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Now You're One of Us

While vacationing, Alice and Jasper Hale stumble across the planning of a massacre. Emma Volding is a six-year-old who's mother is killed in the fray. Seeing she has a similar gift, Carlisle grants permission for Alice and Jasper to take her in as theirs.

My first Twilight fanfic. It has gotten a lot of positive feedback at Fanfiction.net. And I wanted to share it with other Twilight fans.

8. Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight

Aro was beyond words at what he was hearing from the informant. It displeased him. The Cullens had invited a human child into their home, and were raising it? And now she knew of their special diet too. It put them in a position he did not like to be in. He glanced at Marcus and Caius. They wore similar expressions. Well, he and Marcus did, at least. Caius looked pleased that he might’ve finally caught Carlisle in a trap. That worried Aro a bit. “I don’t like this.” He said finally. “She’s an innocent child. Their intentions must’ve been good…” He doubted Carlisle would’ve taken a human child unless he thought she would pose a threat to the common good of vampires. That just wasn’t Carlisle’s way.

“Still. She knows too much.” Caius replied firmly. “You know the laws as well as I do.”

“Be at peace, Caius. Let us pay them a visit, and see for ourselves what is going on. You know what happened the last time we took the word of an informant.” Aro eyed the boy warily. “It could be another one of those situations.”

“It won’t matter. She will have to die…” Caius insisted, though he had to agree with Aro. One time before, they had been misinformed, and it has caused a great upset among the vampire race to see them at odds. He glanced to Marcus. Their still mourning friend nodded his approval of the decision. “Despite that, we should inquire of the clan again, and see who will join.”

“Indeed.” And Caius had just provided Aro with the excuse he’d need to visit with his old friend Carlisle.

Five months later…..

“There is no other way around it.” Carlisle said again. He, Jasper, Emmett and Edward had been ferventlydoing research, trying to find any loophole that would justify the fact that they had taken in a human child, and exposed their secret to her. There was only one way that they would get away with keeping her, and that violated even more laws. Though, Carlisle had a plan for that too. Jasper wasn’t thrilled with the idea, and neither were his other two sons. “If we teach her beforehand, she’ll have everything she’ll need.”

“I don’t know, Carlisle…” Edward said. “I mean, we’re still not one hundred percent sure how Bella did so well…Emmeline’s just a child. And she’s still young.”

Jasper was about to add something, when he turned around. Emma was standing right there in the doorway. He didn’t know what she’d heard, but her eyes were as wide as dinner plates, if that was completely possible. “Emmeline, come here a minute, baby.” He was already trying to sooth the anxiety that was falling off of her. The last few months had been hard on the girl. All of them were so tense the majority of the time. When she approached he picked her up, thankful that he and Alice had just gone hunting for food. “Where’s Alice?” The girls were supposed to be keeping her occupied. It had taken Emmett over an hour to get away from her, she was that attached.

“She’s making cookies.” Emma curled up gently in his arms. “What’s going on? Why’s everyone so…” She didn’t even have a word for it. Back home, it would’ve been…anger, but this didn’t quite seem to fit. “And Emmett won’t let me play outside…”

“I’m sorry, little one.” Carlisle spoke now. “We’ve just got a little bit of a problem we’re trying to deal with. Being outside isn’t really a good idea for you right now. It won’t be that way forever. But it would be safer if you stayed in.”

“Hey, Em…come here a second.” Emmett said now. He had an idea on how to get her used to the idea of being turned. He took her from Jasper, and sat down in Carlisle’s chair with her in his lap. “So…what do you think of us, you know, being vampires?”

Emma blinked at the question. They hadn’t spoken of the fact that her adopted family were vampires in a long time. She was vaguely aware of when the family took turns going out, she assumed, to find food. But she never bothered to question them on it extensively. She preferred to pretend it wasn’t happening. Though, now that Emmett had asked her of her opinion on it, she wasn’t sure about how she felt on the matter. “It’s cool, I guess…” She wasn’t exactly sure what kind of answer Emmett was looking for there.

“She’s confused, since we don’t’ really talk about it much.” Edward informed the room. “You’re okay with it, aren’t you, Emmeline?” Edward clarified Emmett’s question.

“Yeah! I wouldn’t want it any other way.” Emma suddenly had the distinct impression they were asking for a specific reason. “Why…?”

Emmett was about to give her a direct answer, when Jasper silenced him with a glance. Jasper went over, and knelt so that he was at eye level with his adopted daughter. “Emmeline….there’s a chance…we’re going to have to make you a permanent member of the family…” He hoped she got the meaning of his words. He didn’t think he could bring himself to say it the way it was meant to be said.

Emma did get it, immediately. It explained so much. It explained why Alice had been making sure she got to do a lot of things she never done before, that, at her age, she should’ve been able to do. Like the play at her school two weeks ago. Even though Emma had begged and pleaded, Alice insisted she go and participated in it. Her exact words had been: ”You only get to be in one first play.” And the Halloween party at the school had been mandatory to Alice. Emmett had joked that it was because Alice relished dressing her up so much. Maybe there had been more to it than that. She studied Jasper’s face, noting that he wasn’t happy about what he just said. “It’s okay, Jasper….” She said softly. “I…don’t mind.” She wasn’t stupid enough to think for a minute she could’ve outrun them, even if she was resentful of it. “But…why?”

