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Now You're One of Us

While vacationing, Alice and Jasper Hale stumble across the planning of a massacre. Emma Volding is a six-year-old who's mother is killed in the fray. Seeing she has a similar gift, Carlisle grants permission for Alice and Jasper to take her in as theirs.

My first Twilight fanfic. It has gotten a lot of positive feedback at Fanfiction.net. And I wanted to share it with other Twilight fans.

7. Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven

“I like this one, and this one.” Emma was walking excitedly at Alice’s side in the children’s department store. They were in Port Angeles.

“Hmm. Okay. We can get them both.” Alice said, putting the two jumpers in her cart. “What else…?” She was thinking aloud. The cart was already full. Emma and Alice had already picked through the majority of the children’s dresses. “Oh, I know!” She took Emma’s hand in her free one, and pushed the cart towards the hair accessories. “We need to buy you some new bows.”

Emma giggled at this. She thought Alice was neat, letting her pick out her own clothes, then making better suggestions anyway. “When is Jasper coming home?” Jasper had been gone before Emma was up that afternoon. It had upset her to wake up without him being there.

“He’ll be home tonight.” Alice said vaguely. She seemed to have her mind elsewhere. Emma wondered if these were the times when she saw things she never spoke of to her. “Come on. We’re going to go visit the hairdresser.”

“What about my bows…?” Emma asked, intrigued. She wondered what was going on. “Alice?”

“We’ll get you some bows after we’re done. Don’t you think a nice haircut would be good?” In truth, Alice had seen what Jasper had decided to do at Jenks’ office. They would need to take it a little further in case something went wrong in getting the documents. She wasn’t really thrilled, but it was to protect their family, more than anything. She smiled brightly at Emma. “I bet you’d look really nice with a pixie cut.”

“You want to cut my hair..?” Emma ran her hand through her curls. Her mother always kept her hair long. She said it was more lady like. She wasn’t sure she wanted to go against her, even if she as dead.

Alice frowned. “It won’t have to be too short.” She needed Emma to be cooperative, if this was going to work. “Please? It could be a lot of fun.” She smiled when Emma moved back to her side She smiled gently. “We’re going to play a game okay? Let’s see how cute you’ll look with dark hair, okay?”

She nodded. “Okay!” She decided if it was just a game, it might be fun to look different for a little while. She followed Alice into the hair salon, not giving the game a second thought. She thought of how surprised Emmett would be when she came home, and she looked completely different.


Jasper smiled approvingly as he saw Alice and Emma return from their shopping day. “Well well. Look at this. My two girls coming home from the first shopping spree together.” He hugged Alice gently, and then scooped Emma up. “And that hair really does suit you.” He kissed her on the top of the head, and smiled. His adopted daughter now sported a pixie cut very similar to Alice’s, except she had had the girl’s blonde hair dyed a brilliant rustic brown. She wore a hair band to add a bit of spunk. You could definitely tell Alice had had a hand in giving her the new look. “It looks great on you, Em.”

“Is Emmett here? I want to show him!” She was anxious to see how Emmett, who had decided he had to be referred to as her big brother instead of uncle, would react. She was pleased that Jasper liked it so much though.

Jasper smirked. “He’s watching the drafts, but he probably won’t mind muting it.” He watched her scurry inside, calling for Emmett the minute she hit the front door. He turned to Alice. “It’s all in order. We’re changing her name to Emmeline Margaret Hale.”

Alice nodded. That sounded good to her. “I’ve told her at this point this is a game. When she’s older, if it’s necessary, we’ll tell her the truth of the matter.”

Jasper nodded. She was too young to understand the implications of what they had done, essentially. If they tried to explain it now, she could very well turn on them. The family couldn’t afford that. “Emmett and the others were wondering when there was to be another storm.”

His wife smiled. “As a matter of fact, there should be one coming upon us this evening. We’ll need to make sure that Emma..I mean, Emmeline is properly dressed, so she doesn’t get sick. She’s younger than Bella was.” Alice knew that Emmett wouldn’t want to leave Emma behind. “Did you talk to the others about the change?”

