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Now You're One of Us

While vacationing, Alice and Jasper Hale stumble across the planning of a massacre. Emma Volding is a six-year-old who's mother is killed in the fray. Seeing she has a similar gift, Carlisle grants permission for Alice and Jasper to take her in as theirs.

My first Twilight fanfic. It has gotten a lot of positive feedback at Fanfiction.net. And I wanted to share it with other Twilight fans.

6. Chapter 6

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Chapter Six

Emma awakened from her nap just before five o’clock. She knew, because someone had put a digital clock in her new room. She sat up, and crawled out of the bed. She could hear a TV somewhere. She padded silently out of the room, the door creaking as she opened it. She flinched. In the nearly silent house, the creak sounded frightening. She was used to hearing party chatter. Here, there was nothing.

“Hey, Emma.” Jasper had her in his arms, before she could react to his sudden appearance. “Did you have a nice nap?”

“Uh huh.” Emma rubbed sleep from her eyes, and went back to hugging Jasper. “Why is it so quiet?” Jasper carried her into his and Alice’s room. “Are they in bed?”

“Nope. They’re out watching the weather report.” He smiled. “Emmett has been waiting to take you outside.” He set her down on the floor. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Emma?”

“I want you to go too.” Emma responded clearly. She liked Jasper, and she was happy they were talking again. “You can come too, right?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want…” Jasper glanced at Alice. His wife nodded her encouragement. He let Alice take Emma, and he went to consult with Emmett about the change of plans.

Emma watched him go, and then looked up at Alice. “Is he feeling better, Alice?”

“Yes, he is.” Alice smiled kindly, brushing a hand through the little girl’s hair. “Jasper just gets kind of moody when he’s hungry. We took care of it while you were sleeping.” She took Emma back to her bedroom to get her rain coat. She slipped it on for her. It felt unnatural to have to do that. It had been so long since Alice had thought of human needs such as cold and hunger. “I believe Esme’s working on something for you for dinner, okay?”

Emma nodded, and then grinned, as Emmett came in, and scooped her up off her feet. “Hi, Emmett!” Somewhere behind them, she heard someone snort with disgust. She guessed it was Rosalie. She ignored her, remembering what Jasper had told her. “Are we going to go out now?”

“Yep!” He snuggled her as close as he dared, then gave her to Jasper. “I need to go talk to Rose. You two go ahead, I’ll catch up.” He squeezed Jasper’s shoulder encouragingly when he suddenly looked hesitant. He whispered low in his ear. “You can do it, Jazz.”

Jasper nodded only subtly, and then left with Emma in tow, heading to the woods. Emma chattered idly. Jasper tried to pay attention to what the child said. It was a good distraction for him. There was happy emotion just overflowing from her. Clearly, she enjoyed being there with them. He hoped with all his heart that it would not be the death of her. It was the last thing he and Alice wanted to see happen. “You saw a squirrel from you bedroom?” He said now, to distract himself, and to show that he was paying attention to his adopted daughter. “What did it look like, Em?”

“It was a baby.” Emma reported. “It was so cute. But it looked like it had lost it’s mother.” She frowned now. “Jasper, do you think Mama’s watching over me too?”

“I’m sure she is…” Jasper replied. He hated to be reminded of what had killed her mother. It made his upper lip curl angrily. It sickened him, remembering that he had once been that way himself. Never caring who or what died at his hands. He took a few breaths to calm himself. He was grateful when he heard Emmett approaching. He needed to regroup.

Emmett saw that immediately. “Hey, Emma, let’s go up ahead a bit, okay?” He led her away from Jasper, and smiled down at her. “Jasper wants some quiet. We can play up here for a bit. Just me and you, okay?”

Emma nodded without question. She wondered if Jasper was hungry again. She let go of Emmett’s hand, and bounded up ahead. It was nice to get away from the tension of the house. She wondered what in the world had caused so much unrest in the household. They all seemed to be a little unsettled, including Alice. She was about to turn around ask Emmett that, when something caught her eye. She had found a bear. She backed up considerably, but the bear had already seen her. “Em-Emmett…?” She backed up a little more. The bear followed.

Emmett wasn’t too far behind her. He and Jasper had been talking, after the other vampire had come back, feeling calmer. His head snapped up suddenly, catching a whiff of something that wasn’t supposed to be there. “What the…?!” His stomach and his hunger began to fill him. Then he heard her scream. “Emma!!” His primal instincts took over. “Jasper!”

Jasper was caught off guard. Emmett’s sudden bloodlust overwhelmed him. He realized if he didn’t get out of there, he’d take it out on the wrong thing. He hated himself, but, he had to run. He had to leave his terrified child there, and trust that Emmett himself would have control. He fled back towards the house.


Emma was backed into a tree now. She was terrified, and shaking. “Someone help!” She screamed again. She didn’t think she’d be able to move anymore. She was feeling like stone. The rain was cold, and her body was starting to feel numb as it was. Just when she thought she was going to become bear kibble, she saw something she wouldn’t have believe otherwise.