“The Volturi.” Rosalie said now. She came into the room. She had been sent to go find Emma, and she wasn’t happy about it. And now she came in to find out what they had planned to do with Emma. “They’re the most ruthless creatures you’ll know in the vampire world. They don’t care how little you are, they’ll crush you.”

“Rose!” Emmett scowled. He felt Emma tense in his arms, and he rubbed her back, before Jasper took her from him. “That was uncalled for.”

“Was it? Well, if we’re going to be straight with her about having to make her one of us, she has the right to know why, and the hard truth. I don’t know why you’re going to even attempt it to begin with. She’ll be sentenced to die anyway. Immortal children are as illegal as raising a human.”

“Rosalie! That’s enough!” Carlisle raised his voice slightly. This was uncharacteristic of him. “It’s not as if this is what we wanted for her. We’re grasping at straws.”

Jasper swiftly removed Emma from the room, taking her to the bedroom he shared with Alice. His mate was there, looking anxious. “She’s completely shaken. I could kill Rose right now!”

“Calm down, Jazz…” Alice held out her arms for Emma and was pleased when she went into them. “So, what do you think of our offer?” She brushed the girl’s bangs out of her face.

“I…I want to be like you, so I can’t hurt Jasper anymore.” Emma said finally, as she curled up against Alice’s cold chest. “I make him be in pain cause I’m…”

“Don’t you say that…” Jasper interjected. He’d felt that in her many times, but had never been brave enough to address it until now. “You being human is a wonderful thing, Emmeline…” He said softly, putting a hand in her hair. “If there were any other way, there is no chance we’d let you lose that. So many people take being…human, and mortal, for granted. When you can live forever, it can get old, and tiring. Not to mention, people get hurt so you can live, in most cases. It’s sad.” He paused, wondering at his own musings. He took her from Alice, and held her gently against him. “You’ve given me and Alice both so much fulfillment that we didn’t have before, so don’t you ever say you’ve hurt me. You’ve made me a better than I was.” Jasper realized how true his statement was, and had to smile a little. He sent out waves of calm over Emma, rubbing her back soothingly. “Don’t let what Rosalie said scare you, baby. We are not going to let them hurt you if we can possibly help it.”

“Are you going to be the one to make me?” Emma asked now. She was not sure exactly how that all worked, and how they chose. But if she was given the choice, she’d want Jasper or Alice to do it, since they were, for all intents and purposes, her parents. She felt Jasper tense. She immediately regretted her question. “I’m…”

“It’s okay, sweetie. You just caught him off guard.” Alice said quickly. There was no need for her to apologize. She put a hand on Jasper’s shoulder to steady him. “It’s not certain if and when you’ll have to…change.” Her voice was vague, as she searched the future for the answers she wanted. She blinked, frowning now. “It won’t be as long away as we thought. We won’t have much time to prepare.”

Jasper was alarmed. “We’ll have to do it before they get here?” He wasn’t thrilled when Alice nodded. “But that doesn’t give us enough time to prepare her…”

“No, it doesn’t…” Alice’s mouth was in tight line. “We’ll have to d the very best we can with it, I suppose.” She blinked as the doorbell rang. She couldn’t tell who was at the door, so she assumed it was Jacob. She sighed. They didn’t have time to deal with any treaties. She took Emma to her own room, and set her down. “Why don’t you play in here for a while? We’ll come and talk to you soon.” She didn’t want Emma downstairs if an argument broke out, though she was sure the girl would feel the tension.


“So you’re just going to make her a vampire?” Jacob was holding Nessie in his arms. He doubted what he heard. He couldn’t believe the Cullens would risk themselves, and Nessie like this.

“She’ll need the training, and preparation. We’re not sure how that’s all going to work out.” Bella said now. She was still in shock at the conclusion they had all come to. Emma was going to become one of their kind? She wondered how the little one felt about it. “We’re going to attempt to prove that with proper guidance even immortal children are harmless.”

“Do you really think the Volturi will even give you a chance?” Jacob asked now. “You’re playing a dangerous game with your lives here!”

“She’s our daughter.” Jasper replied, coming into the room. He was working on pacifying Jacob’s worry. He could see the true worry was only for Bella and Nessie. That hurt, considering everything they had been through in the last couple of years. “Just as you would do anything to protect Nessie, we must do everything we can, to protect what’s ours.”

Alice nodded. She glanced towards the stairs, where she knew Emma would be playing. She only had so many days left of innocence. It saddened Alice to bring it so abruptly to an end. She vowed to herself that she would help her make the transition as smooth as possible. She knew Jasper would want that, as well as Emmett. She looked up, as Jasper put his arm around he r waist. “It’s…a losing situation, no matter how we look at it.”

Jacob was silent now. Jasper had made a good point. He wasn’t entirely sure what he wouldn’t do to protect Renesmee if the need ever arose again. “You know my people won’t be happy about this…”

“You made an exception for Bella.” Alice reminded him quietly. “Couldn’t you make one for Emmeline?” It was almost a plea.

Jacob ran a hand through his hair, and sighed. He was going to get a lot of flack from Sam and the elders for this, but he could hardly turn down Alice. She had been too kind to him in the past, as well as the fact that they did generally seem to only be thinking of little Emmeline. “Fine. Permission granted..and…if you need help with the training…”

“Thank you, Jacob.” Jasper said quietly. “We promise to take good care of her.” Jasper sighed in relief, glad they could avoid an argument. Now they could turn their attention other things, like how to train a human child in the ways of a vegetarian vampire.