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Live Loving Today Die Loving Tomorrow

Newlyweds Edward Masen and Isabella Swan are hit in a fatal car crash, and are left to die. The doctors don’t know what to do, and while in the hospital on a dark night, a mysterious blonde haired, pale faced man rescues them from the four walls of their confinement. Then the next thing they feel is pain, and the feeling of wanting to die. Half Human and Half Vampire.


2. Chapter 2: Burning Sensation

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When will this flame die out? When will I be able to see again? All these questions that no one can answer. It feels as though I have been laying here for days. The pain . . . it is becoming unbearable. I want my eye sight back so I can see if Edward is near me. Carlisle said that he was going to save both of us, not just me. I really don’t know if I’m alive or not though. This can’t be Heaven, not this burning pit of darkness. I’m now wondering what I did to get sent to hell. I didn’t kill anyone, and I was certain with my relationship with God. This can’t be Heaven, if it was Edward would be with me. I really do hope that Edward isn’t feeling the same thing I am. Hopefully, if we are dead, he made it to Heaven.

Then the most amazing thing happened. I heard someone yell my name, in reality, and not in this burning hell that I was in. The best part about it was it as Edward’s voice, his amazing velvet voice. I tried to scream back, but I couldn’t find my lips or my voice. Edward yelled my name again, and then I felt him touching my skin. Shaking more like it.

“Bella, Bella, Bella, can you hear me? Please wake up!” he pleaded.

I then heard a very familiar voice speak. I have heard the voice only a couple times, but I already felt like I have known it my whole life.

“Edward, she will be awake soon. The fire is leaving her now.” It was Dr. Carlisle speaking, and I realized what he was saying was right. The pain was only in my lower legs right now, and it was steadily moving down. Soon it was only in my toes, and then gone completely. I could feel every limb on my body now, and I tried to open my eyes. This time it worked. A brilliant bright light ran straight through them. I looked around and the first person I saw was Edward, only he wasn’t the Edward I remembered. He was ghost pale, and his eyes were blood red.

“Bella!” he screamed. I hadn’t noticed it before, but his voice had changed also. It was like a bell now, but still the same velvet texture to it.

I looked around once more, trying to recognize my surroundings. I couldn’t. I didn’t know where I was, or why I was here.

“Where am I?” I quickly asked Edward, but he just shrugged. Great, now neither us knows where we are.

Carlisle must have left the room to give us some privacy, because he then came walking back into the room a couple of minutes later. His walk was swift, as if he was walking on air. Edward’s hands were shaking, and I knew then that something was wrong with him. His lips were pursed into a thin line, and I really don’t think he was breathing. As Carlisle sat down in front of us, I heard something or someone growl, and then Edward jumped in front of me. I jumped up too and put my hands on his shoulders. I tried to pull him back some, or at least calm him down some.

“Edward, what is your problem?” I demanded.

“Bella, we don’t know who this man is! He can be a freaking murderer!” he tried to keep his voice down, but maybe I won’t need to have an hearing aid.

I tried not to yell back at him, but it was coming as a challenge, “He saved our lives Edward. He told me that he was going to save us. The other doctors, they said we were good as dead! He’s the only one that had hope!”

For the first time since I woke up, I realized my throat was dry, but not just dry, on fire. I thought I should drink something, but water is not what I wanted.

“Edward, Bella is right. They said you wouldn’t make it, but I wouldn’t let you two die. People shouldn’t die on their wedding night, especially by some dumb drunk driver’s move.” he told us that all while Edward was shaking his head.

Something big must have been on Edward’s mind, because he looked like he was going crazy. Then what everyone was already prepared for....Edward’s outburst.

“Where the hell are the rest of the voices coming from!? There is only three people in here, and I’m hearing six different voices!” Edward had his head in his hands now, and he was shaking worse than ever.

“You’re hearing voices?” Carlisle was interested in everything Edward was saying now. He had this big grin on his face now, like he was happy about something. What the hell was he so happy about. Edward was going to end up in a mental institute and he was smiling. I took both of Edward’s hands and I held them.

“Could you please explain to us what is going on?” I whispered.

“Bella is your throat burning?”

“A little. Why?” I asked him back. How could he know my throat was burning?

“What about you Edward?”

“Terribly,” he answered.

Carlisle looked as though he was making mental notes of everything we were saying. After about three minutes he continued with his speech.

“Bella, you said your throat only hurt a little. That is really fascinating.” he continued. “I’ve never met anyone who could control the burning feeling.” he was beaming now. As if it wasn’t already enough that he was jumping up and down on his seat, he jumps up and starts pacing. All while mumbling quietly to himself.

“Dr. Carlisle, why should our throats be burning? And why the heck are our eyes red?”

“Because Bella, I had to save you. And this was the only way.” his expression was serious now, and he was no longer the bright bouncy man that we had just seen.

I was already scared, but now I don’t know if there was a word to explain how I feel, but I had to ask.

“And what way was that?”