Emmett leaped out of the brush, growling like an animal as he took the bear down in a quick maneuver. The bear whimpered in surprise, and fought uselessly. Emmett held it down violently, and began to feed off it. He was too immersed in what he was doing to realize Emma might’ve been watching. All he was thinking about was taking the bear down so it wouldn’t harm what was theirs.

“Emmett!” Emma called out anxiously. She was truly terrified by what she was witnessing. Her gentle friend Emmett wasn’t acting like himself. He had turned into some kind of animal. When Emmett didn’t appear to hear her, she fell silent. All she could do was sit there, and watch. Now she wasn’t sure what was more frightening, the grizzly bear or the man who had protected her from it.

“Emma!” Alice came charging through the bushes with Edward at her heels. Jasper came too, but he went straight to join Emmett in draining the bear. Alice picked Emma up, and immediately began to comfort her, cooing softly in her ear. “Shh..shhh…it’s okay. You’re safe now. It’ll be okay…” She held her as tightly as she dared without crushing her fragile human bones.

“She saw him…” Edward muttered quietly to Alice. “He didn’t have a choice. She would’ve been dead.”

“I know. I saw it myself…” Alice was berating herself for seeing this ahead of time. She went back to comforting Emma, as she swiftly carried her away from the scene, hoping she hadn’t seen Jasper’s feeding frenzy as well. She felt bad. Emma was terrified. Even she could feel that. You didn’t need to be an empath to know it.


Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie were in the clearing, meeting them half way. Carlisle immediately checked Emma over for any major damage. “Did she…?”

“Yes. Emmett didn’t have a choice.” Edward filled them in, as Bella came rushing over with Renesmee on her back.

Rosalie glared. “And everyone here thinks this is such a great idea!”

“Not now, Rose. The damage has already been done.” Carlisle replied sharply. “She’s going to have questions after what she just witnessed. It’s just like what happened with Bella and the van.”

Renesmee was studying the quiet human girl silently. She could feel that she had many questions, and she wasn’t sure how to begin asking. “My family bites.” She said simply to Emma.

Emma blinked. She hadn’t had the chance to talk to Renesmee much yet, and she barely spoke around her. “Bites..?” She thought about that. “But…”

Renesmee shook her head and put a hand on Emma’s lips in a keep quiet gesture. She put a hand on Emma’s temple to show her in her own special way. She was pleased when Emma didn’t jerk away right away. In fact, Emma seemed more intrigued than frightened. She tried to make it so that her younger mind would understand. When she was done, she pulled away, and waited expectantly for the girl’s reaction.

Emma was silent for a very long moment after Renesmee pulled away. Everything seemed to add up. The cold feeling of all of their skin, the fact they didn’t seem to eat real food, their ability to appear out of the blue in seconds, and most of all, Emmett’s ability to take down a grizzly with his bare hands. He had done it to save her. Then she thought of something else. She remembered Rosalie’s angry feelings. Did she not want her to know…? What was she afraid of? Humans weren’t supposed to know about the vampires. Renesmee had made that clear. She glanced at Rosalie, and the others in her adopted family. “Your secret is safe with me. I’d never tell anyone anything that’d get you in trouble.”

“Good girl…” Carlisle said now, patting her on the head lightly. “I have to leave for the hospital again. I have night shift. You guys have a good dinner.” He passed Jasper on the way. “She’s aware of the situation now. It’s okay.”

“You told her?” Jasper blinked. Then he shrugged. He guessed Emma probably would’ve had questions after what Emmett had done. He glanced at Emmett, who wasn’t too far behind him. “She knows, Emmett.”

“Oh?” Emmett was still feeling guilty about acting so uncouth in front of the little girl. He was sure he’d be on her list of people to be afraid of now.

“She’s okay.” Jasper answered his uneasy feelings. “Renesmee explained things to her in her own way.” He went over to Alice and Emma, hugging them both gently. “Hey, Emma…”

Emma immediately reached up for Jasper to take her. When he did, she snuggled up close to him. “I’ll never be afraid of you, Jasper..no matter what.”

So very stupid, Emma…The male vampire held her as close as he could stand. “That’s good.” He petted her hair. “Let’s get you inside before you get sick. After all, you still have that, unlike us.” He followed Alice, carrying Emma, and the family went inside to give Emma the best dinner they could muster together for her.

Emma was feeling a lot less threatened by Emmett by the time dinner was done and over. Now she was all curiosity, and awe. Emmett relaxed with her again and he felt better about being around her, when he saw that she didn’t have any fear, or wasn’t holding any grudges towards him for his actions. He allowed her to sit in his lap, as he sat on the floor at Rosalie’s feet. “So…you still wanna stick around, huh?”

“Yes!” Emma said immediately without a thought about it. “I like you guys.” She looked up at Rosalie. “And I don’t care if you’re vampires either.” She smiled broadly. “I still can’t believe you did that with your bare hands.” She turned back to Emmett. “That was SO cool!”

Emmett smirked. “Heh. Yeah, it was kind of cool, wasn’t it?” He held her closer. “I really am sorry if I scared you though…” He was serious. “I…just didn’t know what to do…”

“It’s okay, Emmett. I understand.” She was half-heartedly picking through some Chex mix. Edward and Bella had gone into town after the danger had passed, to get some snacks they thought she might like.

