’d almost taken away something Alice loved so very much. Alice deserved better. “I’m…sorry.”

“Sorry? Jasper, you didn’t hurt her.” Alice said now. “Well, other than the bite itself.” She hugged Jasper close to her. “She’s fine.”

“She’ll never forgive me…” Jasper said, sighing softly. “She trusted me, and I let her down.”

“No, you didn’t. Jazz, you did what needed to be done. You didn’t get too far. That’s why we were all there, to make sure that didn’t happen.” Alice was hurting with him. She could see how tortured he was feeling.

“Yes, but I still took another human life, regardless…” He still hadn’t come to terms with that particular aspect of it. “And the fact that she wanted it so that she could make me not be in pain anymore doesn’t help!”

“Jasper, you have to stop blaming yourself. When we took Emma back in May, we had no idea how strong of an empath she was. We just knew that she was one. And the fact that she constantly worried about all of us instead of herself? Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that what happens to you? It’s par for the course. She probably felt it strongest from you because of the fact you two are the same.” Alice started to lead him back towards their property. “We all agreed that it needed to happen. So even though you committed the actual act, we’re all to blame for the decision we made.”

Jasper was finally starting to relax again, and calm down. He was glad. He needed to be able to think clearer. “Alice. What are we going to do? She’s not going to be anywhere near ready.”

“We’ve got less than four days to come up with a plan.” Alice informed him. The Volturi had been delayed for a reason she wasn’t sure about. “And there not coming here for Emma. They’re coming here for Bella and Edward again.” She shook her head in disgust. “I wish Aro would just give up.”

“If that’s the case...that means we might have more time.” Jasper said now. “She’ll be up in less than two days. Maybe we can take her somewhere and keep her under wraps.”

“The mountains? We have that small shelter up there. Maybe we can use that.” Alice suggested. “Either way, if we’re not here, they can’t suspect anything.”. She smiled. They had to start thinking of their newborn now. She knew their other family members would understand.

“Yeah.” Jasper glanced up at the house. “We’d better head in. I’m sure they’re all wondering about me.”

“Well, Carlisle thought it was good you got away for a little while. He explained everything to everyone else. No one is mad at you.” Alice squeezed his hand gently. “Least of all me. I couldn’t be happier.”

Jasper finally smiled genuinely. “Thank you, Alice.” This is exactly why I won’t leave Alice’s side ever. She always knows what to say at the right time. He followed Alice inside. All they had now was to wait for their newborn to awaken. He just hoped he could handle it.


Seven Hours Later…..

She couldn’t escape what was already being done. There was no way around it. The pain she felt was unlike anything she’d dealt with in her life. She barely heard anything Emmett tried to distract her with Three hours into the process, she succumbed to the pain, and began to drift into a stream of unconsciousness. She heard Emmett try to call her out of it, but she chose not to respond. Not feeling it as much was better.

Emmett watched over Emma until he felt Rosalie’s eyes on him. He turned. “She’s out cold now…the pain must’ve been too much for her.” He reached out an arm to Rosalie, but his mate stayed back. “It’s okay, Rose. She’ll be fine.”

“That’s beside the point.” Rosalie replied tartly. “I said I’d help. I didn’t say I’d be happy about it.” Even as she said that, Rosalie couldn’t resist stepping into the child’s room to look her over for herself. “She looks like a china doll…” She had to smile slightly at that. Emma had always been a pretty child Now she was even more radiant.

“Yep. Alice is going to have fun with this one.” Emmett chuckled slightly at this. “She’s been out for about seven hours now. She should come to in about two hours or less.”

“We hope.” Rosalie muttered. She couldn’t resist her maternal urges anymore, though. She went to the other side of the bed, and took Emma’s pale hand in her own. “You better come through this, Emma. I won’t stand for Alice to be hurt anymore than she already has.”

“Emma is going to be just fine.” Carlisle was in the doorway, doing his hourly check on their new family member. “Has she awakened at all, Emmett?”

“Only long enough to tell me to tell Jasper not to be upset.” Emmett said softly. He had raised an eyebrow at that one. Emma didn’t appear to harbor any hatred for Jasper at all. He couldn’t wait to tell Jasper that. “But that was about four hours ago.”

Carlisle chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. “She really is attached to Jazz…you two have really made an impression on her.”

Emmett shrugged. “All I did was show her how to have fun…” But he had to admit that having Emma around had made the household very interesting indeed. They had all learned how to make simple human foods. That wouldn’t matter now, but if they ever needed to make a macaroni dish, they’d know how for the future. He blinked suddenly, when he saw her stir. “Em?”

Carlisle went over. “It must be over…” He was astounded. Theoretically, she should’ve had another two hours. Yet, he couldn’t deny what he was seeing. The girl was stirring without pain. He went to the stairs, and called Jasper and Alice immediately, knowing Emma would want to see Jasper at once.


