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Now You're One of Us

While vacationing, Alice and Jasper Hale stumble across the planning of a massacre. Emma Volding is a six-year-old who's mother is killed in the fray. Seeing she has a similar gift, Carlisle grants permission for Alice and Jasper to take her in as theirs.

My first Twilight fanfic. It has gotten a lot of positive feedback at Fanfiction.net. And I wanted to share it with other Twilight fans.

12. Chapter 12

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Chapter Twelve

“Alice and I have reached a decision about what we can do to help spare Emmeline’s life.” He found his choice of words a little ironic, considering they had effectively ended her human life already. He felt Emmeline tense slightly, and he rubbed her back a bit to sooth her. “We’ve decided to take her into the mountains for a few weeks, to try and reign in her natural instincts a bit.”

“You mean, you’re going to leave the house, and be away from us?” Rosalie blinked. “How can you even think that’s okay?” She was missing Emmeline already, and it surprised her. “She’s ours just as much as yours.”

“It won’t be forever.” Jasper promised. “We just need more time. The Volturi are coming here to talk to Bella and Edward. They may not even know about Emma. If we can prevent them from seeing her before she’s fully adjusted, we need to try.” He frowned when Emma shook her head. “It’s for the best, Em…”

“No. I don’t want to leave. I want to stay with Emmett.” Saying this, she crawled into Emmett’s lap, as if Emmett himself would help her case. “He’s my friend.”

“Emmeline, sweetheart, it’s not forever.” Alice soothed. “Besides, if he wants to, Emmett can come up and visit anytime.” She smiled at her brother. “You will, won’t you?”

“Yeah!” Emmett knew that they had to get Emma to cooperate with them. He pulled Emma closer to him. “You’ll find all kinds of good things up there to eat, Emmy. You’ll love it.” He grinned in satisfaction when she turned and hugged him close as well. “And on a really good day, we can all go camping.”

“Yeah, that’s right.” Bella nodded. She ran a hand through Renesmee’s hair. “We all just want what’s best for you, little one.”

Renesmee looked over at Emma. “I won’t be mad if you have to go for a while…” It as if she was reading Emma, the same way her father did. “We can play when you come back.”

Emma nodded. “Okay.”

Jasper was relieved. Emma didn’t seem to be panicking about leaving anymore. He hadn’t realized until then that she had become so attached to the rest of the family. “We’re going to leave tonight. Um, Emmett…can we borrow your jeep?”

Emmett looked like he might protest, but he shrugged. “Sure. I’ll come get it tomorrow.” He stood up. “Hey, let’s go see what other kinds of blood you’ll like.” Emmett enjoyed the role of playing big brother to Emma. It was so plain. “Maybe you’ll like mountain lion too.”

Emma shrugged. “I’m not hungry.” She still had her cup of grizzly blood in her hand. She wanted to go outside. She had to test this other thing Emmett had mentioned. “Let’s go outside.”

“No!” Her family chorused. Then Alice came and scooped her up. “It’s not a good idea right now. But I promise, tonight, when we leave, Jazz and I will let you wander around all you want.” The girl ran a hand through Emma’s hair, taking in how much softer it appeared to be. She carried her back into the living room. “So, we were thinking maybe a month or two at the most…”

Rosalie spoke up now. “Should Emmett come every day, to help?” She hadn’t missed how well Emma responded to him, when he was trying to teach her.

“Well, maybe every other day. I think Jasper needs to be able to be involved too; since he did “father” her, so to speak.” Esme said now. She smiled. “I’m sure Jasper does appreciate the help though.”

“Indeed.” Jasper said now, smiling. He stood up. “We should probably start getting things ready.”

“Can I play with Nessie?” Emma asked now. She wanted them to continue the game of pretend they’d been playing before she’s gotten sick. “Please?”

Jasper frowned. He wasn’t sure Emma was quite ready to be left alone with Renesmee. Things could go south with that deal really fast. He glanced at Bella and Edward.

