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Now You're One of Us

While vacationing, Alice and Jasper Hale stumble across the planning of a massacre. Emma Volding is a six-year-old who's mother is killed in the fray. Seeing she has a similar gift, Carlisle grants permission for Alice and Jasper to take her in as theirs.

My first Twilight fanfic. It has gotten a lot of positive feedback at Fanfiction.net. And I wanted to share it with other Twilight fans.

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

Roscoe glanced around the ball room, smirking. Soon, the room would be full of naïve hmans, expecting to get a big grand prize, but that wasn’t going to happen. No. He and his brothers and sisters were going to have a feast. And he was proud to say the whole thing had been his idea. He glanced up, as his sister Marie walked in, looking a little troubled. “What’s wrong with you?” The girl, who looked no more than thirteen didn’t speak at first. She studied the interior decorating job that the boy was doing. “Well?”

Marie brought her gaze back to her brother, her features conveying the real worry she had.“Roscoe, there’s been a bit of a setback. Do you remember the tales of the Olympic Coven? You know, the vampires that don’t feed on humans?”

“Yeah? So? They’re all the way in Washington, the last time I heard.” He pushed his ponytail over his shoulder. It was very rare to see Marie in such a disarray.

“Apparently, two of them have come here. Maybe they anticipated…I heard that one of them can see visions of the future.” Marie shivered visibly, her curly locks bouncing with the shake. “What if they did? They’ll ruin everything!” Marie’s rant had gone from an angry outburst to a whine. “Do something, Roscoe. Take them out too!”

Roscoe went over to her, and held her close to him. “Never you fear. There hasn’t been an opposition yet that could defeat me. Your big brother won’t let them ruin your party.” He stroked her hair gently. “Now go on. I saw a lovely mother and child in the lobby. The girl is just a little younger than you, and she’s very sweet smelling. Probably it’s the essence of innocence.” He looked down at his clip board. It held the room numbers of all the attendees of Marie’s little soiree. He guessed it wouldn’t hurt to let her have a little snack. “Go ahead to room five-oh-six. That’s where you’ll find them.” He chuckled to himself as his sister scampered off to get her early birthday present.


It had been a long time in coming, this vacation. Alice Hale unpacked the last of her wardrobe , and put it into a closet. She glanced over at Jasper, who was stretched out on the long King size bed, and smiled. “It feels good to get a break away, huh?” She admitted to herself that the king size might have been overkill. Maybe that’s where she got her incessant need to do everything big came from.

“I don’t know how good it is…” Jasper admitted. He had been reluctant to leave the safety of the large Cullen mansion. Alice had assured him he was ready to handle it. And if he couldn’t, Alice had promised she could pull him away. It had taken a lot of convincing before Jasper would be convinced that leaving was a good idea. Seeing the look of disappointment on her face, he beckoned Alice over to him When she sat down, he held her close to him. “I’ll try and be a good sport about it all, okay? It’s just still so hard for me..”

“You don’t need to worry! You’ve got me here.” Alice reassured him again, pulling away. “The weather is going to be pretty good for our hiking trip.” She changed the subject, trying to lighten her husband’s mood. “I found a really nice trail not far from here.”

Jasper took the bait, and smiled. “Oh?” He dragged his eyes away from her. “I don’t think we should take the whole weekend, regardless.”

“Oh come on. It’s been a few years since we’ve had the chance to be away from the family. Don’t you think we deserve this?” Alice sat down on the edge of the bed. “Can’t you just be a good sport just this once? I bet we can find something good on trail…” She was trying to make things sound as good as possible. She knew Jasper, of all people deserved some peace and quiet.

Jasper gave in, and he sat up, pulling Alice close to him again. “Alright. If you really think so, I’ll play nice.” The thing about Jasper sometime was he didn’t know when to relax. After the last fyear, dealing with Bella’s transformation, the birth of his half human neice Renesmee, and then the Volturi, he had to agree with Alice. They did deserve a break. He chuckled a little, when Alice exuberantly climbed into the bed, to sit closer to him. “Remember, I said nice.”