Jasper was sitting beside her when Emma finally dared to open her eyes. She felt remarkable. She looked up at Jasper, blinking repeatedly. He looked almost different to her, with this new sight she had. She loved him even more then, immediately. She felt some sort of unrest inside her father. “What’s wrong…?” She gasped. Her voice…it sounded…like bells.

Jasper offered her a smile, noting she’d already caught on to subtle differences in herself. “Nothing at all…” His voice caught. Emma was fine. He really hadn’t gone too far. His family had saved him from doing her a terrible injustice. He pulled her into his lap, being careful. “How do you feel, Em?”

“I’m…better.” She tested her throat out. There was no fluid in it whatsoever, but there was an undeniable dryness she didn’t understand. She leaned against Jasper’s chest, gasping softly.

“I’m not cold anymore, am I?” Jasper said now. There wasn’t a whole lot of time for her to get used to these new things, but he and Alice had discussed the fact it wouldn’t be fair to her to just throw he r into training right away.

“No…” She was intrigued. Is that what it meant, she wondered, to be a vampire. No feeling at all? She hugged Jasper close, then got up, going over to Alice. “I’m…okay now…” She wasn’t exactly sure how to describe how she felt.

Alice picked her up. “That’s right. You’re okay now.” She hugged her close to her, as she had been longing to do for many months now. “Jazz did a wonderful job.”

Emma glanced over at Jasper, and gave him a smile. Her teeth were now as perfectly white as Alice’s. “I love you, Jasper…” She could feel the pain that her father was in, and she most certainly knew why. She remembered what had happened, vaguely. “You didn’t hurt me…it’s okay.”

Jasper was floored. Didn’t she realize that he had almost killed her? He shifted uncomfortably. “We.. don’t have much time…”

Emma wasn’t listening now, though. She was busy taking in the details that her human eyes hadn’t been able to catch Everything around her felt different and strange. She was most intrigued with her senses. They all seemed amplified. She could hear exactly what was going on downstairs. Esme and Carlisle talking about her awakening, Rosalie was worried about her not gaining enough control in time, and Emmett was expressing his strong desire for Rosalie to have faith. She heard Rosalie raise her voice. Then it was silent again. Then there was her nose. She smelled things that she was positive she’d never really smelled before. The strongest scent was coming from down the hall…

“Hey, is she…?” Bella was standing there with Renesmee in her arms. “Oh. Oh, Alice! She’s so precious, and perfect in every way!” Bella squeaked happily. It felt as if Renesmee had been born all over again. Emma was Alice’s “baby” for all purposes.

“Bella, get her out of here.” Jasper said now, interrupting the squealing. “We need to give her a chance to adjust, and having Renesmee in here isn’t a good idea.” He’d been watching Emma’s burgundy eyes widen with intense hunger the minute Renesmee had gotten closer. He was thankful Alice had caught it as well, and was holding her in an iron grip so that she couldn’t get down and go after the girl.

“Oh..Whoops.” Bella turned. “I want to see her more later, though!” She called as she went down the hall with her daughter.

“Emmeline. You can’t have that kind of blood. You remember the hunt, don’t you?” Jasper said. His tone was soft, yet firm.

“Uh huh…” Her stomach was burning. She guessed that was vampire for she was hungry. “But I’m hungry…”

“Well, that’s good!” Alice smiled brightly. “Come on. We’ve been working on something to help you adjust.” She carried her newborn downstairs. She was surprised to see Jacob there and ready to help. “No offense, Jacob, but I really don’t think this is a good time to re-introduce you two.” She had to hold on to Emma even tighter. The child was desperate to get at Jacob’s blood. “No, Emmeline!” She said sternly. Now was the time to be firm. The sooner she learned the rules, the better off she’d be. “Jazz, help…”

Jasper had been following with Emmett at his heels. He took Emma from Alice, and he held her close, speaking quietly into her ear. “Come on, calm down. We’ll get you something you can have. Besides, dog blood doesn’t taste all that good.” He pacified her silently. He was relieved when she stopped struggling with him. He continued their trip to the kitchen. “Look who’s awake, everyone.”

“Hey, Emmeline.” Edward smiled. “Welcome to our world.”

Esme came over, and gave her a big hug. She’d been in the back of the kitchen looking for something specific. “You’re so beautiful, and just as precious as ever.”

She didn’t appreciate the greetings. There was something funny in the air, and it made her nose wrinkle. She glanced back towards Jacob, who was now sitting against a far wall. “He stinks. Doesn’t he take showers?”

“Yeah, he does.” Bella smiled a little. “But it’s not because of taking showers or not. He’s a shapeshifter, and they..give off an unpleasant smell to us. Don’t worry. We don’t smell too fabulous to them either.”