“We’ll stay with her.” Edward confirmed. “Don’t worry.” He watched Jasper and Alice go. Then he turned to Emma. “So…how do you like it…?” He already knew, but Bella didn’t and he was trying to find a way for them to bond a bit.

“There’s so many…new…scents.” Emma had the inkling the scents she smelled now had always been there. Her human nose had probably just missed them. “And Jasper looks different…”

“Oh, there are going to be a lot of different scents outside too.” Bella told her. “You’ll have a lot to learn your first few days. And I think Jasper is the best person to teach you.” She smiled. “I remember when I first saw Jasper through my new eyes. There are things you just don’t forget, ever.”

“Can I tell you guys a secret?” Emma said now. Her voice, though still pretty as a bell, was soft. “I’m really afraid…” She shivered, though not from cold. “I’m…aware of…what’s going on, and…why I had to be turned early.”

“I see…” Edward blinked. “Is there something else you want to tell us?”

“Sometimes, I see…things. But it’s not all the time, like Alice. I…don’t like it, so I don’t practice with it.” She shrugged as if it was no big deal. “Jasper and Alice don’t have to know about this..”

“But you shouldn’t keep what you see from the rest of us…we’re a family now. One whole unit.” Bella reproached. “So what have you seen?”

“When I was unconscious…I could see inside everyone’s thoughts. Alice and Jasper are deathly afraid that the Volturi will take me down no matter how in control I am. But they didn’t want to let me go either…but..I saw other things….the Volturi…going after your whole family….” Her eyes glazed, but tears didn’t form. She looked down. “It’s because of me. Why didn’t they just leave it go? They don’t deserve it!”

“Shh….” Bella handed Renesmee to Edward, and took Emma into her arms, attempting to comfort her, even though she knew Jasper probably would have done a better job. “We all love you, Emmeline. We love you so very much. It’s…the Volturi’s way, you know. To exert their power over all of immortal kind. They love to flaunt it.”

“What’s going on in here?” Jasper asked. He was in the arch way of the entrance to the living room. “Bella?”

“Jasper, Emma…can see things. But not so often as Alice. She sees….possible outcomes. And what people are thinking. Kind of like I do.” Edward said now. “But I don’t think she does it on purpose.”

Jasper blinked, and he immediately took Emma in his arms. “Em…what’s wrong? What did you see, baby?”

Emma shook her head, and she pleaded with her aunt and uncle not to say anything. But she lost that. Edward was talking rapidly with Jasper already. She felt Jasper’s arms tighten around her, and she felt a sense of calm and relaxation wave over her. Her father was at work again. She buried her face in Jasper’s neck. “I don’t want you to die because of me….”

“That’s not going to happen, Em.” Jasper said softly, carrying her out of the living room. He guessed she wasn’t in the mood to play with Nessie now. They would have plenty of days ahead to play. He wanted her to stay with them now. He looked up at Alice as they entered the child’s bedroom. “You were right. There was something very wrong.” He told Alice what Edward had relayed to him.

“Oh Emma…” Alice said softly. She rubbed Emma’s back gently. “Don’t you dare feel guilty about any of this.” She returned to her packing. She went to Emma’s closet. They didn’t have to pack for the seasons. It wasn’t totally necessary for Emma anymore. But she thought she looked adorable in seasonal clothes. The mountains would be chilly to a human, so she had bought Emma several warm articles of clothing. “Should I pack her parka or her jacket?” She looked to Jasper. Her husband was playing with Emma. “Hey.”

“Oh, I don’t think it really matters…:” Jasper had to smile at his wife. Alice was going to be dressing Emma up like a life sized doll. It amused him. “Bring both, if you want.”

“Alice, can you bring this too…?” Emma held up her last toy from her human life. It was the Victorian doll that she’d had the day Alice and Jasper had met her. “Please?”

“You can bring whatever you want.” Alice said, as she left the room It was time to sort Jasper’s wardrobe out.”Jazz, I meant that in moderation.” She chuckled. Jasper had been about to tell her to bring as much as she wanted. Sometimes, she loved having the ability to see ahead to the future.

