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If Only...

Bella and Edward are seperated. Edward left Bella for someone new. Edward regrets it. But Victoria changes Bella and finds someone knew. Carson. He's a vampire also, and he is incredibly perfect. They start a new clan. But what happens when there clans come across each other? Edited once look over it again!!


1. Chapter 1

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Before Edward leaves Bella

I slid closer to his cold,hard, body. It felt good against my tender and weak limbs. He snuggled me closer into him. I looked up into his golden eyes. Something about them was sorrowful. Like he was leaving, It scared me. I coudn't have that again. I ran from him outside into the cold damp air. I t startled me and I quickly ran back in, Edward catching me in his arms.

"What's wrong Bella?" Edward asked in a melancholy tone.

"D-d-on't go!" I managd to push out, fighting back mounds of tears. He looked at me like I had figured it out, like he was going to leave me. I let out a shriek of horror.

"Bella! Hush," He said angrily."You're right, i'm leaving you," He said sorrowful."I have met another vampire, she is like me, and she needs a home. She will be staying with our family. It hurts Bella, but Rose and I talked this over, she thinks you still want your human life, and I agree. You and that Mike Newton could be togethor. Anyone but me Bella, Please just go." I noticed the firm tone in his voice. He wasn't going to budge. He promised he wouldn't leave me again. He was a liar. A filthy, rude, gruesome, vampire, liar. I looked up at him and gave him the most hateful,gruesome, glare I was capable of. Then my expression turned soft.
"I will be with you again Edward, I know I wil," Was all I said, then rushed off towards our meadow.

I jumped into the mossy ferns. It hurt, but it felt good.

"I will see you again Edward, I know I will!" I yelled loudly. Even though no one could hear me.

"We'll see about that!" came a familiar voice from behind me. Victoria. Apparently someone did hear me.

"Go ahead, kill me, no one cares about me anyomre." I said sadly, looking into her almod eyes, red with fire, but also sorrowful.

"Oh...Well," She didn't finish. Sorrow come over her. She just ran towards me and bit me. The pain, I thought. I was screaming in agony, pure dripping agony. It kept going on for hours, it killed, that was all I wanted, to be killed, but Victoria wouldn't listen, she just stood there, frozen, as if she was in as much pain as I was. It had finally passed through. It was over. Relief washed over me.

"I need you Bella," Victoria sighed softly across from me.

"We need each other Bella, our sould mates are gone, but, screw them, we have each other now." Shee smiled a weak smile and I smiled back. It would be okay. I was a vampire now. I was with Victoria. We would be friends, best friends. I stood up and walked over to her.

"Friends?" She shook her hand out to me.\

"Friends!" I smiled.

It woud be a 3 1/2 hour plane ride to get to our destination Victoria explained. I looked at the name on the card. Carson Cullen the guy who would be our family. Cullen I thought. It was probably a coincidence. I pushed away the thought. We arrived at the airport 6 minutes before our plane took off. We gave the women at the front our ticket info and headed through the tunnel onto the plane. We found a seat towards the back, hoping to keep a low proflie. I slid in next to a very handsome boy. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Hi! I'm Carson Cullen!" Carson! I thought.

"I'm Bella Swan!" I smiled back then glanced at Victoria. She had a comforting look on her face, I soon realized she was comforting Carson. I looked back at Carson.

His shaggy dirty blonde hair made him look irrestible. Like Edward in a way, but not in the disgusting, pig-sty, of a way. His glistening eyes were perfect in comparrison to Edward. His name still stung whenever I thought it. It hurt like needles, but I soon got over it. He seemed like a figment of my imagination after being alone with Carson.

Victoria could obviouslly feel my liking to him because after 5 minutes she moved seats to flirt with an attendant. Carson and I had obvious chemistry. We tickled each other, then talked, then played games, then talked. He was so fun at times, then he could be like Dr. Phil at others.

He listened to my problems about Edward and the last name Cullen. Turns out there related. Yipee. Very distant though, he reminded me. We talked for hours until our plane finally landed.

When we got off of our plane Carson, holding my hand, led us through the airport and out to the parking lot. We followed him into an orange porshe. He reminded me of Alice, always wanting brightly spotted vehicles. Her name didn't sting as much. After all. she didn't leave me. Edward did. I looked into Carson's eyes, they looked reassuring. Hopeful. Everything was right. Nothing needed to be changed, until I remembered something.

I remembered me saying "I will be with you again Edward I know I will" Those words stung me, and somehow I knew those words were true.