“Is that stuff any good?” Emmett asked her now. He didn’t like the smell of human food too much, but he was learning to deal between Renesmee and now Emma’s eating habits.

“Yeah, but the raisins are yucky.” She glanced over at Renesmee. “Do you want some?” The half-human girl shook her head.

“No thank you.” She yawned. She was sleepy. “Mama, can we go back to the house now?” She let Edward pick her up. “Sleep good, Emma.”

Emma nodded. “I will.” And she always seemed to, these days. She still hadn’t figured out how that happened. She did notice, however, it happened more often when Jasper put her to bed. She watched Edward and Bella leave with Nessie, and she sighed, leaning back against Emmett. “Emmett..is there something special about me?”

“Of course.” Emmett looked down at her. “Why do you ask?”

“I overheard Carlisle and Jasper earlier. Carlisle said I was a lot like Jasper. But what does he mean?”

“Let me handle this.” Jasper said now. He wandered over, and sat down on the floor, pulling Emma into his own lap. “What Carlisle meant by that is…well. You know how when you were scared, and then suddenly you weren’t?”

Emma nodded. “Uh huh.” She wondered where this was going.

“Well. I have the ability to shift the emotions of people around me. It’s not a gift to take lightly, and a lot of times, it can be really hard to deal with.” He pointed to her now. “You have a gift called Empathy. It’s basically the same thing as mine, except you can’t control the emotions you feel from others. Carlisle and Esme allowed us to take you in because they thought we could help each other out.”

“Alice has a gift too…” Emma said. It was a statement of fact. “I heard her talk about it.”

“Alice has a very important gift that has helped all of us in a tight spot. She can see things before they happen.” There was more to it, but Jasper didn’t think she’d be able to understand. He would let Alice explain it at some point later. He stroked her hair a bit, as yawned. “Are you tired, Emma?” He glanced at their clock. She’d only been up for four hours after sleeping tweleve. She was definitely off schedule.

“I wanna stay up a little longer…” Emma said, even as she yawned again. She started to crawl back into Emmett’s lap.

“I don’t know, Em. You seem pretty tired to me.” Emmett teased a little. He stood up with her in his arms. He heard Rosalie snort slightly, but he ignored it. He walked with Jasper to the girl’s ornate bedroom. “Alice.” He said by way of explanation.

“And she’s not done yet. There’s dress shopping tomorrow.” Jasper chuckled, as he took Emma from him. “Alright, Emma. Time for bed, okay?”

“You promise you won’t leave, right, Jasper?” She was getting herself settled into bed on her own.

“Not till you’re sound asleep.” Jasper replied, sitting in the chair that Alice had put in there specifically for that reason. They’d learned quickly that Emma didn’t like to sleep alone. He began to hum a soothing tune as he put his gift to work, helping his daughter to feel more at ease.

“I never wanna leave, Jasper…” Emma said drowsily. “I wanna stay with you forever…”

“Shh…you don’t have to go anywhere you don’t want to go.” Jasper soothed, stroking her hair, as he continued to let his gift work. He assumed that Emma had probably caught Rosalie’s very plain disapproval of them telling her the truth, and then insisting that she stayed. He pulled away lightly, as he saw her eyes close with the same reluctance as last time. He wondered why she no longer liked to sleep, but he didn’t have time to worry about that. He’d just thought of something. “I’ll need to go out later tomorrow.” He glanced at Emmet. “It’s important for Emma’s future with us.”

“What’s your plan?” Emmett followed his brother out into the hall.

Jasper leaned against the wall adjacent to his and Alice’s suite, listening in case Emma woke up suddenly. “It’s only going to be a matter of time before someone somewhere might start wondering where Emma disappeared to after her mother was killed, if they can even determine that’s what happened. We need to make sure that we cover all basis.” Jasper was going to need some faked documents. Emma still had one living parent, and it would be impossible now, with her knowing what she knew, to let her leave.

“Oh right, her father’s still alive…” Emmet bit his lower lip. Now that he thought about it, what they had done could be classified as kidnapping, even if Emma had gone willingly. She was an impressionable child, and could be made to do things. That’s how the law would’ve looked at it. Immediately, his thoughts went to Bella’s father, a police chief. “Oh boy….”

“Yeah. Exactly.” Jasper sighed. They hadn’t really thought this whole thing through. He was glad to see that Emmett understood his point of view. “I’m going to go relax for a while.” He gave Alice a kiss on the cheek, and went to their room to rest. Since vampires didn’t sleep, he would just go into the room to read for a bit. Emmett and Alice could handle Emma for the time being. He began to write out a list of the things he and Alice would need to do, to make the “adoption” more official. Abduction is more like it…Jasper thought wryly. But she hadn’t fought them on it, and that legally couldn’t count as abduction. But they needed the documents as reassurance. He thought about the preparations he and Alice had helped Bella make in case of an emergency for Renesmee. He wondered idly if he and Alice ought to change her name. He shook his head. These were things that could be discussed on the way to see Jenks.