“Yeah. Emmett’s probably talking to Emma himself.” Jasper frowned. “Do you think he’s better at this than I am?”

“Of course not.” Alice reassured him. “He’s just trying to help. He knows it’s not easy on you. Trust me, Jasper. Emma’s completely taken by you. She’s never had anyone that could explain her own gifts to her before, and then help her with them. She loves you a lot. Just remember what Edward said about her brother…” She took their purchases into the house. “Oh Bella, look what we bought today!” She was anxious to show Bella what she and Emma had come up with for her new look.

Jasper followed her inside, slowly. He heard Emma excitedly telling Emmett all about the trip to Port Angeles. He decided not to interfere, but to watch Alice’s show and tell instead. After all, he’d have to make sure that all of these things were good enough for Emma. He was sure they would be, since Alice had probably picked out every article of clothing within the bag.

“…..and this was just so cute, I really couldn’t pass it up!” Alice was exclaiming. Rosalie and Bella were listening curiously. And they both gasped as Alice held up an elaborate dress. “Her birthday got messed up, and I thought we should do something nice for her to make up for it.” She frowned as her sisters-in-law groaned. “What?”

“It would just be a party with the family, right?” Bella asked. “I mean, we’re not talking about anything really big?” Bella doubted that Emma would know anyone in town already anyway.

“Of course!” Alice said in a wry tone. “Did you really think I’d be able to make a party list without her knowing anyone yet? Anyway, I heard there’s to be a baseball game. I better go get ready.” She took her bags into Emma’s room. She’d tidy them up later. Now she was getting in the mood to show Emma what they could do.

“So, what do you think of the new game?” Emmett asked Emma sociably. He’d explained the whole thing to the child casually. She had listened intently, keeping one eye on the muted TV set, in case the commercials ended.

“I think it’s neat!” Emma replied. “Actually. Emmeline was my late cousin’s name. It was really funny. When they’d come visit the house, they’d call me Emma, and she was called Emmy.” Her smile faltered slightly. “She was always sick, but she played sports like a boy. Her favorite was softball.” Emma leaned against Emmett. “We had pizza today. It was good.” She missed some of the simpler human foods her mother would take her out for on the off chance she had time to do so. The cooks at home would only cook delicacies, and some of them weren’t honestly all that great.

“Pizza…” Emmett smiled. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Uh huh.” Emma replied. She sat up, as Jasper came into the room. “We’re going to play Baseball.”

“Correction. You’re not going to play baseball. You’re going to watch.” Jasper said with a grin. “Alice wants you to go and get ready. She’s waiting in your room.” He watched her go down the hall, before he turned to Emmett. “She’s got spunk. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she was Alice’s biological child.”

“Takes one to know one, I guess.” Emmett shrugged, turning off the TV. He had to get ready too. He was pumped to play. It had been a few months since they’d been able to go out and tear it up on the field like only they could. He went into his room to start getting ready. This would be one game of ball Emma would never forget.


Bella and Renesemee were at her father’s house with Jacob. Jacob was playing with Renesmee, while he listened to Bella. “Let me get this straight. Alice and Jasper took in another human being?” Bella gestured for him to be quiet, and then took them outside.

“Yes. And Emmett lost control, so now she knows everything.” Bella forehead creased in worry. “I’m sure they’ll find an excuse to come here again. When they do, Emmeline will be put to death…”

“Jasper and Alice won’t allow it.” Jacob tried to con sole his best friend. Sometimes he could forget that Bella was a vampire now. It was easier when he could. When she mentioned the Volturi, it brought the reality of the situation back to the surface. “Can they turn her?” He wouldn’t have normally suggested it, but he figured it might be a scapegoat.