“It’s true, Ems.” Jacob said smiling a little, when the little girl buried her face in Jasper’s chest irritably. “Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.” He had mainly come by to see that all had gone well with her transformation. Bella had called to let him they had had to do it sooner than planned. He glanced at Bella. “Do you want me to take Renesmee for a couple of hours, so that you guys don’t have to worry?”

“No. That won’t help her learn.” Bella said, after exchanging glances with Alice. “We’ll just keep an eye on them.”

Jasper gently untangled Emma from her iron grip on his neck, and sat her down next to Edward at the table. Carlisle and Esme had brought up the prepared cups of animal blood. It was nothing special. It was more to get her familiar with the taste and smell that was different than what her instincts told her was right. She was eyeing the cups warily, sniffing each one’s contents. “Well, Em, what do you think? Carlisle , Esme, Rosalie and I went out, and tried to get you a variety.”

She shook her head at the cups. “Uh uh.” She didn’t want that. She wanted something else.. She got down, and bolted towards the more enticing smell.

“ I got her!” Emmett said now, jumping up, and going after her. “Oh no you don’t, Em.” Emmett scooped her up. “Nessie’s not dinner.” He carried her back into the kitchen, and sat her back down in front of the cups. He tactfully sat next to her. Emma was effectively boxed in, though both were careful not to crowd her. There was nothing cute about a newborn if they felt cornered. “Now come on. There’s got to be at least one here that smells good.” He caught a whiff of grizzly blood after a minute. “Go on. Try something.” He glanced over at Jasper and Alice. They both seemed worried because Emma didn’t seem the least bit interested in what they had to offer. “I dare you.” He said finally, when it looked like she wasn’t going to budge on her decision to drink from Renesmee. “You can’t turn down a dare.”

Emma scowled at Emmett. She knew exactly what he was doing. But, she had to admit that the cup directly in front of her smelled appetizing. She picked up the small cup, and took a small sip. She let the taste register in her palate slowly, before taking a second taste. Oh, she definitely did like that! She set it down though, after a couple of sips. She looked at Emmett. “That one was good…”

“Black bear.” Emmett explained. “Good, but really going to be hard for you to catch at first.” He smirked a little, handing her another cup. “Try this. “ That cup contained doe blood. It wasn’t much smaller than a bear, but he thought maybe she might able to handle it. He glanced up at Jasper. He and Alice were standing ready, in case they needed to correct Emma themselves. Jasper nodded his approval. He wasn’t feeling replaced.

Emma tried the cup Emmett handed her, and she made a face. “Ew…” She set it down immediately. “Yuck.”

“Okay. So that’s a no go.” Emmett smirked, and drank it himself. “Alright. So we have one good, and one not so good so far.” He waited. Emma seemed to be choosing her next trial. He waited with patience. Emma was doing incredibly well, thus far. Her attention was all on fulfilling the dare. She had already forgotten about Renesmee. “That one.” She pointed to a cup on the far end, on Emmett’s side. “It smells good.

“Ahh. My personal favorite. The grizzly.” Emmett handed it over to her, and watched in amusement, as she completely devoured the cup without taking a break. “Any good?”

“Yes!” Emma replied enthusiastically. She had dribbled a little down the front of her little blouse. When she noticed, she pouted up at Alice. “Sorry, Alice..”

“Oh Emmy..” Alice was suddenly there, trying to wipe up her daughter’s mouth. “Maybe we should move these into sippy cups…” She frowned. Why hadn’t she thought of that before hand?

“No problem.” Emmett fished the extra bit of grizzly blood he had in a jar in case of this result out of a nearby cupboard. They wouldn’t be able to keep it there for long, but it was good for now.. He and the others had made several trips to make sure they stockpiled whatever flavors Emma found to her liking. He poured some into a smaller cup, and put the lid on it. “Here, Em.” They’d finish the taste test later. Jasper helped him clean up the remaining untested cups for the time being. “I think that went rather well, for a first try.”

“Amazing…” Jasper nodded in agreement. He had been gauging Emma’s emotional state through that entire session. She had seemed hell bent on having Renesmee at first. Then Emmett had distracted her. She’d been able to stay distracted. He’d felt her mind wander only once, and then she’d brought her attention back to the taste test. His daughter was going to be alright. He had that sense now, as she went and sat in Alice’s lap. “So, grizzly it is, huh?” He ruffled her hair a little bit. “Well, we might want to try and find you something you can catch on your own, right?”

“Emmett promised to teach me himself.” Emma stated now. “He said, “when you’re better, I can teach you how to take something down with your bare hands.”

“Oh, I see.” Jasper smirked at Emmett. “Well, it looks like you’re going to have your hands full, Emmett.”