“Are you sure you guys are going to be okay?” Emmett asked now. He was standing in the doorway. “Having a child is a handful…”

“Yeah, I know.” Alice said softly. “We’ll be fine. Emma’s already adjusting so well. I think having all of us around to lead her by example is the advantage. You’re welcome to come visit her whenever you want.”

“Careful. I might just take you up on that offer.” Emmett said now. He got a look that said he better be kidding in response. “Anyway, I know you and Jasper will succeed in your plan. Emma’s already doing so well.”

“Yeah….” Alice’s eyes narrowed. “We’re probably going to have trouble with her up there though. All the animal blood she’s had has been animals she herself cannot catch.”

“Try getting her close to a cub, just to see what happens. I wouldn’t take her lightly, Alice. She does have Jasper’s venom.” He was going on the theory that venom was some sort of hereditary device. No one quite knew how that worked, or where vampires got their individual abilities. He was hoping, for Emma’s sake of loving the bigger game, that he was right.

“Maybe you’re right….” Alice suddenly sighed. “Jasper, she can’t take that with her, it’s not even practical.” Emma was wanting to take her pillows and blankets with her. “Should we tell she doesn’t have to sleep anymore?” She turned back to Emmett now.

“I don’t know. We’ve never dealt with a child vampire before.” “Maybe she does need it…or mentally thinks she needs it, because she’s still got so much humanity left over…” He imagined because of Emma’s innocence of being a child, she might actually retain a lot of her humanity. He glanced back as Jasper was carrying his daughter in his arms. “Is she…?”

Jasper looked confused, but he nodded. “She’s only convinced herself she is.” His daughter was playing at sleep. And she wasn’t even doing it right. She didn’t pretend to be breathing. He was almost amused at that. He rubbed her back gently. “I don’t know why, but she insisted she was tired.” He was reminded of how they had all been intrigued when Bella had turned up pregnant with Edward’s biological child. “Alice…?” The idea that she would insist on “sleeping” intrigued him.

“I know…” Alice was frowning. “I don’t how to explain the no sleeping thing either. Maybe when Carlisle gets back, we can ask him. But if she wants to “sleep” why don’t you lay her down in her bed? We can transport her later.”

Emma curled up closer to Jasper, much like she had done when she was human.

Jasper smiled. “Well. If you want to sleep, I can’t say no, but, it’s not really necessary, honey.” He’d humor her,

“Mmm…” Emma ignored him, and continued her charade. It felt more realistic for her to go on pretending nothing had changed. It wasn’t any different than any of the pretend games that she and Renesmee had played, was it?

Jasper shrugged, and with a smile, laid her down. “Well, when you’re done with your “nap”, come out into the living room.” He left her there. As he leaned against the wall across from the bedroom, he thought about her reasoning. Could it be that she hadn’t really wanted it as much as she’d claimed? This worry nagged him, but he’d have to figure it out later. Right now, they were in the middle of an evacuation.


“Your Seer is certain of what she saw?” Aro said to Demetri. “It’s not going to be like what happened with the other child is it?”

“I’m certain. The Cullens took in a human child, and now she is one of them. They turned her.” Demetri asserted. “Two crimes for the price of one, it seems.”

“Thank you. Now, if you would..go and see what you find. It looks like there is going to be an interesting afternoon head of us.” He turned to his followers. “My friends, it saddens me today to announce we will once again be going to question our friends the Cullens about their reasoning for breaking the rules.”

“At last, we’ll have them cornered. There will be no getting around this!” Caius said, smirking. He had been dying to take out the Cullen clan for many years. “The child will die, regardless.”

“Now Caius…we have to at least hear them out. It is the right thing to do.” But they had already made p their minds. It was plain in the cruel smiles the two wore. Aro signaled the rest of the group forward. “We’ll just see how he tries to talk his way out of all of this.”