“No…of course not. She’s only six.” Bella admonished. Though, now that she thought about it, she wondered if Jasper and Alice had even thought about doing that. Alice probably had some kind of idea about the girl’s future already. And if turning her was in it, she was probably not that enthusiastic about it. She was pretty sure Jasper would not want that for the girl either. “They’ve probably considered it…”

“It would be silly to at least not think about it for the future…” Jacob mused.

“Yeah, really silly.” Bella muttered. Jacob wasn’t helping her mood any. “She’s taking it really well, but that’s only for now. What happens, let’s say, if she gets hurt?”

“Carlisle can handle that. He looks at human blood on a daily basis, doesn’t he?” Jacob said now. He eyed Nessie now, who was playing with a ball in the front yard. “Hey Nessie, how do you like having a cousin?”

“She’s alright…” Renesmee saw Emma more as a friend than a relative. The main reason being that she didn’t seem to want to play with her a lot. She was more content to hang around her uncle Emmett and her uncle Jasper and aunt Alice. “She doesn’t like playing with me a lot yet.”

“She will, sweetie.” Bella reassured her. “Emma’s still trying to make sense of what we’ve done.” Bella was certain the clever girl knew what they had done was illegal. She was amazed that she didn’t bother to ask for her father at all. Though, she might’ve realized that her going back to her father now would be a mistake. Emma came across as a very smart girl, even for her young age. Maybe that accounted for the trust she had in Jasper. Bella had to give her credit. Jasper had intimidated her when she’d first met him. Emma had gotten comfortable with him really fast.

“Bella, maybe you should head back…” Jacob said now. “Aren’t guys gong to play some ball? I’ll come by later. I want to meet the newest Cullen.”

“Sure..” Bella figured the sooner Emma became acquainted with who was a friend to the family, the better. Jasper and Alice would’ve probably agreed. “Come on, Nessie. Let’s go home.” She picked her daughter up, and headed for the car. “See ya later, Jake.”

“Sure thing. See ya tonight.” Jacob waved, and then sighed. The Cullens were heading for trouble, inviting another human into their circle, even if she was young.


The clouds were gathering, getting darker as they did so. Emma, who was now readily answering to Emmeline, watched the splendor that was a storm gathering. Her lower lip stuck out, as the rain began to fall. She had learned quickly that her vampire family did almost all of their fun activities in the rain. She couldn’t understand why. This latest, baseball in the rain really puzzled her. She jumped a mile when Jasper picked her up suddenly off the porch steps. “It’s going to storm really bad…”

“Excellent!” Emmett exclaimed enthusiastically. “Let’s get going!” He was in his jeep before Emma could even reply to that.

“Emmett’s nuts.” Emma told Jasper in a matter of fact tone. “How come you guys play in a thunderstorm anyway?”

“You’ll see.” Alice said, smiling, as she put Emma’s hood up for her. “Let’s hit the road. The storm will start any minute.” She took her from Jasper, and put her in the car seat. They had bought a separate one for her now. “Whatever you do, don’t get too close during the game.”

Emma blinked at this. But she was becoming more excited. She could feel the excitement charging though the entire Cullen clan. “Is it going to be fun?” She asked, as Jasper got in the driver’s seat of their car.

“More fun then you’ve ever witnessed in your life!” Emmett called through the open window. “Trust me, Em. You’ve never seen anything like this!” He put an arm around Rosalie as they tore off down the dirt road.

Jasper merely smiled, as he followed suit. He was hoping Emma would enjoy their favorite past time. If she was going to be a Cullen, she had to learn to appreciate baseball. That was all there was to it, even if she didn’t want to play. He pulled ot a stop suddenly behind Emmett’s jeep. “Alice you can get her out?”

“Sure.” Alice got her out quickly. “There you go.” She giggled as she bounded right over to Emmett. “Keep an eye on her, Emmett.”

“Sure thing!” Emmett picked her up, and put her on his shoulders carefully. “You see this huge field, Emmeline? This is where the stage is set for the greatest game of ball ever!”