“No problem!” Emmett stretched a little. He stood up. “I’m going to catch the last of the draft.” He figured Emma would be able to find him if the time came again.

“Emmeline, come with me, and we’ll get you cleaned up.” Alice took her daughter back up to her room. The bed just seemed unnecessary now, but she shrugged. Emma would find that out on her own. She went to a special section of the closet. She hadn’t shown Emma any of these clothes. She’d been shopping with Bella for her while she was out. She pulled out a very cute royal blue party dress. “Well. It technically is your new birthday…” She grinned. “What do you say? Do you want to try it on?”

“Okay.” Emma set her cup of grizzly blood down, and let Alice undress her, and dress her gain. The dress felt too fancy for her, but she didn’t want to upset Alice. She smiled gently. “I like it. Thank you.” She hugged Alice tightly.

“If you like that, you should see the other pretty things I’ve gotten for you now.” Alice scooped her up, snuggling her closer. “You are just perfect.”

“Th-that’s what I thought of you and Jasper when I first saw you that day…” Emma said softly. She wasn’t sure if they had had any inkling how early on Emma had known something was different about them She leaned her head against Alice’s chest. “I promise I’ll try really hard to be a good daughter…”

“You already are.” Alice said softly, holding her close again. “You don’t worry about the Volturi. You let us worry. All I want you to do is be yourself.” Alice set her down. “I need to go talk to Jasper for the moment. You can either go in the TV room with Emmett, or out in the kitchen. We can’t leave you to wander around with Nessie here.”

“I’ll go see Rosalie in the kitchen.” She let her mother lead her downstairs, and back to the kitchen. She went to sit next to Rosalie with her cup of blood.

“Can you guys keep an eye on her for me and Jazz? We need to talk.” They had been in the middle of making a plan when Emma had woken up. They needed to finish.

“No problem.” Bella said smiling at Emma. “I see she got you into a party dress…”

“I like it. I’m a little princess.”

“That you are.” Carlisle said. He had his white coat on. “Gotta head out. There’s been a terrible accident, and they need extra hands.”

Emma went over, and hugged Carlisle, surprising herself, and him, apparently

Carlisle blinked, but then he picked her up Emma’s strength was amazing now. Her hugs would even more irresistible now. “Thank you, Ems. I needed that.” He kissed her on the top of her head, and put her down. “I’ll be back soon. Maybe you can tell me your favorite flavor by the time I come home, hmm?” He was setting her a challenge. None of the Cullens had any experience with raising a child vampire. They were improvising, playing on the strengths of her being a child, and what they could do to get a desired result.

“Okay!” Emma went over and sat next to Bella now. “How come Nessie can smell so good?”

“Because Nessie is half-human.” Bella replied calmly. “She was conceived while I was still human.” She smiled. “Do you want to go see her?”

“I…don’t know…” She was feeling rather bad for thinking her playmate smelled so good and delectable. “She might not want me….”

“Oh she wants to see you, alright.” Edward said quickly. “Here, we’ll go find Emmett, and he can be there in case something happens.” He glanced over at Jacob. “You want in on this, Jake?”

“Sure.” He was always up for protecting Renesmee. He let Edward and Bella lead Emma into the room first and he stayed back. Emmett joined him momentarily. “I don’t know how this is all going to work…”

“No one does…” Emmett said. He didn’t really want to talk. He wanted to focus, and be ready, should he need to grab Emma quickly.

Bella sat down on the floor, holding Renesmee in her lap. “Nessie, she wanted a chance to see you. I think she’s missed you.”

“I know…” Nessie was studying Emma. She reached a hand out, and touched Emma’s temple, getting the story of her turning. Her friend had been bed ridden for nearly four days, and she hadn’t been allowed to see her. Now she understood why she appeared to look more like her mother and father than how she had before. “You’re a biter too.”

“I won’t hurt you…” Emma said to her little friend now. “But you do smell good…”

“That’s what I’m told…” Nessie replied. She was patient. She could see Emma was fighting her primal instinct. She backed up a little into Bella’s lap. “Mama…”

“Emmy…” Emmett warned in stern tone. He was ready to grab for her if it needed to happen. Neither side had to worry. Just then, Jasper came in, and scooped Emma up. He and Alice wore very serious expressions.

“We need to talk to all of you. Now.” Alice was serious, as she sat down on the floor. Jasper sat in the arm chair next to her, holding Emma in his lap tightly. “I know you guys aren’t going to like what we’re about to say, but before you say anything, let us finish our side of things.” She turned to Jasper. “Jazz?”

Jasper nodded. His family was ready to listen. He wasn’t sure if he was ready to speak. The choice he and Alice had made would rip them all apart, but there was no other way to handle it.