“Oh, I know.” She smiled radiantly at him. “You’re not going to regret this weekend one bit.” She was sure it was true. Outside, the rain began to fall silently, as if it didn’t want to give itself away to her. She knew it was raining, though. There wasn’t much Alice missed. She also didn’t miss the sudden feeling of fear and dread that crossed her mind. She forced herself to shake it off. Jasper’s good time depended on it. She’d dwell on it later. Now she smiled at Jasper. “Do you want to go explore the resort with me?”

“Why not? It’s not like we’re actually going to sleep in here.” Jasper found he was really looking forward to this vacation now. Though he did wonder about the troubled look that Alice was trying so desperately to hide. He didn’t press her about it. He knew Alice would only tell him if she felt it was vital. He figured it must’ve just been something she’d seen happening at home. Jasper shook his head.. “Where do you want to start?” He pretended not to have noticed the look at all.

“Anywhere you want.” Alice allowed. “Within reason.” She did have to give Jasper his limits. “How about the gazebo?” Jasper liked solitude. Even at this time of night, the resort was full of activity. Carlisle had spared no expense, when he’d arranged this little get away.

“Alice, can you tell me what you’re seeing?” Jasper said now. He couldn’t help it. “What’s going on now?”.

“It’s not…home…” Alice said slowly. “There are more than two vampires here this weekend.” Alice chose he words carefully. “They’re planning…an all you can capture buffet, it seems. They must be new.”

Jasper was up, and pulling a jacket on needlessly before Alice could finish. “We should leave, right now”

“Think of the innocent people, Jasper…” Alice said, interrupting him. “We have to do everything we can to keep the knowledge of vampires a secret, right? We can protect them in the process.” Alice had seen more than just what they had planned. It had already started. She was pacing. “Why can we never catch a break? If it’s not Bella, it’s someone else trying to expose us all to the world.”

“It’s a simple solution, Alice. We just leave.” Jasper said again, proceeding to try and calm his mate. “We don’t have a responsibility to any of these humans. The only human we had a responsibility to is one of us now.” Though, Jasper suddenly did feel like they should do something, if not save them all. He suddenly remembered Emma Volding, and her mother. They would be in danger. Newborn vampires didn’t discriminate between children and adults.

“Can you honestly say you feel no responsibility at all?” Alice asked now. She had noted the change in Jasper’s facial expression. “What is it?”

“You’re right. We’re not talking about just adults here. There are a lot of children here this weekend too. There is at least one person here I can’t allow to be hurt…” He said. “Do you remember that little girl in the lobby?”

Alice smiled. “I do. She really seemed to like you.” It had been odd for both Alice and Jasper to have the girl want to talk to them. Alice had been fascinated with her, because she never bothered to worry about whether they were dangerous or not. She’d been oblivious. The idea that she’d feel the same way about a real threat made Alice shiver. “We need to do something to try and stop the killings.” The couple left their barely used room, and started to explore the happy atmosphere of the resort, looking for the hidden darkness that laid in wait.

Three buildings down,in a smaller, quaint room, a terrified Emma cried silently in a closet, as a teenage girl attacked her mother, after killing the attending maid. Something wasn’t right, and she felt it. Her mother screamed, and in the next instant, the room was completely silent. The young girl crawled into her mother’s vacant bed, and sobbed herself to sleep.


Roscoe blinked when he walked into the suite that he was sharing with his sister. “What is this, Marie? Are you trying to add to your guest list in another way?” His red eyes took in the woman convulsing violently in pain.

“We needed a mother…” Marie offered, her voice small. “Is it okay, Big brother?” She studied the woman silently.

“Indeed. She will be able to help us greatly…” Roscoe’s eyes narrowed now. “Where is the child?” He didn’t need her leaving surviving witnesses. “Well?!” Marie wasn’t concerned with him anymore. She was stroking the woman’s damp hair lovingly. “Marie! The little girl. Where is she?”

“Oh, I left her. She was screaming too much. It hurt my ears.” Marie shrugged nonchalantly at this. “You can make me a sister, if you want…”

“No.” Roscoe grabbed Marie roughly, and threw her into a chair across the room. “You idiot! Do you realize what would happen if she went for help? We’d get into trouble! No, you don’t get a sister. You got your wish, dear sister. Now, I’m going to take care of our witness.” He turned and left the room, slamming the door. Thank you, Marie. I haven’t tasted the intoxicating blood of a child in a very long time. This is a grand present you have given to me. He grinned viciously, and headed to the room where he knew the child would be.