Emma grinned, hugged Emmett gently around the neck. Vampire or not, she wasn’t going to risk hurting her adopted brother. “I wish I could play…”

“It’s alright, Emmy, you can help me referee.” Esme said now, untangling the child effortlessly from Emmett’s shoulders. We have to stand way back here.” She lead her back a ways. “Bella, dear, are you going to play?” It was Esme’s experience that Bella didn’t really relish the play the way the others did.

“Not today, I don’t think…” Bella had Renesmee in her arms. Her daughter was watching the set up. “Your daddy loves to play.”

“I know.” Renesmee was checking Emma’s reaction to it all. “She’s in awe.”

“Yes.” Bella could still remember the first time she had witnessed the Cullens’ game. She had been completely amazed. She could only imagine how Emma would react when the game started.

Emmett came over, and crouched to Emma’s level. “Alright, Emmeline. We’re about to start. Be prepared.”

She nodded. “I am!” She watched as Emmett, and the others took their places on the field.

“Play Ball!” Esme called out. She stood back even further, taking Emma with her. “Now watch.”

At that very moment, a crack of thunder was heard, and Emma curled up closer to Esme, watching the game. The ball was hit by Edward with immense force, and he zoomed around the bases faster than Emma could blink. The girl was thunderstruck. It continued that way for a while, and Bella called different plays expertly. Emma could barely keep up with any of it.

Her vampire family seemed to move in a blur, and with a force she’d never imagined possible. It all felt surreal to her. She clung tightly to Esme’s hand, with every crack of thunder. Despite the game going on, she didn’t like thunder and lightening. It frightened her. At length, Esme picked her up, and she buried her face in the woman’s hair, hiding her eyes from the lightening. “Shhh…nothing’s going to hurt you out here…”

Bella smiled kindly at the little girl. “That’s right. We’re very safe, being where we….” She paused. Alice had an eerily familiar look in her eyes. It was the same look she’d gotten just before James and his coven members had turned up on the field. There was a difference. Her look was frightened, and not alarmed.

“Alice?!” Carlisle called out now. The game was immediately forgotten, and the Cullens all clustered around the clairvoyant girl. “What is it? What did you see?” He moved over as Esme came over with Emma in her arms.

Instead of answering right away, Alice took Emma into her arms, almost crushing her, before she remembered that the girl was fragile compared to her. She looked up at Jasper, silently conveying that what she’d seen instantly put Emma at risk. “They’re coming…”

Jasper moved to Alice’s side, and put an arm around her and their adopted child. He had feared this the most when they’d talked about taking in a human child. How could they have thought it would be okay at all? The Volturi had their way of knowing things, without being told directly. “When, Alice?” He asked the question he was sure everyone wanted to know.

“Soon. I don’t know exactly. But they’ll be here.” She was stroking Emma’s hair gently, as the girl looked up at her. She knew the child had no idea why this was so bad. She didn’t think she had the heart to explain any of it to her at all. At length, she handed the girl to Jasper, and headed for their car. She needed time to think.

“Is it bad, Jasper?” Emma asked now, looking up at her adopted father. She didn’t think she’d ever be able to call him daddy or call Alice mama. It was just too weird, knowing the circumstances they had met.

“It is.” Jasper said. His voice was stone, his expression was blank. But Emma could feel the undeniable fear and pain he was feeling. That Alice had been feeling too. She looked around. The Cullens were all standing there, with the same expression of anguish on their faces. Rosalie even looked worried. Whatever it was, Emma knew these unwelcome guests were after something that none of them were willing to give up without a fight.

“Let’s just take her home…” Carlisle said finally. “We might still have time to make a plan.” Though, Carlisle admitted to himself, the chances of saving Emma from certain death were very slim. He couldn’t see anyway around it. They had let a human in on the secrets of the vampire world. To top it off, Emma was a child, and children were known, if they weren’t monitored, to talk about things they shouldn’t. Indeed, if they wanted to save Emma, there would only be one possible way. And he wasn’t liking the looks of that, either.